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UK Health Startup Hunna Technology First To Appoint AI As CEO In Europe

Hunna Technology, a UK-based HealthTech startup, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by introducing Europe's first-ever AI serving as a company CEO. Named IndigoVX, this unique system combines artificial intelligence and human expertise, operating on a novel mathematical algorithm. Unlike traditional chatbots, IndigoVX fosters seamless collaboration between AI and humans, functioning akin to a chess game, where high-level goals are set by humans, and AI generates optimal moves, with mutual refinement of strategies.

In July, co-founder Ahmed Lazem stepped back from the CEO role, expressing his belief that the AI under human supervision can outperform him. "She hasn't failed us," he stated confidently. Before officially appointing IndigoVX as CEO, Hunna Technology meticulously tested the AI system to ensure compliance with safety and legal standards.

The successes of IndigoVX have been remarkable, with the system effectively formulating a strong and realistic business strategy that the founders successfully executed. It played a vital role in identifying the initial startup idea and conducting crucial research for the rollout of its medical AI project in the UAE. Additionally, IndigoVX contributed to selecting the UAE as ethe initial target market and actively participated in daily business processes.

Hunna's core mission is to harness AI's potential while maintaining accountability through continuous human supervision. They perceive the fact that IndigoVX is not fully automated as a strength rather than a limitation. The AI CEO effectively guides the overall operations of the company, making it deserving of the title CEO, despite its reliance on human collaboration.

IndigoVX's success rate has exceeded expectations, consistently outperforming traditional decision-making methods. Dr. Kais Dukes, CTO and co-founder of Hunna Technology, expressed his amazement, stating that the AI CEO has successfully identified under-explored markets, optimized resource allocation, and accurately forecasted consumer trends, with an impressive over 90% success rate in decision-making.

The AI's achievements include defining a strong business strategy that the founders executed, identifying the initial startup idea, providing key research for the rollout of the medical AI project in the UAE, selecting the UAE as an initial target market, and contributing to daily business processes.

Hunna Technology's mission revolves around harnessing AI's power while ensuring safety and accountability through constant human supervision. Co-founded by CTO Dr. Kais Dukes, a mathematician with a PhD in AI, and COO Ahmed Lazem, an accomplished engineer and entrepreneur, the company is well-equipped to lead the way in AI innovation.

Dr. Dukes has an impressive track record, having worked as Head of Engineering at Zilch, a rapidly growing unicorn startup valued at over $2 billion USD, and in the FinTech industry, where his algorithms have processed billions of dollars in trades at the London Stock Exchange.

Hunna Technology's groundbreaking approach to AI and human collaboration sets them apart in the industry, positioning them at the forefront of innovation. With IndigoVX's continued success, the company is poised to make significant strides in driving growth and decision-making processes through this groundbreaking AI CEO model.

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