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Role of Social Media Integration in Mobile App Popularity
18 Jan 2021

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Role of Social Media Integration in Mobile App Popularity

Virality involves engaging with and enticing people to participate. It needs to be well planned out and integrated into the app from the outset, versus a marketing campaign that can be implemented after launch. In the context of a mobile app, it means getting users to find and use your app and share it with their friends and family by their own will. 

Sharing on social media is one of the most popular ways through which users share their opinions. Social media platforms are on the rise and when used to promote your mobile app, it can be a very powerful tool in making your app viral.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the role of social media integration in making an app popular and successful.


Understanding social media integration

Understanding social media integration

Integration of social media is an effective marketing technique that helps you to use social media platforms as an extension to your established marketing campaigns. It offers various avenues for your audience to engage with your company, share your products/services, and promote them. The failure of such channels on your app may reflect negatively on the credibility or prestige of the brands.

Building a social interface into an app will assist with significant user acquisition, and make it go viral via consumer interaction and exponential development. This is the reason that social networking is already being introduced into the mix by several companies. It would not help but hold the organization at the top of the market, but still well ahead of rivals.

It encourages users to post their activities on social media sites through a social network feature in the app, which in turn intrigues other users. This interest gets the app downloaded and tried by other users. An app goes viral in a moment when accessed by many people. Basically, in the mobile app industry, what was once a revolutionary measure to reach future consumers is now an essential tool.

You need to add visible click-to-connect social networking buttons to incorporate social media functionality with an app and make it easier to synchronize user profiles with the app. In addition, for effortless navigation, you need to enable users to register/log into the app using their respective social media profiles. It is often important to prevent needless bugs that might contribute to user errors. For that matter, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, and also LinkedIn, users still use chatbots for a smoother user experience.


How can social media integration help with the virality of a mobile app

How can social media integration help with the virality of a mobile app

Here's how an app can go viral by adding social elements into an app:

Enhances app functionality

enhance app functionality

Integrating social networking functions within an app will serve to significantly increase its functionality. Examples of several popular smartphone applications that have redefined the way social networking networks should be utilized include Instagram and Tinder. In their settings, all of these applications have successfully adapted social networking networks to provide a better user interface. 

Although Instagram has enabled users to log in with their Facebook account to post their pictures on other social networks, Tinder has gone a little further. The app draws data from Facebook as users log into Tinder using their Facebook profile and reveals matches with shared preferences or acquaintances.

Social integration also requires, in addition to these, functionality such as submitting items to the shopping list and promoting such products to other consumers. All this strengthens the app's expertise, granting them an upper edge over most applications in the sector.

App gets more exposure and reach

App gets more exposure and reach

There are almost 2.03 billion active social network users across the world, as per the latest reports. It would be incorrect to neglect this factor in a situation where social networking has taken the world by storm, particularly when it comes to a constantly changing realm such as a mobile app. Owing to the reality that social networking provides dramatically larger numbers of clicks, their introduction with software also draws vast numbers of visitors. This lets an app hit the segments for which it might otherwise have been left unaccounted for.

Not to mention, a large number of millennials waste hours on social networking sites these days, scrolling constantly during the day. As expertly entangled with an app, social networking platforms raise the risk of users stumbling on the connection between the applications. In addition, you would anticipate your brand's popularity to skyrocket if your users share your posts on social networking platforms.

Provides valuable user data analysis

Provides valuable user data analysis

Embedding social networking functionality adds the benefit of data analysis. It offers organizations with lots of knowledge for the collection and interpretation of consumers' behavioral habits. The likes, dislikes, peak activity period and duration of consumer behaviors are included in these data points. These results can be obtained from companies and the details can be further utilized for the following purposes:

  • Conduct analysis on the market,
  • Identify target groups,
  • Collect consumer details, and
  • Formulate long-term plans for organization growth.

Social authentication details for consumers and their habits of sharing may offer invaluable feedback that can be used to refine advertising strategies. Algorithms that monitor consumer orders on an e-commerce platform will help make it simpler to make suggestions. Segment users and their operations often help to improve the customers' retention rate during their contact with the app.


Improves communication among app users

Improves communication among app users

The apex of online activities and virality are social networking platforms. When embedded in an app

  • Interaction
  • Collaboration,
  • Communication between users of different backgrounds  

Therefore, it is immediately a success with other users if one user takes up a certain thing. As a breeding ground for phenomena, social networking platforms deliver a high degree of virality, which is second to none! These give further exposure to videos and pictures that are two main causes of virality.


Enables in-app social sharing

Enables in-app social sharing

Through the inclusion of social networking platforms in an app, allowing in-app social networking becomes easy. Seamless incorporation of social feeds directly into an interface requires this. A company app, for example, may have its own Facebook or Twitter account feeds, making it easier for users to hear about a certain case and get alerts without leaving the app. This, in essence, stops the loss of traffic to native social networking apps, facilitating the application's extensive acceptance.

To sum up, the intermixing of social characteristics in an application is a wise step that is vital, particularly for companies operating in the mobile industry. This not only aims to raise the exposure of a company in the competitive sector, it also creates a source of steady sales flow and offers an unrivaled consumer interface, making it immediately go viral!

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