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Top 10 Task management software for Dubai

We, humans, are multi-taskers by our nature. Every Day we push ourselves to do different kinds of multi-task for our personal life or job responsibilities. We are humans also store a lot of complex data in our brain. But sometimes our brain does not work consistently because of our extra workload or pressure. Sometimes we forget some of our important work. Now we are living in modern technology. The modern technology gives us virtual assistant known as "Software" to manage our daily task smoothly.

Task Management is an important feature of our hectic schedule. If we can manage our task then we can perform everything smoothly. Sometimes we tend to forget our task. All these mistakes can be reduced with the use of a simple task management software.

What is a Task Management Software?

Task management software is a virtual assistant that helps us to manage our daily to-do lists in a manner so effectively and efficiently. Its contain all kinds of features - like reminders, file sharing, assignees, descriptions, deadlines, calendars and much more.

Why Task Management Software is important for Dubai Business executives?

If you look business executives in Dubai you will find every day that they have at least 20-25 individual tasks in their hand to manage and all the tasks are not in same significance as the other. Some are urgent and some are important.

Sometimes it becomes difficult in balancing your work, being struggling to prioritize those that need immediate attention and the ones that simply we need to get rid of. In this case Task Management Software can help the executives to manage the task, based on priority.

In this article we are going to provide Top 10 Task management software for Dubai


0Task is one of the Top task management software in Dubai and developed by a Dubai based company.  If you have several projects, client and team to manage, this software will make your life easier.. You can also customize this software according to your needs.

Features of 0Task:

- Each Company can add several projects.

- Multi user option with Admin and General user

- Projects can be categorized under Running Project, Completed Project

- Alert Notifications

- Different User Access Level for Admin, Manager, Team members with different functionality to create projects.

- You can see all your projects and how much task left for each Project in dashboard with options like Today’s Task, Remaining task, Comment and Overall performance.

- You can track the activity of your team regarding the task given to them. You can also set the level of importance of each task and set deadline to measure their performance.


A visually stunning intuitive task management software, MeisterTask is on the market and is stealing hearts by the thousands with its very simplistic approach towards managing tasks and daily activities.


- Reminders

- Assignments

- Deadline setting

- Prioritization


BamBam is an online project and task management software. BamBam is an effective and efficient collaboration tool that helps you huddle up and prepare optimum task lists for you and your team to follow.


- Task planning

- Task scheduling

- Team member assigned

- Due date

- Permission settings


Producteev is a simple online software that doesn’t need technical expertise for the purpose of handling it.  Producteev was one of the pioneering project management and task management online tools having well-polished and user-friendly features inscribed into it. Available on various and varied platforms, such as Android, OS X, Windows, iPhone, Producteev still maintains its simplicity and clarity of features.


Asana is a simplistic tool for the multitudes that enables user to track their tasks with such ease so as to facilitate proper management and functioning of day-to-day activities and projects.
With easy accessible features and team collaboration features, Asana is one reliable task management software that you can count on when it comes to real-time communication and optimum file sharing.


This task management Software becomes a great medium for you to evaluate your usage or task management skills over the course of a particular project or workspace you have assigned yourself or your team members to.


Evernote is yet another powerful tool that’s a bit different than other task management software on the market. It’s a note-taking app that helps in taking note of all the things that you need with you to get your work going on.


Todoist is the next gen to-do list uses the methodology of GTD (Getting Things Done), which is a time management method, to make your experience at handling your personal tasks a bit more enjoyable and completely systematic and organized. The idea behind Todoist is to employ the fastest, quickest, and easiest way of Collecting, Processing, Organizing, and Reviewing of your tasks and activities.


Trello grabs the attention of its users with the Trello board that sets up all your tasks and cards all up on one single screen. With the drag-and-drop feature, you will be able to choose between the to-do lists you want to view for you to prioritize your work and day accordingly.


Wunderlist operates with efficiency and helps you digitize every notes and listing features that allow you to keep marking your to-do lists and make you heave a sigh of relief once you reach the very end. An intuitive and complete app with all the task management features you’d like, Wunderlist belts out features in a single tap or double to open up a world of specialized controls and multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).