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Six Benefits of Customized e-Commerce Platform – Woops EMS

It is easier for starters to use of the shelf e-commerce solution as it can save money and time. But, experience show that common generic platforms can lead to huge extra cost to the company in future. As such, deploying a customized platform as per your needs can help your business grow without much hindrance. Remember this, having an eCommerce platform that can be customized to suit your business needs is the best way to go forward.

1. Customized eCommerce Increases Conversions & Reduces Bounce Rate

A customized e-commerce platform is beneficial in many ways. It allows you to make changes as per your customer’s needs and experience that will bring in more conversions and returning customers. It also allows you to present data and information clearly and thereby makes it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for on online store. This in turn reduces the visitors’ bounce rate which is again reflected in conversion rate.

2. You can Build Unique Business for Unique Processes

Most of the e-commerce businesses have business processes that should be completed in very unique ways. It could be a customer needs that require vetting before they can purchase a product or a customer’s credit requirement that should be verified before they make huge purchase. As such an e-commerce platform must be able to work on all these processes - quickly & easily. Many of the readymade e-commerce platforms can’t handle operations which require high-end services. This is why you need customizable platform.

3. It Easily Integrates with your Business Systems

Most e-commerce business also requires integrations between one or more of their business systems and their e-commerce platform so that their store can operate optimally. A customized e-commerce platform ensures that the integration between the systems & the platform is built as per your business needs. A seamless integration can be achieved only with customized platform.

4. Unique Marketing & SEO

Most of off the shelf e-commerce platforms are equipped with common generic marketing and SEO features. Remember this that under most situations basic features just won’t workyou’re your business. You need something that’s unique to make your business stand out and that can be done only when you use a customized platform. In turns the experts can help you built a robust SEO strategy and unique marketing methods.

5. Custom eCommerce Cart/Checkout

Most e-commerce businesses require a shopping cart & a checkout solution and you can get them from off the shelf platforms. But, what if your business needs some specific pricing features like offers/coupon codes etc? That’s when you will need someone who can fix special requests/features and that’s possible only with a customizable e-commerce platform.

6. Good Customer Service after Money Transaction

Your e-commerce business does not end with completing a sale, but after sale services. Your platform should be able to help you even after they purchased your goods and items. This can be achieved through a custom e-commerce platform - experts can build for you systems that can track customer orders, questions and other issues.

Woops EMS is here to Help You

At Woops Ecommerce Management System, your relation with your clients is considered the most valuable. They have highly customizable e-commerce system. They have their own customized system called Clarity e-commerce platform which is highly able to customize solution to meet their clients’ requirements. The team is highly trained when it comes to customizing an e-com platform.

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