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What Are The Elements Of Customer-First Website Design
06 Sep 2022

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What Are The Elements Of Customer-First Website Design

Customer-centric web design is the key principle for any website design strategy. It's not enough to just put a website up and hope it will get customers. A website needs to be designed so the customer understands what they can do there and how they can benefit from it. You will find hardly any website where you can say that- that’s exactly what you want. Around 46% of the visitors leave the site if they don’t find any convenient website navigation process.

This is where customer-centric website design comes into play. It's about designing a site to meet the customer's needs, not your own. Nobody will care about your product or services if your site provides poor web design & navigation process. It sounds simple enough, but it has some serious implications for how you should design your site. One important implication is ensuring your design doesn't confuse or mislead the user. A good example is how Amazon has grown its business by making it easier for customers to find products that are similar or related to the one they are looking at. They also have a “customer-centric” approach where their website is designed around the customer’s needs and wants.

To help narrow your focus and find the best elements of customer-centric website design, we’re mentioning some important aspects of modern website design so that you can implement them to improve your site's performance.


Elements Of Customer-Centric Website Design

Elements Of Customer-Centric Website Design

Customer-centric web design is the idea that the customer should be at the center of all design decisions. The most important part of customer-centric web design is understanding customers' wants and needs. Designers can do this by observing, researching, and asking customers. The crucial task for web designers to design a customer-first website is to showcase the customer pain points & and how they are currently solving these problems.

Designers should focus on designing a solution to improve their customers’ lives. They can do this by making sure that the website is easy to use, provides value for money, has a good user experience, and makes it easy for them to solve their problem. Three important elements of customer-centric web design are:


Creating Customer Profile

Creating Customer Profile

The customer profile or persona is the most important step for the customer-centric website. An elaborated customer profile can help you gather as much information for further development & customization. This profile should be a fluid document that can be altered whenever new information or feedback is gathered. It helps to have a deeper understanding of what the customer you have or who you are selling to. Also, you can quickly create a personalized message which aligns with that group of customers.


Improve According To Customer Feedback

Improve According To Customer Feedback

Customers are the backbone of any business. And, it is only natural to try to improve our website and services according to their feedback. The idea of customer-centricity is to ensure that the customer experience is not just an afterthought but an integral part of the company's strategy. This starts with understanding what customers want and then delivering it in a way they can easily access it. There are many ways in which customers can interact with your website, and these interactions provide valuable insights on how to improve your website for future visitors. Customer feedback is essential for the continuous improvement of your business. Improving what you are doing, finding a sensible solution to fix customers' problems directly, make your customers happy.


Solve Problems For The  Customers 

Solve Problems For The  Customers

Many people are looking for a company with a strong customer service focus. If you want to be successful in this competitive market, then you need to have a customer-centric website. While you are selling your products, don’t just only focus solely on your products; try to showcase how your product can solve your targeted customer's issue and how your customers get to benefit from the products. One of the best ways for you is to have a clear vision and mission statement of your company so that customers know what they will get when they purchase from you. The second point is having an excellent customer service system so customers can get what they need or want as efficiently as possible. And the last point is focusing on the customers' needs by providing them personalized services, products, and information.


Choose Functionality 

Choose Functionality

Customers will first notice the design when they come to any website. If your website looks clumsy & outdated, you are already losing them. However, this is not the only factor that matters to customers. The site's functionality is also important and can be more important than how it looks. For example, if you have a site for an e-commerce store, then choosing functionality over making things pretty can help you increase conversion rates because customers will be able to find what they are looking for faster and easier than if they were on a site that was trying too hard to look pretty. While developing the site, try to make the design simple but impactful, so your customer doesn’t get overwhelmed by useless design elements.

Overall the ultimate goal of a customer-first website is to provide an optimal user experience instead of bombarding them with sales jargon.. It is like an online presence to solve your targeted customer's problem through a different channel. Also, receiving their valuable feedback and analyzing their behavior to create an excellent customer experience. In this competitive online market, companies have to reach the customer on a personal level. By leveraging a user-centered web design, you can easily notice a major improvement in customer engagement, user metrics, increased revenue, and improved website analytics.

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