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Top 10 Reasons why Magento is a Reliable E-Commerce Platform

To be honest, it is not an easy task to run an e-commerce website or business. It needs constant sweating to develop a strong presence on the web, and only that gives you a competitive advantage. There are many e-commerce, and CMS (Content Management System) platforms exist on the internet, and Magento is the leading platform among them for online shopping especially. It is the choice of more than 200,000 retailers around the world.

What Is This Magento?

Magento Company defines itself as highly customizable CMS and e-commerce platform that you can opt to make online storefronts or sites for selling goods and commodities. It offers standard features of an e-commerce website, such as inventory management and shopping carts. It raises your spirits for extensive customization in order to meet organization goals.

Is Magento Reliable?

It is eminent as the most reliable website, considering the ROI (Return On Investment) it generates. Royex, our company,has been developing many Magento e-commerce websites in Dubai, and our satisfied clients are using it as a retail store for more than a year now.We are proudly the leading Magento e-commerce development company in Dubai, and people usually ask us about the Magento and its reliability as an e-commerce platform.

Straightaway, we are now going to talk about the top 10 reasons why Magento is a reliable e-commerce platform. Let’s begin with 10 points, and then we will describe them one by one.

•    It Is Built For E-Commerce
•    It Is Easy To Integrate
•    Highest Degree Of Flexibility And Customization
•    SEO Friendly
•    Freedom To Choose Hosting From Anyone
•    Higher Performance
•    Open Source
•    Mobile Friendly
•    Create Multiple Storefronts
•    Analytical And Tracking

1.    It Is Built For E-Commerce

It was created principally for the purpose of serving e-commerce needs. Magento features all the predominant features which assist in building a great online shop. Some of the finest features worth mentioning here are:

•    User Dashboard
•    CMS option
•    Payment And Shipment
•    Inventory Management
•    Newsletter
•    Built-In options for Shopping Cart
•    Layered Navigation
•    Multi-Store
•    Wish Lists

Magento focus is not only focused on being e-commerce friendly platform, but it is designed to make sure that it is easy to use and works for everyone.

2.    It Is Easy To Integrate

It integrates easily and quickly through a large number of services by a third-party that is predominant for your business. The facilities include database applications, payment gateway, ship tracking, and transportation. It also has built-in tools by Google such as Google Base, Google Checkout, and Google Analytics. There are even solutions and extensions available for integrating the site with Paypal, eBay, and more.

3.    Highest Degree Of Flexibility And Customization

As mentioned above, it comes with a perfect blend of extensions, themes, and features that help to customize the desired interface and usability. These things make you capable of offering extreme flexibility and same kind of great experience you want to provide to your customers.

Furthermore, it has localization assistance for different languages with different currencies and tax conditions. With the help of localization support, your store and customers can do function without uncertainty and ambiguity.

4.    SEO Friendly

Much like Word Press, the Magento is highly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. It comes loaded beforehand with multiple SEO features likes search engine friendly sitemaps, URLs, URL rewrites, descriptions, meta tags, layered navigation,etc.

5.    Freedom To Choose Hosting From Anyone

You can choose any hosting service for your website. There is no restriction on utilizing hosting service from a few hosting providers; you can use whatever service you like to avail. Thus, you can go for most economical and flexible choices according to your needs.

Moreover, you can switch to any other hosting provider whenever you wish to move if you are not satisfied with your current one.

6.    High Performance

Magento is the only winner if we talk about query processing, page load time, and other static and dynamic operations. According to many research, a few milliseconds of inactivity processing can entirely kill the odds of e-commerce sites with potential visitors and customers. Magento has modern technologies that can satisfy all needs of e-commerce business and clients. The available techniques are listed below:

•    Varnish
•    Redis
•    Memcached
•    FPC databases and
•    Optimized databases

7.    Open Source

It has three versions, a free version called Magento Community Edition. The paid one is called Magento Enterprise Edition. The third one is the Community Edition that is paid and also hosted on Magento’s servers. The third one is the most prominent among all.

It is an open source platform which is readily available. Hence, it is broadly used by developers around the world to create commercial websites with an assortment of functions. Around 80 percent of businesses online are using Magento because there is no major cost to use this CMS.

8.    Mobile Friendly

Magento Community and Magento Enterprise both editions are integrated with multiple HTML5 abilities that can assist online businesses in delivering the top-quality experience of shopping to the customers.
The businesses can optimize their websites as per the mobile visitors’ and customers’ specifications and needs. You can quickly tune the images. You can efficiently use the AV abilities to make sure the gesture-based functionalities. Amazingly, it also has drag and drop features that enable improved and enhanced user experience on mobile.

9.    Create Multiple Storefronts

Magento is terrific; it allows businesses to add multiple stores on the website. It will enable millions of catalogs and products to offer a constant experience of shopping to all customers. You can manage and monitors all your billing task, stocks, customer records, inventory and much more from one admin dashboard.

10.    Analytical And Tracking

The new analytical and tracking tool introduced by Magento is called Magento’s Business Intelligence. It is highly customizable and on the rise in usage by both technical users and businesses.

Summing It Up Through A Message

So,Magento platform is the favorite choice these days of every store owner. It takes out the best for your business. The excellent user experience assists this platform in becoming the best and easy to use.

The existence on the web is necessary today in this competitive globe of digital business. Magento is the best thing you can ever opt for.

Therefore, if you are looking to make Magento e-commerce website, then you do not need to go anywhere else. We, Royex Technologies are the leading company in Magento E-commerce Web Development Company in Dubai. We are located in Dubai, and you can consider us @Royexnet. We have expertise and years of experience with Magento e-commerce platform.