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Royex Technologies Forms Strategic Partnership With Cashew; Specialized Rates for Royex Clients

We have talked about BNPL apps and their immense popularity in the UAE. Today, we are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Cashew Payments. Royex Technologies has teamed up with Cashew to offer our clients a customized discount rate.

Our ecommerce clients will not only enjoy a personalized rate, but they will also get dedicated support from Cashew Payments. They will pay a lower merchant fee than the usual Cashew merchant fee. 

For the uninitiated, we will discuss Cashew Payments briefly so you can learn more.


Cashew Payments: challenging the current credit ecosystem

Cashew Payments: challenging the current credit ecosystem

Cashew is at the forefront of the “Buy Now Pay Later” phenomenon which allows customers to shop from various online stores without paying the full amount immediately.

You can either split your payments into 3 interest-free equal installments or you can delay your payments by 14 days without any hidden fees through Cashew. 

When you shop from any of the Cashew affiliated retailers, you can proceed to the checkout and choose Cashew as the payment method and choose the preferred mode of paying overtime. 

You will receive monthly notifications via phone and email if you choose to split your payment into 3 installments. Speaking of retailers, Cashew is partnered with popular brands such as Sharaf DG, Menakart, Perfume Dubai, Our Shopee, Shailah AE, Harley Davidson, Home Bazar, etc.

Cashew Payments

Cashew believes in transparency, flexibility, and humanity. Their mission is to challenge the current traditional lending space by promoting a more responsible and transparent way to borrow.

For retailers, it’s a no-brainer to add Cashew as a payment method in their online store. It offers customers more flexibility and options, therefore, increasing their retention rate and satisfaction rate. Moreover, retailers get paid upfront by Cashew even if customers pay in installments. 

Cashew allows seamless integration with platforms with major ecommerce platforms such as  Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart, etc. 

Royex Technologies is a mobile app development company in Dubai. We can also help you integrate a buy-now-pay-later app like Cashew in your mobile app or ecommerce website. Email us at or call on +971566027916. Here at Royex, we have an experienced developer team who have hands-on experience in making user-friendly, beautiful, functional, and bug-free mobile apps across all platforms.