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Reasons Why Magento is Best Ecommerce Platform

Royex Technologies is a leading Ecommerce Development Company in Dubai and offers bespoke eCommerce solutions using Magento, Wordpress and Shopify, with extremely dynamic and user-friendly interface. We can help you to decide which eCommerce platform best suits your needs and develop a top eCommerce website as per your business needs. 

Magento is the perfect choice for companies with high revenue and sales. High level functionality and technical support are offered by paid versions. The demands of complex business models could be met with Magento’s advanced features. For fast growing businesses that want to scale, Magento will be the best option.

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Magento is trusted by several developers for building robust and highly engaging platform. Besides being an open source platform and having rich features, Magento offers unrivaled flexibility to manage looks, functionality and content of their eCommerce store. Magento would provide a powerful blend of wide-ranging support network and highly scalable design. The reasons that we provide for Magento’s unparalleled success and why it is the most popular eCommerce platform.

Open Source

The three version of Magento which is namely, the Magento Community Edition that is free, the Magento Go that is paid and hosted on Magento’s servers and the Magento Enterprise Edition that is paid as well.

They have an active large community and supports their user community.

After downloading this online shopping platform for free, you could install extensions and do a variety of customizations using Magento Connect Marketplace. Additionally, it gets updated time to time since its open source making it more reliable and secure.

 Open Source

Dedicated to eCommerce

Magento rose in popularity some time back after making its way to open source development as it was the only platform that focused completely on building an eCommerce store. The functionalities and features that can be infused quickly and easily to store by Magento 2 theme development leave the audience highly engaged. A dashboard, product bundling, ease of inventory management, customer segmentation with server customization, cross and upselling provisions makes it the best choice for eCommerce.

Easy to integrate Third Party Apps

Not all solutions are solved within the system, despite the CMS platform having core functionalities.

Users have the flexibility to customize based on their specific industry needs with the help of Magento eCommerce platform. It is highly modular and customization given that it is an open source platform and also built primarily for eCommerce.

You could connect to any kind of plugin or app of your choice with Magento’s extensible API. Payment gateways, shipping and tracking, or web analytics could be plugged into your Magento site within no time.

Easy to integrate Third Party Apps

SEO friendly
Apart from hosting all your information, Magento also aids your website such that they show up in search engine space.

Magento eCommerce platform can be configured to offer sitemaps for search engines including for Google, metadata and descriptions for categories and products, control over URLs and so on.

The source code of Magento comes to built in with all of this information to make its customers transition easy and seamless, making it search friendly while saving your time.

 SEO friendly

Freedom to select hosting service

Magento allows you to pick hosting service you want unlike other eCommerce platforms like Volusion or Shopify. Hence users have the flexibility of switching hosting services if they run into problems with their existing one. You could scout for the most economical and flexible options available.

“Magento Go” also offers you the option to switch combined with the benefits available with Magento community edition platform.

Huge array of product information

Magento allows you to define any product feature what they like. Users could manage and set the attributes without compromise in the admin panel and the entire system could be adjusted to the users' products.

The discount system is flexible too whereby for an instance, a discount could be given to a shopper if she or he puts two products into the shopping cart that are from the same category.

 Huge array of product information

Multiple stores

Multiple storefronts could be run from a single backend system with the help of Magento. Users that want to run multiple stores for multiple brands with one harmonized backend system and Magento could be the best eCommerce platform.

Magento also additionally enables you to give a different feel and look to each of websites, and control on screen size to make it accessible to websites and mobiles.

Fast loading websites

Magento adheres to developing fast loading websites. Fast loading websites are very crucial for SEO ranking and customer conversion. About 47% of web users demand the site to be loaded under 2 seconds and if it takes any longer than that, then they would simply close the tab and move on.

Magento allows you to cache pages easily using Varnish, retrieve data from huge databases in milliseconds, process queries within no time and load pages quickly that would please the impatient customers.

Fast loading websites

So What to keep in Mind ?

Given below are some hints for reaching a higher level of user experience.

- What would be the first impression of visitor after landing on page.

- What is being displayed in the search field when the user starts typing.

- After registering or changing of password, what kind of email is sent to user.

- What happens when user searches for a product which is not temporarily available.

- In order to close the purchase, how much information does the user have to provide?

- How could your store earn the trust of your shoppers.


When getting started with Magento, make sure these issues are looked after. Your possibilities are rich enough in order to guarantee that your visitors would gain pleasant user experience. User experience can be influenced greatly if you personalize and optimize the website. Magento offers most features when compared to eCommerce systems which can serve optimization with its extensions, functions and custom developments. For any inquiries, you can call us on +971566027916 or visit