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Royex Technologies Launches Video Teleconferencing App - Royex Live

We are pleased to announce Royex Live, our new video teleconferencing web app.  Our team member, Sazzad Anwar, software engineer here at Royex, designed and developed this app. 

Royex Live allows you to easily set up virtual meetings, video conferences, and direct messaging. It also allows you to share your screen with the meeting participants.

Royex Live works on most browsers and allows unlimited meeting duration. It is easy to set up a meeting; all you need is to visit the website, enter your name, email, and meeting name, and the meeting room, and a meeting ID and meeting URL are generated.

You can now share the link with your friends/members and they can join the meeting immediately. As a host, you are able to control the meeting environment by muting participant’s mics, disabling their video feed, or removing them from the meeting. The meeting ends when the host leaves the meeting.

A full demonstration and showcase of the app, as well as the technology involved behind this, is shown and explained here by our CEO sir and Sazzad:

Royex Live uses WebRTC technology to operate. WebRTC facilitates real-time communication for the web.  It allows developers to create sophisticated voice and video communication systems by allowing video, audio, and general data to be exchanged between peers. 

All current browsers, as well as native clients for all major platforms, support the technology. WebRTC technologies are implemented as an open web standard and are available in all major browsers as normal JavaScript APIs. 

A library is provided for native clients, such as Android and iOS apps, that provides the same capabilities. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla, among others, sponsor the WebRTC project, which is open-source. 

You can try out Royex Live yourself today and experience high-quality video conferencing with superior audio quality for no cost at all.  In the future, there will be updates such as changing the video background, adding filters, and other exciting features.

Let us know your experience using the app and what else you would like to see from the app.

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