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Royex To Launch Dubai Meta Mall - 4 Times Larger Than Dubai Mall

We are pleased to announce that we are developing the world's biggest Metaverse Shopping mall - Dubai Meta Mall. This mall is 4 times bigger than the current biggest mall, Dubai Mall. Dubai Meta Mall covers an area of 48 million sq. ft, with 26 million sq. ft of leasable space. This space will be rented out to 5000 retail stores among which the top retail global brands are expected to be present.

The mall will be designed in a butterfly shape, where the center of the mall contains a circular ‘dome’. All kinds of live events will be conducted here. The mall will be 3 storied, having different zones - food zone, entertainment zone, movie theaters, halls, service stations, and other establishments.


Dubai Meta Mall will be the world’s first Metaverse shopping mall where customers will be able to shop for real goods and have them delivered to their address. They will be able to use both crypto and fiat currency for payment. 

Moreover, there will be a massive park beside the mall where visitors can avail many kinds of amusement activities. You can access and visit the Dubai Meta Mall using various platforms -  web, VR, mobile app, and desktop application. 

Royex is a Dubai-based software company running its business since 2013. Recently they have shown their innovative ecommerce store experience in Metaverse.
They have already started working with some other Metaverse projects, and now they have come up with a bigger plan to build a full Shopping mall with too much happening in one place.

Mr. Rajib Roy, CEO of ROyex Technology, is very excited about this project. According to him, "Metaverse is the future, and Dubai is the place where future comes fast. We want to build an artistic destination of a shopping mall in Metaverse, where people can truly feel the Metaverse. Metaverse is no longer only virtual or digital; by using our shopping mall, they can feel how fun is to shop socially and get delivered at your doorsteps with the usual payment option."

Rajib Roy, CEO of Royex Technologies
[Photo: Rajib Roy, CEO of Royex Technologies]

Very soon, the retail store can rent or purchase their store through NFT.


If you are interested to know more about this project you can visit or you can call +971566027916 to learn more.