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Top Magento Development Trends To Follow in 2021

Magento is a popular e-commerce platform that is used globally by millions of consumers. Although there are hundreds of CMS out there, several developers and company owners choose Magento to pick from. Magento has achieved extraordinary prominence in the area of digital and e-commerce markets, as it comes with several innovative features. The factors for this are its improved usability, constructive reviews, layout enhancement, and simple variants for the execution of dynamic models and themes.

Magento is a popular platform widely used by ecommerce development companies in Dubai as their preferred choice. In order to extend an advantage on their rivals, startups & founders are still to provide the best possible Magento services. Let us read in depth about the many enticing emerging trends in Magento development in 2021.


Headless Commerce

Headless Commerce

The trends in online growth that the world will be so eager for in 2021 will really alter the face of eCommerce. For instance, the pattern of headless commerce is quite popular at present.

Through this, retailers & sellers are making a shift from singular structures to slanting microservice stacks & headless frameworks

This offers increased productivity & agility. Such technology carries the possibility of concurrently evolving applications. Scaling & isolating microservices is possible due to this structure.

This makes it easy to deploy front-end experiences like PWAs or Progressive Web Apps effectively.


Ethical Commerce

Ethical Commerce

Currently, consumer awareness of the ecological footprint of the different intakes is growing increasingly.

This was accompanied by the burden placed on companies & governments by consumers. The goal was to propose only sustainable alternatives to fix agricultural activities, the development of CO2, waste reduction, plastic packaging, etc.

So, this pattern is now being followed by many Magento eCommerce developers. The latent impacts of consumerism & eCommerce in general are now increasingly being understood by more consumers.

85 percent of individuals clearly believe that organizations would help change the climate, according to a new poll.

Another survey reveals that almost 70% of online consumers perceive the sustainability of goods to be the most significant element in the progress of sales.


Voice Commerce

Voice Commerce

By the end of 2021, the number of people with smart speakers would rise by approximately 20 percent. This increase gives strong answers to the potential of developments in eCommerce, such as voice commerce.

In reality, as the ticket to shopping online, the coming year will witness smart speakers. In their online markets, several sellers are now introducing voice shopping.

The inclusion of such trends would only contribute to higher ROI in every eCommerce growth strategy.

The following are a few forms to use voice search in an eCommerce store:

  • The addition of Amazon Alexa & Google Assistants with new improvements
  • Optimization of content to feature in voice queries
  • Offering voice-based browsing or app navigation
  • Facilitating a simple flow via voice search to purchase items


Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Magento development trends such as social shopping carry particular importance when you choose to make the most of your eCommerce platform.

This is an era where shoppers on their social networking sites encounter integrated interactions all the time. This helps them to snap up all the best offers on the Internet.

In the UAE, mass internet adoption has resulted from a combination of digital infrastructure and eager consumer adoption of technology-driven solutions, such as social media and smartphones. Hence eCommerce development companies in Dubai must take note of this and utilize it to their advantage.

In all social media sites, the amount of multimedia advertising is growing with each passing day. Because of this, social media integration is crucial for ecommerce. 

In order to guarantee the popularity of every eCommerce website, social networking incorporation is a must these days.


Next generation B2B Ecommerce

You can find that just 16 percent of the organizations are customer-centric if you attempt to get a thorough insight into the essence of B2B firms. This is because most corporations don't really bother to grasp a B2B buyer's mind.

A direct-to-consumer platform needs to be established by business-to-business brands. Via this, organizations will take control of consumer records. This would continue to maximize the experience of consumers in any platform.

With the development of the latest features of Magento 2, B2B businesses will change their emphasis from product-centric to consumer-centric in 2021.

In order to enhance consumer service, the brands will also get to test different platforms & opportunities. Magento Growth Patterns like these will broaden the target base to a wide degree when properly applied.


Omnichannel Approach

Omnichannel Approach

Online retailers & merchants have only experienced their omnichannel strategy from the point of view of sales. This isn't the most efficient way.   

The increase in the number of touchpoints for effective decision-making is currently on the rise. This is increasingly rendering advertisement & distribution networks more complementary.

This stimulates the desire for steadfast experience with the product again. So the incorporation of the trend of omnichannel interactions is a must in 2021, even if it is a small eCommerce business.

Nearly 89 percent of customers choose to pay more for superior customer service, as per a survey. Ecommerce sellers must first obtain a proper understanding of the impact on their buyer journey of the various networks.

This would help them improve their product experiences and effectively compete in the demand for omnichannel experience.


Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Magento is giving its guests the option of tailor-made push notifications. To deliver personalized updates, evaluate the customer's shopping habits and click actions. Push notification's primary aim is to maintain the previous customers.

In Magento 2,  after the website is closed, you can still connect with the customers. The purpose is that Magento 2 Mobile Push Alerts function by viewing push notifications from your website via a web browser.

So, while their window is open, the consumer will see the push notification alert. Push update is a really useful mechanism for communicating to the customers and getting input on-the-spot. It catches the clients' instant interests. Thus, in your market, build a pure organic consumer base.


AI and Chatbots

AI and Chatbots

The usage of Artificial Intelligence for strong product recommendations in eCommerce is no longer new to the ecommerce arena. With improved algorithms over the past few years, this technology has advanced a lot.

This is just not one of the Magento trends that would reign in 2021.  Yet, consumers  may still consider it as one of the most important phenomena. Ecommerce websites are granted the ability to prepare smarter product reviews that can specifically enhance the experience of consumers.

With the aid of Artificial Intelligence, e-commerce firms would be able to assess patterns. Assessing patterns with customer behaviour & sales channels can help to decide the best price, location & time for the different items to be listed.

It would continue to improve the marketing & sales activities of different eCommerce businesses to a significant degree. Chatbots have, on the other side, eliminated the need for customer service executives to be on standby around the clock. The creation of the e-commerce market is the product of this movement. There have been a number of gains in online retailers that have been utilizing this technology.


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