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Seven Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dominate In 2023
25 Nov 2022

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Seven Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dominate In 2023

The global pandemic has changed a lot of scenarios of mobile-first solutions regardless of all industries. Now, people are more dependent on mobile apps for anything. Also, as mobile app development trends constantly evolve every year when new Android and iOS app versions are released, users are always looking forward to the latest upgrades & trends. Mobile app development processes are more likely to depend on ML, AR/VR/XR & AI.

The mobile app development industry is expanding rapidly on the verge of huge customer demand for more convenient apps to pay bills, connect with coworkers, and friends, shop at the door & most importantly, safe & secure payment options. The more your app can provide features depending on customer expectations; the more your customer retention will increase.

Following research, the mobile app development market volume will be worth $ 542.80B by 2026, & the total revenue is expected to increase at a CAGR of 6.58% yearly from 2022 to 2026. So, to cope with this high-demand industry, your enterprise must be at the forefront of innovation in this fast-paced market, which is obviously possible only by adopting the top mobile app development trends for 2023.


Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends Of 2023

Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends In 2023

Cross Platform-Mobile App Development

Cross Platform-Mobile App Development

The development of cross-mobile apps is not new, but the demand for these types of apps is expected to expand in the upcoming years. Cross-platform mobile app development is where apps are developed in a single application that can be deployed on multiple platforms. As a result, this saves time & also helps to target a wider range of users like both android, ios & web. Moreover, as there is a single codebase, developers can easily maintain a single codebase data storage, networking, analytics & other application logic for both Android & iOS apps. In this way, development costs can be less.


Low-Code, Or No-Code Platform

Low-Code, Or No-Code Platform

Nowadays, with the ease of technological advancements, people like you & me can create an app from scratch. Just drag & drop the elements & you are good to go to use the app. In the upcoming year, the demand for this no-code or low-code platform will increase because of the convenience of making an app easily. These approaches help us create custom apps according to our needs & requirements. These types of LCNC platforms basically provide a user-friendly drag-drop interface which helps to speed up the development process of any custom apps.


Rising Popularity Of Voice Search

With the immense popularity of voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri & Alexa, voice search features have been gaining traction over the few years & will continue. Now, the search algorithm of e-commerce apps has been upgraded more with the help of AI & ML. By 2023, voice assistant usage will be estimated to grow to $8 billion. So, enterprises & developers must rethink these particular features to shape up m-commerce apps. Also, voice search options aren’t designed solely for eCommerce. Make sure that both the app and website are easily discoverable via voice search queries. Leveraging structured data & schema markup, you can optimize your app’s voice search option.


Surging Popularity Of M-commerce


Since the pandemic hit badly, mobile e-commerce apps have been used broadly by users. Also, it is a premium source to increase revenue following some marketing tactics. The number of m-commerce app users is growing as people now love shopping online, specifically via apps instead of a website. According to research, in 2021, almost 80% of smartphone users have preferred apps for online purchases. By 2024, this number will hit up to $190 Billion! Behind this growing popularity, the three main reasons are- growing revenue, higher conversion rate & increasing user engagement. These statistics clearly indicate how much mobile apps play a significant role in influencing the future growth of mobile commerce.


On-Demand Apps

On-demand apps

The on-demand app industry right now holds the most lucrative market in the mobile app development sector. People are now more interested in apps like Uber, Foodpanda, Zomato & so many instant apps. On-demand app service includes services focusing on the users’ daily needs, such as any kind of deliveries, beauty/health services, transportation, freelancing services & so on. Depending on the user’s changing needs, on-demand apps can be more personalized. Also, the functionalities & features are designed keeping common people's needs & requirements in mind. Also, with the simplification of the app development process, these types of on-demand apps are becoming more trending. 


AR/VR Supported Apps

As we are gradually entering the web 3.0 world, AR & VR-supported apps will surely dominate the mobile app development market in the upcoming years. This will especially help develop gaming, entertainment, live streaming, and travel and tourism-related apps. Also, in the e-commerce sector, AR and VR personalized features will increase user experience, allowing customers to see how products fit into their lifestyles. 


AI-Powered Mobile Interaction

AI-Powered Mobile Interaction

Users are now getting used to more personalized services. In the upcoming years, AI-powered personalized & automated services will rule the web app development sector. Users want services, products, or search results that are relevant and, most importantly value for money. You can improve interaction, increase engagement, and deliver a better customer experience to your visitors through AI. A simple example of AI-powered mobile interaction is- chatbots that can assist visitors with basic FAQs or answer any queries, which actually involves less actual human interaction.

As the mobile app development sector is on the rise, as enterprise owners or app developers, you should be concerned about the recent trends & tactics to give customers a unique experience through their smartphones. The right app with user-oriented functionalities can help brands reach their targeted audience. Hopefully, the mentioned trends will help you to stay on top of mobile app development trends in 2023 & have the opportunities to represent yourself as a frontline in your niche.

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