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The Development Cost of an On-demand Delivery App like NowNow
18 Feb 2021

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The Development Cost of an On-demand Delivery App like NowNow

After getting immense popularity with their ecommerce platform, Noon launched an on-demand grocery, medicine, and other essential items delivery app NowNow. It was a timely decision made by Noon owners as they successfully cashed in on the pandemic situation. When Coronavirus became a worldwide concern, it had a huge impact on consumer behavior. People wanted to have everything at their doorsteps without leaving their homes. NowNow came up with an instant solution. They partnered with supermarkets, pharmacies, pet stores, meat shops, bakeries, and more to help people get everything at their fingertips. 

Being inspired by NowNow’s success story, you might think of building a similar app. Wondering how much does it cost to build an app like NowNow? Well, that depends on several factors. Keep reading to know the ballpark figure. 


What Is NowNow? 

What Is NowNow?

 NowNow is simply an on-demand delivery app that provides an online platform for customers who want to get daily essentials and other goods delivered to their places within minutes. They source their products from stores located in the neighborhoods and commit to delivering customers’ orders safely in a timely manner. This business model enabled local retailers to continue reaching out to new customers easily and generate more revenue than before. 

NowNow aligns its services with the changing needs of its customers in Dubai. They are a part of Noon’s ever-growing ecosystem of ecommerce and digital services. Within a short time, they partnered with renowned supermarket chains like Waitrose, Mark & Spencer, and Choithrams. Apart from these big names, their collaborations with local shops allowed customers to have thousands of products at their disposal. They're just a few clicks away from getting their products at hands, safely and quickly. 


Why Is NowNow Special?

Why Is NowNow Special?

There are hundreds of mobile apps that deal with grocery and essentials delivery. Why do you want to know the development cost of a delivery app like NowNow? We know the answer- because of the amazing features it offers. The NowNow all-in-one delivery app comes with the following features. 

  • Guaranteed quick delivery within minutes
  • Variety of stores with thousands of products
  • Online order tracking facility (Live)
  • Dedicated and committed delivery men
  • No restriction on minimum order value
  • All-in-one delivery app that delivers almost anything on time


How to Develop an On-demand Grocery & Essentials Delivery App? 

The utility of on-demand delivery apps is increasing every day. And people are investing in these mobile apps with the hope to sustain in the market and achieve their business goals. Building an app is easy, but making it effective, functional and bug-free is really a huge challenge. A delivery app usually consists of the following components. 


Customers need to register themselves before they can order anything through a grocery delivery mobile app. They can log in using either an email address or mobile number. You should allow visitors to use their Google account, and social media accounts to access. The customer’s first name, last name, email address, passwords, and locations are the major elements of usual user information data. During the development process, you have to save and store these data for future use.

Profile Management

Once a customer is registered on the app, they might need to change or update their personal information like contact details, gender, age, profile picture, etc. moreover, each customer may have personal shopping preferences. A delivery app should have the capability to manage all these data effectively. 

Search Filters

This is a very crucial part of grocery and essentials delivery apps. People usually search products on the app by using keywords that represent their needs. You must ensure a hassle-free, pleasant user experience for prospective customers when they browse the app. You must add options for advanced search filters. Additional filters allow users to find their desired items within a short time. 

Push Notifications

This option is necessary from the buyer’s viewpoint. Notifications related to exclusive offers, discounts, and vouchers are sent to users using this feature. This is a great tool for promotion and advertising. 

Cart Management

Add to cart button should be designed very carefully as this is where customers make a buying decision and proceed to checkout. The cart should offer flexibility. For example, buyers should have the freedom to add or remove any item in the middle of the checkout process. You must try to keep the user experience as smooth as possible for the buyers. 

Payment Gateway

A secure payment gateway is mandatory for on-demand delivery apps like NowNow. A good number of buyers leave the cart without completing a transaction because they don't feel secure or find a suitable payment for them. So, you need to integrate a hassle-free and secure payment process associated with multiple payment options, including mobile wallet, e-wallet, debit card, credit card, and more. 

Vouchers and discount coupons are common components of digital business platforms. You need to add a coupon input field before the final transaction. The price will be readjusted according to the monetary value of the vouchers and coupons.

Tracking & Delivery

Order tracking is a very crucial part of the delivery app development process. Customers wait eagerly to receive their products. They can monitor the current status of their orders by accessing a real-time monitoring system provided by the app. This tracking system shows everything from order processing to delivery. 

Ratings & Reviews

You should integrate a rating and review section into your order delivery app. Buyers trust social proof more than the sellers’ words. A dedicated section for user-generated content can help them make buying decisions quickly, being inspired by their fellow buyers. 

All the above-mentioned things all together involve a great deal of functionality and complexity. That's why you need a good amount of money to develop an on-demand delivery app like NowNow. What is the exact cost to develop an app like NowNow? The following section has your answers. 


Cost to Develop an App Like NowNow 

Development cost of an app like NowNow will be between AED 35000 to AED 50000 in Dubai. We considered the design and features of NowNow while calculating this estimation. The development cost of a mobile app depends on the set of clients’ requirements and the level of complexities it involves. You must employ a highly skilled team of mobile app developers to create an app like NowNow. However, if you want a more precise estimation, you need to give us a detailed description of what you really expect from the app. 

Here at Royex Technologies, we have a team of expert mobile app developers who have delivered more than 300 successful projects to date. We offer excellent app development solutions at affordable prices. We focus on quality more than anything, and that helped us become a top mobile app development company in Dubai. You can rely on us to turn your idea into reality. Inform us about your requirements, so that we can offer you high-quality mobile app development at a competitive price. Email us at or call on +971566027916 for further details.

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