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Top Work from Home Apps for Productivity
17 Aug 2020

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Top Work from Home Apps for Productivity

COVID-19 has pushed the broad global workforce into operating from home. It 's critical for most work from home policies and approaches that people remain occupied, involved and entertained to be successful. 

There are many variables that may impact your efficiency such as disruptions, interacting successfully with coworkers and feeling trapped. 

So, at Royex, we decided to recommend some mobile applications that might boost efficiency and keep you occupied with tasks at home and ultimately, improve productivity.




Starting off the list is an app beyond the job activities of your time. If you've got Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime but you can't find something to stream, then Dinggo is your app.

Dinggo is an application that lets you see what content key streaming providers deliver. If you have installed the app, pick which platforms you are already using to stream. Then move on to choose from genres like action, global, suspense, and several other types of shows and movies you want.

Dinggo is kind of like Tinder's Netflix equivalent,  on shows that you're interested in watching or swipe on shows that you don't care about. It is accessible on smartphones like iOS and Android devices, and can be purchased directly from the Apple or Google Play app store.

By being careful about what you are doing, there is no easier way to manage your leisure time. No one wants to browse menus on home screen, seeking to locate some fascinating stuff. For this reason Dinggo is making our list. Not to mention, it is an outstanding example of a React Native app that demonstrates its natural look and cross-platform features.




As gyms have closed and there is no other choice for people, they have to perform their exercises at home. Having the strength to run, perform body weight workouts or mentally force yourself may be difficult. This is here where ChallengeMe steps in.

ChallengeMe is an app which sends fitness challenges and workouts via the app to your friends and network. You can even challenge others on workouts that you record.  

You will track various influencers to see what popular events now are trending.   Having a leaderboard offers much more strategic incentive. Get  off your home office to see where you 're on your health journey.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Staying connected with colleagues and friends is more important than ever. We’ve seen a considerable jump in the use of applications like Zoom or Apple’s facetime function. This jump indicates how popular video conferencing is right now. As such, you‘re falling behind if you don’t leverage these tools. 

If you’re looking to keep yourself organized during this hectic time, then the use of collaboration software has never been more critical. You might think I was going to recommend something like Slack or GoToMeeting to talk with your coworkers, but ideally, you want something with some more bandwidth and options. 

I personally like Microsoft Teams, if your company runs in that environment. Teams allow you to connect multiple forms of business software into one place. Documents, your calendar, live chatting, and meeting software all into one package is tough to beat.  Teams is one of the most beneficial remote work apps that simplify your work from home.




This is an app not just for gaming. It's a safe, simple to use online tool to communicate with friends, colleagues and others. It is a powerful network allowing for greater coordination and connectivity in real time.

Discord enables anyone to set up a private or public server and add users via an invitation link. You will send out general messages in Discord and set up team-specific chat rooms depending on the teams and classes. In a more structured atmosphere, it is easier to speak to your peers through their drive to speak feature.

The other use of Discord is to also use it to chat  and talk while gaming. Once your workday is done, and you feel like chatting socially, you can still open your Discord app and continue talking to your mates while playing a Mac, Xbox or PlayStation game.


Importance of staying productive 

Let's not ignore the key purpose of learning to work from home, to get the job finished. No matter what your task role is, there are applications that will help you boost your success and work performance at home.

We also love our cozy working rooms, with the computer screens at the correct height, or maybe all of the papers in a particular sequence are stacked up on your seat. But, that is not the case at your house, unless you have a home office setup ready. The right remote job system is one that helps you to carry out business as normal.

If you are smart enough to use a solution to manage sales , customer service or other business aspects, this is the time to test the usability of mobile apps. Tools like Salesforce Lightning Phone, HubSpot and Outlook are hypercritical to handle multiple projects, sales, or any variety of scenarios when you're on the go.

We are major supporters when it applies to the use of mobile technologies. You can get more work done both on the go and from home office now more than ever before. Access to these tools is one thing but it's a question of practice and consistency to use them efficiently.

Seek to find one that fits your project management requirements, upgrade records, get permissions and meet the needs of your customers. If you can, then work to build the work from home responsibility as well so that remote work doesn't get negative stigma.

This was a quick list to help you stay more successful, get engaged, use your time better and highlight how mobile apps will support our daily lives. As of now, Coronavirus has forced many people to operate from home and discovering innovative approaches to do our job is a challenge. We ourselves, as a leading mobile device development company, recognize the value of designing these applications and how good UI / UX design firms will enhance a user 's health.


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