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The Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Ecommerce Business

Having users in excess of 800 million; Facebook happens to be the biggest social media network which certainly comes second to none. And for this reason, the online marketers have got no reasons on why they should be ignoring social networking for the benefit of the business. And probably the huge market is the reason why almost all of the leading brands of the worlds are creating pages and making an online presence felt across the network.

So, let’s walk through some of the benefits that Facebook marketing can have on your business:

Wider Target Customer Reach

With Facebook, you definitely can ensure one thing; you will have the convenience to choose your target audience out of the many segments that it has to offer. The largest segment that Facebook will provide you with is the people in the age bracket of 35-54. Where as the segment which is seeing a major surge is the one of 55 years and above. But, that does not mean, the others are any less because Facebook is a place that has almost everyone around. So in short, it is the best way to market your product because you will find all kind of age groups and target market.

Multiple Marketing Platforms

Facebook offers as much as 3 marketing platforms that is open for virtually anyone to use it and promote their products or brand. The 3 marketing platforms are:

Pages: These things can act as a Facebook profile for any organization or business or any public figure. What the best thing is that you do not have any restrictions on the number of likes on the page.

Groups: They tend to be like discussion forums but are designed more in the form of User Wall format.

Ads: It is the only paid marketing platform of Facebook and certainly one of the best ways to reach out to your target audience of market. They help business to showcase their products to the specified demographics. One thing, however, that you need to keep in mind that it can be a lot expensive. 

Specific Market Targeting

One of the best things about Facebook is that they ensure that they have the demographics information of every registered user of theirs. And because of this, the businesses are able to target just that particular audience which concerns them and leave out the rest.

Budget-friendly Ads

Facebook offers advertisement in two platforms: you can either pay on per-click basis or you can choose to pay on per-impression basis. Furthermore, Facebook also happens to be very budget friendly in the sense that it allows user to set daily limits. Adding to that, Facebook also shows to its users some relevant ads, as per business’s niche, which are open for bidding.

Business to Customer Relationship

Facebook offers up an amazing opportunity to create and foster a whole community or a group of people around the brand. It helps in promoting two ways discussion between the customers of a brand and its owner.

By offering a whole range of marketing solutions, Facebook has proven to be flexible and powerful for almost any type of business. If Facebook is still not part of your marketing tools plan, then it is best that you start with it now and have a little experiment on how it can prove to be beneficial in achieving your business goals. 

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