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Top 5 ECommerce Trends For The Upcoming Year 2019
14 Nov 2018

Top 5 ECommerce Trends For The Upcoming Year 2019

In upcoming 2019, there is a lot of impact in artificial intelligence, influencer marketing, virtual reality and any number of other marketing and advertising possibilities.

According to many statistics, 46% of the total Asian internet users are bought products or goods from the mobile, and the number is surely going to increase in the upcoming years.

So do you want to know what the future holds for an eCommerce website and the future trends likely to decide the success of e-commerce business?

And so we request you to read this article. Here we mentioned some of e-commerce marketing trends that you should consider on your business in the coming year.

Just a little bit more practical and get your e-commerce business into a new level.

[1] Mobile Advertising

The potential is so massive now that in 2019, everyone should be investing a greater percentage of pay-per-click marketing into mobile.

Mobile advertising is not new now. It’s like the trend by which marketers advertise their business through mobile apps. Mobile site optimization, responsive design, mobile apps are their main working priority of all.

It is estimated that there are more than 1.2 billion mobile users worldwide. And more than half of all PPC (pay-per-click) conversions reportedly come from mobile devices.

[2] Voice Search

CEO of Baidu(largest search engine in China), Andrew Ng, predicted that “in five years time at least 50 percent of all searches are going to be either through images or speech.”

His comment published in a Fast Company article, “Inside Baidu’s Plan To Beat Google By Taking Search Out Of The Text Era.”

The time was 2014. And at this time, he noticed that 10 percent of all queries come in via voice search.

In a 2017 presentation, senior director of emerging products for comScore, Susan Engleson explained that voice technology is poised to permeate all aspects of our lives — at home, at work, and on the go. Engleson had three key takeaways, explaining how smartphones, the internet of things, and smart speakers are driving voice search.

If a greater percentage of search queries are voice rather than text, marketers need to optimize not just for text, but also for voice, too.

[3] Site Performance

Nowadays, advertisers have for some time been engaged with web composition and improvement. Consider it. The showcasing division regularly controls site content, oversees site improvement, and characterizes format and route.

Marketing drives decisions such a working procedure, type of work etc. in many businesses.

In the upcoming 2019, site performance like monitoring of website pages will be a crucial showcasing task as an augmentation of SEO and client experience.

"As indicated by Google, the normal time it takes for a portable point of arrival to load is presently 22 seconds," composed Edwin Toonen in an April 2017 article for Yoast. "Contrast that and the three seconds guests need to choose on the off chance that they need to remain for your page to stack. Individuals are fretful. They need something, and they need it now. While page speed is significant for your SEO, it is considerably increasingly significant for your UX, change, and general client bliss."

Google has already given us that option to make our page at a high speed. Without a high-performance website, a customer will not be interested in your business.

[4] Content Marketing

Content marketing is increasingly helping us in our e-commerce businesses with the better engagement of customers. Of late, content marketing and SEO have become very closely connected. SEO broken-link building is emerging as a popular content marketing strategy.

This content marketing will become more and more important part of e-commerce marketing which will definitely continue to grow in future. As it is still on the rise, content may not seem like a new marketing trend. But you can say, it is really really important for our e-commerce business.

[5] Reddit Ads

Reddit ads are super underutilized and with the ability to target specific subreddits you can highly niche your offering and reach the perfect audience.

“If you’re not on Reddit and you’re not trying to get traffic from it, you’re missing out,” said entrepreneur and marketing authority Neil Patel. To be fair Patel’s comments were about social media marketing and content marketing on Reddit rather than advertising on it.


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