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Top Payment Gateway for Ecommerce websites in UAE

Ecommerce business is one of the most booming businesses around the globe because of the pandemic situation through which we all are going through. People have started to get used to the new normal of maintaining social distancing. And so people tend to shop online more than before. 

When people look for options for online shopping they always look for the sites which they can trust on all aspects. Be it one the quality, timely delivery, secure payment and even for the offers for that matter. Having a secure payment gateway with the Ecommerce site will increase the trust of the customers towards the brand. There are different payment gateway providers in UAE.


What is a Payment gateway and how does it work

What is a Payment gateway and how does it work

Payment gateway is something which helps you to conduct online transactions through different methods like credit card, debit card or any online wallet that are available now.In a typical scenario, in an ecommerce site when a user goes for checkout or process a payment, he will be taken to a page where he/she has to fill in the details about the bank or the card.

After that the user will be taken to a 3D secure page to authorize. Once the authorization is complete,the bank will check whether that user is having enough balance to process the payment, if not it will show an error message telling the issue about the card. If they have enough balance the merchant will seek for the payment from the bank.

The bank will process the payment through the payment gateway and they will settle the payment with the merchant.


Different Payment Gateway Providers in UAE

Different Payment Gateway Providers in UAE

There are a number of reliable payment gateway providers in the UAE. Few of them are below:


Paytabs is one of the secure online payment gateway providers in UAE. Started back in 2014 now paytabs helps e-business organizations to make or get payment easily through them. They provide secure and seamless online payment through multiple options like american express, Knet, Visa, Mada, MasterCard, SADAD, and OmanNet credit cards.



CashU is another payment gateway provider in UAE. Initially when it started in 2002 its purpose was to serve the clients in UAE but now it has spread to other countries as well. Designed to help the Ecommerce business to send and receive payment through a secure way.


This is one of the most prominent payment gateway providers in UAE today. It supports almost all big ecommerce platforms like Magento,WooCommerce etc. They offer their service in more than 100 countries and provide payment options through different cards like Visa, Credit Card, N.E.T Banking (Indian Banks), SADAD (Saudi Arabian Banks), American Express cards etc. There are different payment levels which are ideal for the startups and ecommerce businesses.


This is another prominent payment gateway service provider in UAE which is ideal for the Ecommerce sites.This is an Amazon Company, and are operating in Arabic speaking and surrounding countries such as UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, and Qatar. It has algorithms which deal with customers options in case of transaction failure. It reduces worries for integration as it has a One Easy Integration.


Another secure payment gateway provider is checkout which also supports multiple payment options like VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Mada, and American Express. Checkout provides a streamlined solution for mobile and online purchasing. With free setup and monthly cost checkout provides your customers with a secure method of payment.


Initially started in India, CCavenue is now popular in UAE as well. Even Though they come with zero initial setup cost, they have a comparatively higher monthly maintenance fee. CCAvenue is quite certainly an expensive option but they also offer a couple of free services like fraud prevention and 24/7 on-call support.They also support all major e-commerce platforms.


2Checkout is another payment gateway provider which helps your site to be able process
More than 80 currencies in around 15 languages. Its advanced fraud protection system helps your customer to have a safe and secure shopping experience. Also most of the popular open source carts like Magento, Wordpress can be easily integrated with 2checkout.



Another payment gateway provider which offers their services in UAE is hyperpay. It's a saudi based payment gateway provider. They have a fixed transaction fee of 0.75 AED. They have partnered with around 100 banks and are equipped with the best security and fraud protection system. 


Innovate payments

Innovate payment providers are there in Dubai for more than 10 years. They provide the  solution offering specialized online payment solutions to merchants in regions where merchants struggle to find a reliable and yet cost effective payment partner. They support around 120 currencies and they have a different range of setup fee, transaction fee based on the account type.


Network International

They are one of the most prominent payment gateway providers being used across UAE   for different ecommerce websites. It’s well equipped to meet the needs of the customers with secure transactions. Being introduced in 1994, Network international has become one of the innovative payment gateway providers which offers products and services tailored according to the customer needs.


Cybersource is another payment gateway provider which supports around 40 currencies and more than 190 countries. Its major features include secure acceptance and global fraud management.Fraud analysts also look at worldwide trends so CyberSource’s own processes can be monitored and fine-tuned.Merchants worldwide get an enterprise-class solution when they start using CyberSource, as it has a payment management solution that is comprehensive and can be used for retail,small businesses,media and entertainment.


The above listed are few of the payment gateway providers .Apart from this there are a lot more payment gateway providers like, stripe, noonpayment etc. and each has their own pros and cons. You have to make a decision to go with whom according to your business and to which terms and conditions works for you.

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