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Royex Technologies Develops Its First Game 'Agent Roy'

Shooting games are one of the oldest genres, but that does not stop them from dominating the game market. This is mainly because game mechanics are very simple and accessible to all, so shooting games know how to renew their gaming experience.

Royex Technologies developed its first shooting game, Agent Roy, with three missions.

Two missions have already been developed, and the third one is in the development phase.

1-  Agent Roy - Secure The Temple


You can watch the trailer of 'Secure The Temple' above.

Background Story

This game is built around a very innovative concept: a cunningly detailed 3rd person action shooter that pushes the boundaries of combat to shocking new levels. 

Our Agent Roy protects all the VIPs in the temple.

He finds himself fighting against an army of mercenaries with nothing but a gun and his wits to live after their boat is wrecked and their weapons are taken. 

He gave his squad the coordinates and told them it would take them five minutes to get to the island. Agent Roy is now faced with his most difficult assignment to date.

Now, the player's job is to help Agent Roy to secure the temple and protect the VIPs from the mercenaries.

The tactical element of anticipation, though, is what sets this game apart from most first-person shooters. In order to effectively avoid enemy projectiles, the player must also know where they will be. 

This idea fulfils all the criteria for good innovation: instant pleasure, immediate understanding of the mechanism, and innovative artistic dimension.

This game, while looking traditional, offers a unique gameplay experience.

You can download Agent Roy from this link: DOWNLOAD AGENT ROY


2- Agent Roy - Zombie Hunt

Here is the official trailer of Zombie Hunt, the second mission of Agent Roy. 

The Zombie Scenario is popular because people think they can survive it. It has been laid out for us so that anyone can survive using their common sense, fire, and hunting guns as needed. It only requires a knowledge of the undeniable truth that you are facing zombies and the desire to begin bashing them in the head. It requires no unique previous skill set, lucky genetics, or preparation.

Everyone loves to play Zombie games, plain and simple.

The real zombie thing will be really dangerous, chaotic and ugly, and nobody wants to be a part of it; that is why everyone is interested in Zombie games as they enjoy the scary feeling, knowing that they are not in real danger.

Background Story 

In Agent Roy - Zombie Hunt, this Canory Village is home to four active Nuclear power plants directly responsible for supplying energy and power to the national grid. Over 300 people work here in shifts. These workers stay around the plants in the same village. 

Things were working as usual and as per plan until a safety test went rogue, which resulted in the horrific poisonous xenon gas leak.

Usually a festive and hearty village, after the blast, the occupants of the entire village are either dead or missing, with no sign of life anywhere. Whoever was alive was evacuated.

Four months have passed like this without a pinch of life in the area. 

Suddenly the village is hit by a heavy flood. Our footage shows something disturbing, all the corpses in the village are now rising from the dead, killing and eating each other, and the zombies are now approaching the mainland.

As per the sources, every household which once existed in the village is now affected, and the entire area is now filled with cannibal zombies. 

The government is helpless with the chaos around, and none of the Special forces is ready to help the country from its downfall.

Agent Roy, with his impeccable skills and vision, has accepted the challenge. He has to face his worst nightmares and bring the nation to peace.


The following key characteristics will make you prefer this hunting game to others

Appealing visuals: The visuals in this hunting game are fantastic. You will enjoy the best gaming experience possible in this fantastic shooter game because of the excellent graphics and excellent smoothness.

Entertaining music: The music in this hunting game is fantastic!

Really lifelike sound effects: This shooting game's sound effects are extremely lifelike and keep you completely engrossed in action.

Top-Notch Fun: Playing this zombie game, which aims to defend the city from zombies, is a lot of fun.


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