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Things to consider when designing a website
03 Oct 2019

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Things to consider when designing a website

Living in a fast-paced world of technology, successful promotion of any business would require a website. But to initiate a fresh website is a vital decision for any business whether it is big or small. As the face is the index of heart, similarly, a website is the reflection of your brand in the market The viewers find desired information through a website.

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 Once a website is correctly completed, it can boost your business to the sky. Turning the web traffic into simplified funnels can market the business to the next level. But if you miss the mark, it could turn into a never-ending cycle of bugs and tweaks that can kill your time and money. Website designing have so much hassle that can only be prevented if the owner is a pro at it or have a very efficient team. Though, we all are aware of the fact that the companies that want to build a website only, end up with a final product that even doesn’t result as per the expectations.


After knowing all reality checks of developing a website, how would you cope up for a breath-taking website to represent an organization? And which tips would you go with to reach the zenith of success?

Keeping all the facts in mind, we have come up with some ideas and tips that separate the finest business sites from terrible websites.

 Are you ready to change the approaches you made to build a website before?

Below are nine fruitful ideas to consider while making a Website Design Dubai:



Nowadays thinking an individual without a mobile is insanity. You should not make the mistake of ignoring to keep your website consistent on all kinds of devices. The most popular device, being the smartphone, is used by almost 51% people around the world.

 Make sure to request your Web Designing Agency to build your website not only that looks fine on desktops, but also accommodates itself in compliance with the mobile sizes.



Nothing accelerates the traffic at website more than CTA elements on every page. What is a CTA? CTA may be the most significant part of your display ad since it tells consumers what you want them to do. It could be a statement or a question that motivates your website visitors to perform actions.

For example, including the statement, “Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for more updates” at the end of a blog post inspires readers to take action by following your business on social media.

Every page of a website must include at least one CTA for better transit.

It is also critical to remember that when you include a CTA in your website design, your visitors should immediately be able to complete the suggested action by clicking on the button. It should not take more than 20 seconds to complete it. 

For instance, if you include a CTA that says “Download Our Brochure Here!” your visitors should be able to click on the word “here” and instantly be taken to the download link. Not like there should be a form asking for your biodata or things like that.

Complex CTAs or broken links will leave the users feeling frustrated and will likely result in your visitors to return unhappy (not good!).


Target Consumers:

No business can be considered useful without target consumers. Target consumers are the people who will use our services and products. So, our Website Design Dubai must be feasible enough that our consumers do not face any hindrance while using it.

To create a Website Design Dubai that meets the needs of your crucial target consumers, you have to first analyze that, which those people are, and for what reason they are visiting your website.

It is not unusual for one business to have multiple target consumer groups.

For example, a website for a restaurant would likely select foodies as its target consumers. But if the chefs who work at the restaurant also access the website to register themselves, then the chefs should also be considered as target consumers.

Before consulting any Website Designing Agencies, it is necessary to list down your target consumers. Consider how you change your site to better meet customers’ needs.

Determine the type of your website users.


Communication between the customer and retailer is the key factor in the progress of any business. There should always be a FAQ section on every page of a website. After all, the visitors are the ones for whom you are creating your website for. So, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

# How do I want my customers to be able to reach me? (Email, telephone, online chat, etc.)

# What hours do I want to be available to my customers via my chosen communication methods?

# Who in my organization should be able to receive communications from clientele?

# What security measures should be in place when communicating with clients via my website?

# Am I a good candidate for artificial intelligence or chatbots?

These questions will surely revolutionize the progress of your website along with good client feedback.


Social Proof:

Social networking is a major aspect of online marketing. By including social evidence in your website content, you can increase your trademark loyalty and give your visitors additional reasons to support your business.

How do you do it?

# Include photos or logos of your authentications to highlight how qualified you are

# Incorporate links to your company social media pages where possible

# Incorporate photos and links to the social networking profiles of industry influencers who use your product or support your brand

# Include a media page on your website where you link to articles and published content that mentions your brand

# Add social sharing buttons to your blog that display how much your post is shared or liked.


Progress is not a one-time thing. It is an ongoing process. You cannot make a website which does not need any updates with time. Always keep the structure of your website design enough flexible. Relying on the current needs and not keeping the future prospective in mind is a big mistake in the process of web development.

# Things like avoiding SPOF (single points of failure) are a must-do. Where will you keep your website data, how will you access it, and how frequently will you back it up? Is your database capable of handling more amounts of data with time?



Wordpress is a top-rated CMS at this time. Almost half number of the total websites today on the internet use WordPress for managing the maintenance of their websites. This also relies upon the type of the business. But the fact of the matter is that always choose an appropriate CMS for your website. We recommend researching each of the top CMS choices consulting with your website design agency and making an informed choice using the information you gather.


Resources and Funds:

Budget is the backbone of any business. So expecting a well designed and fully operational website without a good amount is totally a myth at all. For a completely custom website project you can expect to pay from 10 000 AED to 25 000 AED on average. The cost can increase if your site project involves several pages. This can decrease if you decide to go with a template design.


Dividing Work:

For the better use of time, always divide roles and responsibilities among the staff before the work begins. By the word “work” here, it means:

# Listing the material for website.

# Gathering of logos, images, and graphics for the website.

# Compiling of branding guidelines.

# Writing of website material.

# Privacy policy and legal text required for the site.

# Review and approval of pitched designs.


Website Appearance:

Does the logo you chose for your websites go well with the niche of your business?  Do you even follow the visual branding guidelines? These are some details that you must consider while getting your website build from any of the Website Designing Agencies. These are few things to consider when investing in building a website. The more genuine, consistent, and contemporary your logo design is, the more visually appealing your website will be. The point that should be kept in mind is your logo design is not the responsibility of the team you hire for the development of the website. It should be you who guide them according to your idea for how should the logo look.



By following these ten tips in people from all industries can elevate all hindrances from the route of a successful website project.


About the Author

Rajib Roy

Rajib Roy, CEO of Royex Technologies is a highly motivated, genuinely flexible and exceptionally hard-working person. He is a Systems Architect with a background encompassing a decade of experience in software development. Having played a key role in the development and deployment of projects and solutions that have been adopted by leading retail, hospitality and travel sector clients, his skills lie in planning cost-effective solutions and building and coordinating dedicated, highly-skilled teams that convert ideas and concepts into innovative, functional and ultimately profitable products.

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