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Top 10 UX Trends For Mobile Apps

In this new era of digitalization, mobile apps have to face strong competition in the digital market. So, it’s important for the app to have an appealing design.

User experience (UX) is one of the crucial aspects of a mobile application. UX is the process that determines the point of view and interaction of the user with the application. To build an application, always use new trending things to increase user experience, which helps to get more users. An effective user experience is a routine of increasing customers’ trust and satisfaction, which will give more traffic and revenue. UX must be clear, simple, comfortable, and user-friendly. Here are some modern UX trends for mobile apps.


Loading Screen

Loading Screen

Slow loading screens will take time and make users think about quitting the app. Make it interesting with splash screens and spinner screens, giving the user more interaction and making them spend more time in the app.


Design that emphasizes light or dark objects, placed on top of colorful backgrounds. A background blur is placed on the objects, which allows the background to shine through – giving it the impression of frosted glass.

Intuitive navigation

Intuitive navigation

Intuitive navigation is a very critical element in order to have a successful app. It means that the app is designed in a way that app traffic flows from page to page. Users can simply navigate through the app consuming the information they want and bypassing the information they don’t want 

Intuitive navigation will boost engagement and retain users. The best way is to use recognizable icons and symbols.

VR and AR

VR and AR

One of the newest and best trends in digital marketing. 

The AR-driven features will make the understanding of design easy, accurate, and better. AR technologies enable the end-users to get real-time feedback on the apps. A very prominent example of this is when users can display an object in their current environment as is. Great for retail stores in digital space it will engage users more into the app by bringing the products into users’ homes through AR.

VR has changed user perspective substantially. Virtual reality is to provide real experience. Hence, it has to ensure that the overall layout is as natural and intuitive as possible. Consider the basic principles of photography, sketching, and motion design and consider other parameters such as depth, curved design, interactions, sound design, and environment.  Experiences such as make a 360-degree field of vision, curved design that makes it easier for the user to read the text or images, display at the same depth all the elements, experiences, menu, text, and any other extra information about the objects.


Multiplatform typically means running on two or more different hardware such as mobiles, tablets, etc. The app should give a nice seamless experience for users across all devices, not just mobile. Users may be on mobile most of the time, but they’re also navigating your app through tablets and desktops.

Modes and Themes

Modes and Themes

Customization of color themes and notifications will give users a different impact. The dark mode is the newest UX that can improve the overall UX of the app. White can strain eyes, especially when users have to look at a screen for extended amounts of time. Dark mode can improve the overall UX and may even lead people to use your app more.


Machine learning and Artificial intelligence should be used more in the app to give some predictions and suggestions to the user and automatically increase sales and visits. Use the power of AI to make people’s lives easier and more joyful.

One hand usability

The best UX trend in the market is the usability of the app with one hand or thumb. 

Biometric and Face ID login

Allow the app to use a thumbprint or face login ID system, which is easier for login, fast, and secure.

Customer support flow

Customer support flow

All users like to get everything in one place. Users who don’t prefer the customer service channel redirect from the application they prefer in the same application. Merge the customer support in the application. It will improve accessibility, usability, and conversions.


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