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Redefining The Shopping Experience Through Metaverse

With the introduction of the Universe Wide Web, a whole new world of possibilities, as well as an abundance of opportunities, opened up. With only a click of the mouse or a tap on your phone, a whole new world opened up, from getting information to connecting with people, companies, and other things. But that wasn't all; Virtual Reality followed, followed by Augmented Reality. All of them looked to be stepping stones toward the Metaverse, a far more sophisticated and immersive kind of user experience.

It's been about six months since Facebook announced that it will change its name to Meta and focus its future on the emerging "metaverse." What that phrase signifies hasn't become any clearer with time. Meta is developing a virtual reality social network, Roblox is allowing user-generated video games, and some firms are selling broken game worlds with NFTs attached.

The metaverse is simply another location where you can invest in virtual real estate and construct a more engaging, well-defined, and superior version of your company for everyone to connect to. Having an online version of your business, which is more than simply a showcase of items or a replica of your brand, costs less than having a physical store. Unlike portals like Amazon or Flipkart, metaverse enables you to establish a brand identity by allowing consumers to enjoy the same in-store experience as they do in the real world, but more efficiently. Users may stroll through your business using VR and AR tools and receive customized suggestions based on the brand's resources.

People are crazy about Metaverse and there are endless possibilities in this virtual world. We, Royex Technologies, invite you to join the event where we are demonstrating our newly developed Metaverse Store which is connected with a physical store or online store system. As a result, our built Metaverse shop serves as a link between the virtual and actual worlds.

Moreover, we will explain different types of project ideas in Metaverse for entrepreneurs, business possibilities, and how to start your first project in Metaverse. 

One of the most fascinating possibilities will be the ability to shop in the metaverse. As a result, several fashion businesses are exploring methods to participate in the metaverse vision in order to provide real-time, immersive, and interactive experiences.

Virtual shopping experiences in the metaverse may track a customer's activity, purchase history, taste, and demographic profile, and utilize this information to generate fresh and more customized product recommendations and boost purchases, thanks to the integration of AI technology. Shoppers will be able to browse around virtual stores, try on garments online in a 3D fitting room, and even receive a 360-degree perspective of what outfits look like if they shop beyond space and time. Customers will be able to purchase a new automobile while participating in an adrenaline-pumping test drive, receive a beauty consultation from a personal adviser, and put on accessories, sunglasses, and cosmetics to see how they look and feel.

Who doesn't enjoy visiting the mall to see what's fresh and exciting? With metaverse, every user may interact with a company without even leaving their house, minimizing carbon emissions caused by continuous travel and long lines waiting for your favorite product to be released. 

Not only that, but the metaverse allows users to explore all of its items and learn how they work with the assistance of AI and subject-matter experts, resulting in purchases of things that you actually need, eliminating waste.

So, we are bringing up our own retail store in the metaverse world, where you can get a glimpse of the future - Metaverse. 

A live-stream shopping event where customers may sit and shop and can improve the customized experience in the metaverse.

Royex Technologies is inviting you to join us in our demonstration of our newly developed Metaverse Grocery Store. Our Metaverse Store connects with both the physical store and the online store, and hence, acts as a bridge between the virtual and the real world. Shopping is just one aspect of the many opportunities Metaverse brings. We will explain the various project ideas for entrepreneurs in the Metaverse, and how you can start one from the scratch.

Why you should join us : 

  • Experience a real Metaverse project which can connect with the real world. 
  • Understanding the possibilities in the metaverse and what kind of business you need to start.
  • Be one among the pioneers to step into this business world.
  • Meet like-minded people, lets' share your thoughts and ideas
  • With this session, we offer you the exciting idea and opportunity to start your business in the Metaverse world 
  • Our Metaverse project development process, how we utilize 3D modeling using Blender, development using Unity, and much more. 


Discussion Topics:

  • Possibilities in Metaverse: 5 minutes
  • How can your business enter the Metaverse: 5 minutes
  • Our Metaverse apps development process: 10 minutes
  • Metaverse Grocery Store VR Demonstration: 60 minutes
  • Q&A Session: 20 minutes
  • One to One meeting: 20 minutes


Seats are limited, So register today to be part of this event.

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Event Details: 

Date: 29th June 2022

Venue: Rove Downtown

Time: 06:00 pm - 09:00 pm