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Royex Event Management and Online Ticketing System - Why and How much will it cost?

Hello, Before going to the details of the article let me explain our Event Management Software. 

Event Management Software is a specialized event-focused solution that brings automation and task-tracking benefits to the event planning, event registration, event booking, and execution process. Our Event Management System enables organizations to envision an event, Sell ticket online, Managing multiple types of tickets, maintain a participant database, send invitations, run through the entire process to confirm participation, ticket printing and assign event execution tasks to various teams. Our Event Mangement and Ticketing system also come with extensive reports and dashboards, which gives a high-level overview of event activities and updates to leadership.

Event Management Software

The software is design to handle Event Professionally

 ### End-to-End Event Solution

Perfect for all types of events. Designed to ease the event management process through the whole event period

 ### Create Unlimited Events

Lining up multiple events? Worry not! Thanks to Inlogic’s Event Management System, managing multiple events is now easier.

 ### Powerful Dashboard

Your events at a glance. Check out your event’s overview and performance through a powerful dashboard.

 ### Event Customization

Create events, add agenda, speakers, sponsors & more and add the venue. Modify the event's theme by adding your own banners, selecting pre-defined engaging themes and more!

The software is design to handle Event Professionally

 ### Payment Integration

The system is integrated with a payment gateway.

The system is integrated with a payment gateway.

 ### Managing Users

Different types of user can be created with a different role. Individual event-based user is also possible to create through our system.

The Registration and Online Ticket Purchase
### Online Registration

The module allows the event organizers to create and send customized landing page to event participants for online registration.

 ### QR/Barcode

The system automatically generates Barcode/QR Image upon completion of registration to be sent through a confirmation mail.

 ### Smart Attendance Confirmation

On the date of the event, participants could just show the QR/Barcode and the system will fetch their details to print the badge and automatically marks them as confirmed attendees.

Mobile application for the Guest of the Event

Mobile application for the Guest of the Event

### Native Mobile Application

A responsive mobile application that is accessible using all modern day’s devices and available on both iOS and Android Platform.

 ### Everything about the Event is on the App

A platform that unifies the content you deliver to your audience – from desktop to tablet/smartphone and back again – allowing you to engage audiences before, during, and after your event.Guest will also get the information about the Event, Agenda, Venue, Speakers etc. 

 ### Registration through the app

The app is built to display all the events that the user may opt to participate into.

 ### Google Maps Integrated

The app is integrated with Google Locations Services for users’ easy navigation in finding the event venue.

Post Event

After the event also you need to keep in touch with your guest. Polling, Survey will help you on it.  

### Live Polling 

With the Live-Polling feature, interact with your audience and get timely feedback.

 ### Post-Event Survey

Know what you’ve missed and where to improve more by conducting a post-event survey.

Why Royex Event?

 ### You can manage multiple events with one solution and the solution is with your brand.

### This is a very cost-effective solution if you are running a big event or frequently.

### We will provide on  Event Post Event physical support.

### Lots of big companies in Uae are using our Event Management System and we are able to make them happy. 


How much does it cost to get your own Event Management System?

To keep your own Event Management and ticketing system looks very expensive but the reality it is not. It will save you a huge amount of money in the long run and make you very professionally in front of your guest. The solution what we have will cost around 60K AED to 80K AED

To know more details about Royex Event Ticketing and Management System please click here.

So if you need any Event Management and ticketing system or if you have any custom requirement for your event, please give us a call on +971566027916 or email us at 


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