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Six Major Website Components that Kills Ecommerce Conversions

In case an e-commerce site wants to gain success then it becomes really important to develop the conversions done. For this purpose, we should take a close look at the various elements that are present on the website. Through this article, you will be able to know about the important components present on the e-commerce site that reduces the rate of conversions.

Major Constituents That Slows Down Conversions

Major constituents of an e-commerce website that slows down the process of conversions are discussed below.

1.    Quality of Product Photos

As we all know that image of a product is very important in attracting a customer towards the product. Customers are not able to watch the products in person and that is why they rely on the images of a product while making a purchase on an ecommerce website. Therefore in the absence of good quality images of the product, the chances of conversion are also doomed.

As a matter of fact by employing good quality images of product on the websites the conversion rates get enhanced by around twenty percent. The images should be taken from different angles and distances so that it would give a clear cut idea to the customer about how does the product looks in reality. By providing with detailed and multi-angled images of product you are making customers to be able to feel the product. Therefore until and unless the customers are not able to have a detailed look at the images of the products they will not get converted.

2.    Pages for Checkout

The poor performance of the checkout pages also leads to the slow conversion rates. Some of the e-commerce websites have everything perfect but still are not able to understand the main reason for the low rate of conversion. As today’s customers want user-friendly and quick results when they are using websites that is why when it takes a longer time for checking out of the page the consumer might feel irritated and might leave the process of conversion in between without getting implemented. Therefore you should employ certain strategies for your checkout page which should result in prompt and speedy checking out process. One of the methods is the introduction of checkout buttons at a convenient location of upside or lower side of a page.

3.    Descriptions of Product

After product images, the second most important factor that plays a significant role in the decision-making process of customers is the descriptions of the product. Poorly written descriptions of products that lack any details are also one of the reasons that the rate of conversion is at such a low level. You should use engaging and appealing descriptions for the products so that it should be able to attract the customers towards them and the sale can take place. The product should be explained in a brilliant manner including all its details. It should be able to make an impression on the minds of the customer. While writing a description for any product kindly place yourself in the place of the customer, in this way you would be able to think from his perspective and thus will lead to use such keywords and highlight those features that seem so much important for the customers. Therefore by providing products with appealing descriptions you would be able to convince the customer for making a purchase and thus increasing the conversion rate.

4.    Optimization for SEO

Today is the world of SEO which should be used for attracting customers and therefore e-commerce website should be able to use this opportunity to the fullest. SEO is one of the crucial reasons through you will be able to gain good ranking for your site in the search results of the search engines. Thus it should be properly utilized and optimized, in case your website is lacking in this area then it will be affecting the rate of conversion in a negative manner. You need to use the optimization techniques for your sites by using the proper keywords in the titles and descriptive tags for the product. You should use various optimization tools like tags and titles for this purpose. Different kind of tags like Meta tags, tags used as headers, alt tags etc.

5.    Pitiable Navigation

One of the most important features of the website that attracts a viewer towards it and also leads him to become a regular customer is the ease of navigation provided by the e-commerce website. The viewer should find it easy to navigate between the various sections of the web page. It should be easy for him to browse different products that are provided by the website. With a user-friendly interface, the consumer would find it convenient to move between the various segments and would be able to enhance the conversion rate. So therefore if you are doing everything and still are worried about the low conversion rates, then divert your attention towards the ease of navigation that is provided by your site. As customers are not interested in spending much time while searching for products or navigating, kindly pay attention to your ecommerce website and make it into a user friendly site with quick and easy navigation facility.

6.    Pages Getting Loaded at Slow Rate

Today all the humans are in a hurry as they have limited time and many activities have to be done by them. They want things to happen quickly and in a jiffy as they are multifunctional. These new generations of customers get easily deviated in case they are not able to get results within few seconds. In such cases, if your website takes too much time in loading then it will be one of the great turns off for your consumers as they do not have that much time and patience with them. In case you do not want these customers to get diverted from your website then it becomes compulsory for you to work on decreasing the time period taken by your website to for loading. Chief search engines also consider the time taken by websites to load while providing ranks to them. Thus in case your site takes time to upload then there are chances that search engines will divert your potential customers to other websites that are quickly loaded. Therefore the time taken to a page to upload is also one of the important factors in determining and improving the rate of conversion.     

An ecommerce management system can help you to calculate your website conversation rate. Which product pages customer are browsing, how long they are staying on the page, what is the bounce rate are some of the things related to the conversation rate. So it’s a big advantage having integrated an ecommerce management software with your ecommerce website.

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