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Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2020

This new year, we aim to move forward and expect that this year will bring further developments in many aspects. One of the most ever-evolving aspect is the technology. Technology never stops progress. It keeps on growing.

Achieving the best of technology, one has to keep up with the advancements that occur rapidly. Therefore, 2020 is a chance for many organizations to engage in such development projects that uplifts the standard of technology and may leave a strong impact on the lives of various individuals, organizations and economies. And to be the winner of the race, one must be aware of the latest strategic trends in technology so as to benefit oneself and the world with the advancements in technology.

Royex is a well-known mobile app development company that is located in Dubai. They research on the latest technology so that they are able to provide better services to their customers. So, their suggestions for various enterprises or companies is that they should acknowledge things like human and commercial oriented uses of the technology before they plan to construct or design their technology so that their new and improved tech does not end up piling up at the place where they have created it. So that it could be used in any productive or useful activity. Figuring out the kind of possibilities it has for being implemented in the daily life of people is very necessary in order to excel in business and to bring around growth in the technological advancement.

Therefore, when technologies like AI that includes machine learning has been paired up with others like edge computing and hyper-automation, they can be able to bring up tremendously unified structures like tall buildings and city areas. So, when we decide to merge these technologies, we tend to form democratization in technology that could also provide the support for the Blockchain development company to advance in remodeling their apps.

The best technological trends which various companies should be striving for in 2020 is:

1) Hyper Automation:

Hyper automation revolves around human activities. It consists of two main conditions. Firstly, the development of automation and allowing other things to become automated. Secondly, looking into things like task automation and RPA to bring in a more advanced artificial intelligent-based process and to make trance atomization for computer apps. Like for example, Reno cars companies work on checking out all specialized automated systems for providing better customer services.

Hyper Automation:

2) Multi Experience:

Is the second trend. Its main goal is to support people in interaction with other people and in controlling the virtual world.

The world consists of multi experiences. You will find that the world is like a computer. It will contain both virtual and real-life things. In this way, we change the way people perceive things in the virtual world forming a mixed reality. Food apps have also invested in the multi experience platform. Which includes mobile applications, enclosing food applications to using drones for delivering items to their customer. They form multi experiences for their customers.

Multi Experience:

3) Transparency & Traceability:

In this era of digitalization, trust has become the major requirements of consumers. Consumers are concerned with how companies handle their personal information and what they do with it. Due to the increased awareness of these customers, companies now have to be cautious with their practices to ensure they maintain the privacy of their clients. The two ways organizations can safeguard their consumers is through transparency and traceability.

It is no surprise that these two elements are among the top strategic trends in 2020. Transparency represents accountability, openness, and accountability. The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) encourages transparency in the actions way organizations run.

Traceability, in simple terms, is the capacity or ability to trace something. Knowing the origin of a product or process builds trust in the minds of consumers and is proving to be a trend among companies that want to maintain high ethics.

4) Democratization:

Democratization gives easy access to technology and help simplify things in expert systems. It allows people who have little knowledge to get access to highly specialized skills. One example of democratization will be the use of robot advisors. These expert systems can provide the necessary advice on how you invest. Which will give more access to technical or business area of expertise without having any training.


5) Human Enhancement:

This is the fourth trend. Which is used for developing mental and physical capabilities of human experiences. It is part of multi experience, hyper automation and many other things. This will become widespread as individuals will begin to look for personal gain.

Human Enhancement:

6) Focus on Edge:

Once edge gives more power it will help and provide the support for forming the foundation to creating smart spaces. It will provide local traffic and processing to lower abeyance and take advantage of the abilities of edge.

Focus on Edge:

7) Automatic Things:

Our next in line trend is Automatic Things. Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow automatic action of physical items. The most famous forms of automatic things are robots, automatic cars, big ships and appliances as well as robots. Which are now coming into existence. In the upcoming future, they will be used for military activities and in wars if they were to be any against terrorists or any other enemy attacks.

Automatic Things:

8) Distributed Cloud: 

Gone are the days of centralized cloud services where all the processes took place in a central computing system. Distributed cloud is the process of decentralizing cloud services to different locations enabling computation, networking, and storage outside of the centralized cloud.

Distributed cloud computing aims to bring the computing as close as possible to the user, thus decreasing the delay and wait times. It also increases the security of these services and decreases the load on the centralized cloud.

9) Blockchain:

Block chain is the next trend. Which performs the function of shared, distributed ledger that can be detected. Four block chain model has a limit that they may lead to blockchain solution using block chain stimulated motion which has its main focus on the shared ledger and slightly other distributed parts of block chain. Then there is supply chain is an increasingly used for block chain. For example, people would make use of blockchain area for trade and for managing shipping also others would work through ports to the shipping channel.


10) AI Security:

Finally, the last trend we have is AI security. AI provides security to its models and the data is used to help them in performing specific activities. Next is, AI security protects the organization. The third function of their security is that they address different or various types of attacks that do occur whether the bad guys would be in control of AI to embellish their AI attack affords. The attackers may disguise themselves like people you trust when using the technology to gather or steal data or information.

AI Security:

These trends are going to be main groundwork for how people will construct people centric and give out the desired values. It will place the foundation for providing more possibilities and opportunities for betterment. Technologies are now in demand by all big and large organizations.

As a leading mobile app development and website design company in Dubai, we expect 2020 to bring about new opportunities and possibilities. We shall hunt for the advancements in technology and the kind of benefits that machine learning and AI development will have to offer. We compiled a list of trends that in the opinion of our experts are the most probable. Surely, this will bring a positive impact and the desired results in time. Please feel free to contact us at or call us at +971-56-6027916 anytime with your questions, requests regarding website design and development, mobile app development