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Top 5 Car Wash Apps In UAE Market

Smartphones and the apps installed within it have made our lives easier and convenient to an extent that we have become dependent on it majorly. Be it ordering food online or shopping for groceries, booking taxis, online shopping, the list goes on.

One of the most widely used services through mobile apps is the car wash service, which is quite popular in the UAE. Due to the busy lifestyle of the people in UAE, it is hard to wait in a queue to get their car serviced. 

Thanks to the rise of on-demand apps, they have made lives much easier for everyone. There are several on-demand car wash services available in the UAE. Which one should you go for? We have prepared a list of top five car wash service providers in the UAE to make it easy for you to choose and get your car washed and serviced conveniently.

UAE and cars are two inseparable entities. The country is acknowledged for its luxury cars and the automobile industry is one of the fastest growing industries here. Naturally, the business associated with industry also experiences massive growth. 

With all that being said, we can now shift our focus to the actual theme of the article, i.e. to identify the top car washing apps available in the UAE market. 


Top 5 Car Wash Apps in the UAE market

The rise of on-demand car wash mobile apps is growing at a phenomenal rate in the UAE, as discussed above, and there are a range of car wash companies who are now providing their own mobile apps to ease the car wash booking process. 

Thus, consumers may book a service directly through the app, and the washing personnel can visit the service at their desired location. We are starting our list with the most popular one, Keno.


1. Keno


Keno is the most popular on-demand car wash app in UAE, and for a good reason. The simplicity and convenience of their service is well known among the car owners here. 

You will finally have the car wash come to you with Keno, saving important time and effort without even needing to get up from your work desk.

And we're talking more than just  basic wash at car parks at every shopping centres. Keno provides a variety of services including a Dhs 40 body wash all the way through to a Dhs 95 interior disinfectant intended to get rid of all those unpleasant stains including weeks of dirt that you have accumulated.


2. Skkyn


Skkyn is an on-demand e-market place operating in Dubai for car wash services. Launched in 2017 by a group of founders who believed that a drastic change is required for the busy, unorganized car wash market.

To get your car shining at an inexpensive cost, Skkyn uses an eco safe waterless car wash system. The online automotive service provider in the United Arab Emirates, MySyara, recently acquired Skkyn for Dh 10.27 million.

They charge less than local service stations, and you also have the privilege of getting the vehicle washed anywhere you are, whether it's at home, at the workplace or elsewhere. 


3. Jino


JINO delivers a special atmosphere and guarantees a high-quality facility for car washing. At the customer's doorstep, JINO delivers eco-friendly waterless car-washing services using luxury materials.  

They prioritize  their customers and hence  JINO offers state-of-the-art smartphone applications (Android & IOS) to simplify booking processes and credit card payments. The unique thing about Jino’s car wash is the cars are washed with high microfiber towels with a biodegradable, safe and concentrated product, which will provide superior shine to your vehicle, eliminate rough dirt and cover car paint from sunlight.

You also get the ability to search, request and rate JINO car washers, battery performance verification, tire pressure verification and tire expiry date notification, along with the car wash facility.


4. Snash


Snash is another premium on-demand car washing app available in UAE. Snash specializes in steam cleaning, car detailing, protective sun films, car wrapping, and pain protection. Available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App store, booking a car washy has never been easier.

Snash offers 4 different package details for their customers: basic which starts at 225 AED,Silver at 300 AED, Gold package for 350 AED, and platinum package for 500 AED. This allows flexibility to customers who can choose a package based on their needs. 

Snash operates on a model that is friendly to the environment and also is sustainable in the long run. Their approach has saved thousands of gallons of water, contributing to the environment. You can choose Snash if you want an environmentally friendly on demand car wash service with variable options.


5. GeoWash


Q2wash is a mobile car wash service specialist, comprising completely committed skilled & professionally qualified management. Q2 is GeoWash 's Master Franchisor, a regional mobile car wash provider that officially operates in more than 25 nations. 

In 2008, Geowash was founded in the UAE and now operates prominent shopping malls, workplaces, hotels & shopping centers in numerous emirates.

The ingredients of Geowash include Teflon and Carnauba Waa, waxes of good quality and sealant. To shield against UV rays, pollution, salt, bird droppings and more, they form a very hard layer above the vehicle's top.

Geowash uses specific formulations that, when similar polymers wrap around any residual particles in a lubrication film, raise, weaken, emulsify and remove dirt and other pollutants upon touch.


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