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Top 10 Mobile App Testing Tools
13 Aug 2020

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Top 10 Mobile App Testing Tools

Without automation, it is hard to picture successful mobile app testing. Automated testing is an essential  if you really want to take advantage of regular launches and lesser duration to launch. 

Yet before you reap the rewards of automatic mobile testing, you need some of the best mobile testing tools or systems onboard to help you develop tests. 

Fortunately, there are tons of excellent mobile testing resources for building experiments and we would like to discuss a few of the best with you. So if you want to ensure easy and productive creation of test scripts, keep reading.


How to choose the right testing tool?

How to choose the right testing tool

How can you consider the correct method for creating test scripts? Begin by paying attention to relevant features – the ones essential for effective testing of mobile applications.

It has various scripting languages supported: It is critical that you have a number of different test development choices. This involves selecting from a number of scripting languages. The QA department will of course be willing to operate for the people they already know. So, search for the tool that supports several languages in programming.

Ability to create tests for different mobile OS: You should search for a tool to help run the tests through different mobile platforms. Ideally, it will also include an ability to reuse code, so you won't need to build different test scripts for each system.

Script-less test generation options: It's important that tests are created without coding. This functionality of the mobile testing tools is useful for those without programming skills. Plus, this way, you can build tests really easily.

The incorporation of CI/CD tools is straightforward: Make sure the mobile testing tool easily integrates with the software you are already using as part of the CI/CD processes.


Top 10 Mobile App Testing Tools

We have selected 10 different mobile app testing tools in this list:

  • TestComplete
  • Kobiton
  • Calabash
  • Monkey Talk
  • EarlGrey
  • TestDroid
  • Appium Studio
  • Robitium
  • Experitest

We will describe the features of each of the tool briefly below:




TestComplete is an Automated UI Evaluation System developed by SmartBear. It enables the development, management , and execution of web, desktop, and mobile UI tests. TestComplete enables the validation of smartphone apps, both native and hybrid.Furthermore, TestComplete can perform tests on emulators, on actual computers or even virtual machines. This tool is versatile and simple to use, providing both scripted and scriptless test generation choices.

Key features:

  • Supports multi platform mobile testing
  • Facilitates the manual composition of test in Code Editor
  • Supports Html, Python, VBScript, Jscript, C# and C+ +
  • Integrates easily with common CI/CD devices, such as Jenkins, Git and Jira
  • Provides a record and replay feature to build test without writing a single line of code
  • Supports the development of keyword driven tests
  • Converts all documented GUI tests and keyword-driven test scripts into supported scripting languages




Kobiton is a platform for mobile app testing that lets users build and produce perfect mobile experiences. It comes with functions such as actual system monitoring, device lab administration, creating appium scripts, and health checking apps. Live app training enables users to navigate actual apps inside the cloud with complete orientation and gesture support. 

Users will perform any of the gestures on a cloud app, such as press, click, and scroll. Kobiton offers real-time device monitoring focused on comprehensive reports, including images, photos, gestures, and system statistics such as battery efficiency and memory.

Device lab management enables users to merge systems into one common test operation and a standardized platform for management. Users are able to handle apps from a single Admin screen. Kobiton provides complete networking assistance, SIMs, GPS and natural gestures. 

Kobiton provides robust support for Appium which also connects with other applications such as TeamCity, Jenkins, Jira, and Travis CI. Continuous monitoring and an improved remote control interface allows users to detect problems more easily by recorded images and screenshots. Automated testing tools enable developers to check mobile apps on both Apps and Webs.




Calabash is a platform for open source acceptance research that enables you to write and execute iOS and Android app testing.

This is an Automated UI Framework that allows for the development of tests using Cucumber written in Ruby.

Calabash operates by allowing automated User experiences inside a Mobile program, such as buttons clicking, text entry, responses validation, etc. Running on various Android and iOS platforms can be enabled, and provides real-time reviews and validations.

Calabash framework operates by allowing interactions between UIs within an application such as pressing buttons, entering messages, validating responses etc. This also includes a bridge that lets you run and validate Cucumber tests on iOS and Android. 

Calabash includes specific tests written in Gherkin, supported by Ruby language code, and executed inside the Cucumber Project framework. Throughout Calabash, files for description of functionality and files for description of actions play important roles for operating mobile automation.




Appium is an open-source automated framework allowing the development of UI tests for native, mobile, and hybrid apps. This includes smartphone apps for both iOS and Android, and allows reuse of code for Android and iOS test suites. 

Appium is identical to selenium, and you would have no trouble setting up Appium if you're used to dealing with the test automation framework.

Key features:

  • Supports cross-platform testing and reuse of code
  • Supports various programming languages (Java, Python , Ruby, Javascript, PHP)  for test creation
  • Appium Desktop has a recording feature that allows to capture gestures as code
  • Fits well with Jenkins and other CI/CD tools


Monkey Talk

Monkey Talk

MonkeyTalk is a free and open source testing tool for mobile applications for iOS and Android. The MonkeyTalk application comprises two major components: MonkeyTalk IDE and MonkeyTalk Agents.

MonkeyTalk IDE is an Eclipse-based platform for capturing, playing, editing, and managing functional test suites for iOS and Android apps operating on simulators, emulators, and computers. 

Money Talk Agents are iOS and Android libraries that need to be connected to test apps. The agents require MonkeyTalk Commands to be captured and played on applications. Each command executes an operation or a testing phase on the user interface.




EarlGrey is a native testing framework for iOS UI automation which helps you to write simple, succinct tests.

You get access to improved synchronization capabilities with the EarlGrey platform. EarlGrey automatically syncs with the UI, network requests, and different queues; however, if necessary, it still enables you to manually apply custom timings.

The synchronization capabilities of EarlGrey help ensure the UI is in a stable state before activities are carried out. It improves the reliability of the experiments significantly and renders tests extremely repeatable.

EarlGrey operates in tandem with the XCTest system and interacts with Xcode's Test Navigator such that checks can be performed directly from Xcode or command line (using xcodebuild).




Testdroid Cloud helps mobile apps and game developers to use their computer resources to build, test, and validate the right features and behaviour of applications on hundreds of actual computers, through various OEMs, with specific OS versions and hardware setups, either manually or through automatic access.

Testdroid Cloud's free usage of Intel Atom-based hardware offers Android App developers an easy way to test their applications, games, and utilities on actual smartphones. 

Testdroid Cloud supports both Android and iOS standard test automation systems, such as Appium, Calabash, Robotium, uiautomator, UI Automation, Espresso and several more, which consumers can use to test their native, hybrid, and web applications.

The latest software functionality of Testdroid Cloud – Testdroid Interactive – can include immediate, remote manual access to all of the Intel Atom-based devices and users will use a web browser to take interactive remote access and debug sessions to certain devices.


Appium Studio

 Appium Studio

Appium Studio is an IDE produced by Experitest, which was built and implemented utilizing the AppiumSelenium WebDriver API for mobile test automation.

It is an improved, commercial variant of Appium for Android and iOS , an open-source platform designed for large-scale Business deployments. This deals with the key problems present in Appium research in basic terms. It helps companies to deliver smartphone applications that perform great in less time.

The design of Appium Studio is split into two primary categories:

  • The first is a visual application creation platform, which offers functionality such as test recorder, device reflection, and object spy to its users.
  • Next is the Appium execution engine , designed exclusively for mobile apps. It system makes monitoring, concurrent execution, out of app testing.




Robotium is an open source android application development platform with comprehensive functionality that covers almost any imaginable scenario encountered in Android applications.

It's been the most commonly recognized platform for Android Black-box testing with its powerful features to build test scripts for interactive, framework, as well as approval test scenarios.

Robotium is ahead of other device automation platforms with total support for both Native and Hybrid apps. As a JAVA-based library, it is versatile enough to be combined with numerous JAVA-supporting testing platforms.

It manages user activities such as Tap, Touch, Swipe, Slide seamlessly and is flexible enough to claim and check any single feature on the application interface.




Experitest offers automation, manual monitoring, and performance assessment resources for mobile and web testing.

The SeeTest quality control platform of the company, accessible either as a SaaS or on-site implementation, allows testing of online and smartphone apps through a broad variety of browsers and mobile devices in real end-user conditions.

The SeeTest framework effortlessly incorporates Appium, Selenium, UFT, Junit, Jenkins, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Xcode, and Android Studio into all application-lifecycle management environments.

Solutions offered by Experitest are accredited by HP and Microsoft. The client base of the organization comprises Fortune 500 firms including Visa, American Express, Apple, Ibm, Cisco, McAfee, Citibank, Starbucks, Walmart among others.


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