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UI Design Trends for Mobile Apps
18 Apr 2018

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UI Design Trends for Mobile Apps

Royex Technologies is the leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai.We are a foremost brand in the mobile App development industry in all of Dubai. We have worked and are still working for numerous mobile apps and this has given us the necessary experience and technical know-how in UI Design for mobile app. Over the years, we have observed that people’s taste change with time so this article would be a little different from the one we published last year. Designs from over 3 years ago have been almost phased out because of the evolving taste of humans as well as improvement in functionality. For this reason, we have taken the time to put together a list of the top 9 UI design trends for mobile apps for the year 2018:

1) Overlapping effects

A sense of space, as well as amazing aesthetics is enhanced by the overlapping fonts, colors and graphics. That’s the reason many designers have used a different mobile app UI design elements in recent years. Also, the overlapping of these same elements, blending with shadows can make it a lot more impressive visually.

2) Color Gradients

Many designers over the last few years have adopts color gradients in their design process while designing things like logos, buttons or background for the interface of the mobile app. The reason is because even a single color has the capacity to offer rich sense of hierarchy and draw a lovely picture while combining it with different graphics and color gradient.

3) Opacity

Adjusting transparency can have the same component giving you different effects. That said, the opacity can be adjuted while designing the phone apps. A design can defitely be mmade a lot better by adjusting the opacity level.

Also, you can create a glass texture for app interface components by adjusting the transparency settings and that’s why most designers use this approach in their mobile app logo designs.

Not with standing how much opacity effects you infuse into your design, transparency setting put into different components will definitely have a rise in popularity for the following year.

4) Simple curves and geometries

When comparing with a changeable and complicated UI design style, simpler and more natural design styles have been adopted by designers. For instance, an interface covered with different colors, buttons, graphics, animations, pictures and other complicated elements, a phone interface that has just a simple curve, button and geometric could be a lot more effective for functionality.

5) Strong color or font contrast for better readability

Designers could also benefit a lot from an excellent UI design to attract attention to his/her work. For instance, they can deliver a sense of hierarchy and space to their interface just by adding different font size, type or orders. You can also add a sharp contrast and ensure the whole design aesthetically amazing.

6) Custom illustration interfaces

Custom illustration played a key role in the UI designs of mobile app in 2017 and is still popular in 2018. An app could be made a lot more impressive an distinctive by adding different illustration styles, simple style, hand writing, paper cut style and the very popular painting style illustration. Mobile apps are made a lot more impressive by these.

7) Functional animations and interactions

There is a positive impact added by creating animated or interactive icons, fonts, buttons and photos of a mobile UI interface thus offering a lot more pleasant experience.  

Micro-interactions enable users to make use of the apps, and get an almost immediate feedback from their interaction. This is definitely a trend which designers ought to follow to complete their mobile app UI design.

8) Voice-activated interfaces

User experience and operations are made a lot simpler by voice-activated interfaces on mobile apps. Similar to what you get on Siri, you can log into a voice-activated mobile app with voice orders in place of having to click on popular apps.

Mobile app developments in the future will have a lot to do with fingerprint-actyivated interfaces and voice-activated interfaces

9) Mixing different trends will also be a trend in 2018

In most cases, UI designers will mix 2 or 3 or even more methods such as overlapping effects, functional animations, color gradients, etc thus creating a better effect.

Based on this, it is expected that in 2018, there will be a mixture of different mobile app UI designs.

Mobile App UI designs can be as changeable and a complicated as the user wants it to be. So, despite the fact that we have identified these 9 UI design trends for mobile apps that would really trend for 2018, you as a creator or designer are supposed to stay ahead of the game by being creative. This way, you would easily complete just about any UI design with unique interfaces and amazing user experience.

We will always endeavor to innovate fresh ideas in mobile apps interface design. If you check our portfolio, you will find similar apps in different forms. We enjoy trying out new things to create new designs and ensure we keep creating efficient UI.

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