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Things to consider before selecting an ecommerce Solution
06 Aug 2016

Things to consider before selecting an ecommerce Solution

If you are looking for an e-commerce platform you should consider crucial issues like the design side by side with the functions so that users gets the best user experience.

The latest trend among most businesses is using readymade e-commerce platforms that come with hosts of inbuilt features. The main reasons why readymade solutions are hugely popular is because of their ease in setting up and way cheaper. E-commerce website like Amazon has built a successful business model with lots of traffic and massive sales. What we learned from Amazon is that good designs are must for e-commerce sites to be successful as they keep customers engaged.

Here are some important features/things you should consider if you are looking for an ecommerce solution.

1. A Standard Platform

There are many popular e-commerce platforms right now. Some of them are Magento, Oscommerce, Etsy, Prestashop, Opencart etc. Picking the correct platform that reflects your business is very essential. Also look for a solution that is affordable. Remember that using cheap or even a free platform may not be good for you as they have limited functions. So, instead of spending too much time on free platforms it is better to pick a platform that gives you more functions at the lowest cost.

2. Availability of OS support

Remember to select an ecommerce platform that has support for multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc so that the website’s performance is enhanced. The platform must also be flexible enough to support future updates or changes or inclusion.

3. Reliable platform

You want lots of people visiting your website. So, you should pick an e-commerce platform that is reliable and no crash happens during shopping. It’s always better to pick the best e-commerce platform with proven history of reliability from their customers.

4. Supporting features

The e-commerce platform should have user-friendly GUI with a simple and easy check out in addition with payment methods. These things are really important and a must-available within the platform. Remember, a one-page checkout is the most preferred by your customers.

5. Make use of open source platforms

Most of the time, I use open source platforms, as setup cost is hugely minimized as you don’t need to start from the scratch. There are also many ready-to-use modules/plugins like product catalog, a shopping cart, etc and the best part is that they can be customized as per your requirements.

6. Pick an appropriate platform

Every ecommerce platforms like Magento, Oscommerce, management system, woops e-commerce and others have their own good and bad points. For e.g., Magento is the most feature-rich platform, but quite expensive. As regard to Virtuemart, it requires lesser technical knowledge but it does not support many advanced functionalities. Oscommerce provides for more customization and a host of language support, but lacks regular updates. Woops ecommerce management system provides a balanced mix of the multiple language support, analytic reports, Delivery & Courier Management, Inventory Management, Discount & Gift Card Management System. Looking into these things, you can now select the platform correctly as per your requirement.


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