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Our Website Designing Process
27 Sep 2019

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Our Website Designing Process

When it comes to the website designing, the designers usually hold a perspective of a good website as a matter of just purposeful code, appealing visuals, Content Management System (CMS) or wireframes. However, this is not only the case. High-quality website design is not only achieved through appealing visuals and engaging designs. The website designers of a Web Design Agency know that an exemplary website design requires a considerable focus on developing online strategies to accomplish organizational goals. As professionals, they know how to create a website that is visible and accessible to the public and seeks the attention of visitors to purchase goods and services or represents one’s work or just promotes knowledge.

Website Designing Dubai Royex

So, to get a Website Design Dubai that is not only attractive but also captivates the user to stay longer on the site, resulting in the conversion and interaction of the end-users with the website, the Web Designing Dubai experts must follow certain steps that are vital in achieving a great Website Design Dubai.

So, here I have summed up the stages to develop a fine website design by the Web Design Dubai.

1. Identifying Main Goals:
The first stage is to determine the purpose of the site, the target audience, the main goals of the organization, its customers and competitors.

2. Project Scope:
After understanding the goals of the website, a Web Design Agency decides what qualities and components, the number of pages and content a website should include.

3. Sitemap and Wireframes:
The sitemap shows the overall site navigations and how the pages interrelate while the wireframe shows what elements each page would include.

4. Content Development:
Getting a structure of the website design in hand, the Web Design Agency can now work on SEO-optimized content for the website.

5. Design:
Now that we have gathered enough information of the website, the content, and structure, the visual elements of the website must be worked on as desired and mentioned by the client or even the Web Design Agency might suggest a more interactive design for better user experience. Style Tiles, mood boards, and Element Collages can add to the beauty of the design of the website.

6. Testing:
Once the website is completed, testing must be done before launching it. The website must be checked on multiple devices and browsers to test its compatibility or if there are any navigational issues due to broken links. The content and functionalities must also be tested to determine any kind of grammatical or spelling errors and if the site is working properly or not, respectively.

7. Launch:
Now, this is the stage you’d be waiting for. After having multiple checks and reviewing the site, it is time to launch the website! You must think of the right time to launch it and the approaches to convey your website to the world. Finally, finish your work sparkling!

The above-mentioned stages aren’t much of the details that you’d need to get a clearer picture of the process of Web Designing Dubai. Therefore, let’s deep-dive into the process.



First of all, Web Design Agency has to interact with the customer and other partners or stakeholders to identify the reason for the site and gather requirements. To communicate and hold interviews among them is the best way to plan correctly and accomplish goals.
The questions that are preferred to be asked by Web Design Dubai companies during an interview from the prospective buyer(s) are:

1. What does your organization do?
2. What is the targeted audience?
3. For what purpose is the site being created?
4. Do you want a site to increase any kind of awareness, encourage sales, or is it for entertainment purpose?
5. What are the crucial messages inspire target audiences to interact with and stop on the website longer? Or is it something else that a vast organization needs to highlight through the website?
6. Who are the opponent organizations in the market that offer similar services and target similar audiences? How distinct/improved website do you want yours to be than that of the competitor’s?

Obviously, a good start leads to a successful outcome. Therefore, knowing the requirements and the target audience of the website at this initial point is necessary to meet the expectations of the client(s) and avoid loss of money or time (and valuable customers too).

Goals identification phase tools:

● Audience personas
● Creative brief
● Competitor analyses
● Brand attributes


The Website Designing Dubai agencies focus on setting milestones for the completion of the website on the expected time. This is one of the most strenuous steps of the Website Design Dubai process. In this step, a particular timeline is created that outlines certain tasks and deliverables so that everyone involved is clear about the development cycle of website and the client is also sure about the required time.

However, a Web Design Agency may fail to follow the timeline as the project proceeds which in turn results in the growth of budget and the timeline itself. This can cause discontent of the client and other stakeholders.

Gantt Chart
Image: The anatomy of a Gantt chart.

In order to avoid such troubles, you must track your Website Design Dubai project using a Gantt chart. A Gantt chart outlines a practical timeline of the Website Designing process in a convenient way. You can set milestones and attainable deadlines for the project deliverables showing the start and end dates, and also the activities and tasks associated with each activity. It provides a visual reference for the designers and the client. In this way, everyone keeps up with the schedule and sticks to the plan.

Project Scope Identification phase tools:

● A contract
● Gantt chart (or other timeline visualization)



Website Site Map
Image: A sitemap for a simple website. Note how it captures page hierarchy.

A sitemap helps structure a website in such a manner that not only it is helpful for the designer to build the website but also shows the relationship among different pages so that the user can easily find the required information through the pages. The sitemap is useful in determining the final website. Hence, the result is a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website. But the sitemap only provides the architecture and not what the pages would include and look like. So, for this purpose, wireframe or mock-up is made. A wireframe tells what the content of each page would look like. However, it does not show the actual design elements such as colors, images or text but only what elements, and on which locations they will be added to each page. It comes in handy to ensure the customer’s satisfaction on the visual design of the website and modify the design according to user’s desire before actually working on it. The image below shows how a wireframe looks like.

Image: Wireframe Designing Tools

Sitemapping and wireframing tools:

● Pen/pencil and paper
● Moqups
● Sketch
● Axure
● Webflow
● Slickplan
● Writemaps
● Mindnode

You can go with any of the tools mentioned above, but I like to design wireframes with the bygone pencil and paper.


Google Trend

Image: Google Trends

At this stage, you must now include the content to the website. The content fulfills two main purposes of a website.

Purpose 1 – Content Urges User Interaction:
The content of a website should be so captivating that indulges the user, motivating him/her to take actions and interact with the services that an organization aims to provide through the website. A good site is one that attracts and convinces end-users. Therefore, the website content should be precise but meaningful, and if a website requires showing detailed information, then the client or content writer must know how to properly structure the detailed content and letting the visitor not get bored by using high-resolution images and visuals, related to the content.

Purpose 2 – SEO:
The content of your website should be SEO-optimized as it helps you outperform your website from the other ones. SEO is a technique that helps your page rank high in search engine results to increase traffic on your website. This means the website content must include such keywords and phrases that are looked upon by search engines more often, with my focus to keep the words in the headings near the beginning, in Meta data, and body of the website.

The Google Keyword Planner tells you the common web searches made by end-users that you can add in your content, hence taking a smarter step towards a more successful product. I use this and suggest you to use it too. Alternatively, you may try Google Trends for the same purpose.

Content Creation Tools

● Google Docs
● Dropbox Paper
● Quip
● Gather Content

SEO tools

● Google Keyword Planner
● Google Trends
● Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider


5. DESIGN: used to preset our design to client
Image: to present design to client

Now, here comes the interesting and the client’s most favorite part which is the visual design of the website. This phase of website development brings the customer’s imagination of the website to life. The Website Designing Dubai might also recommend the most exquisite and eye-catching designs that will help your site stand out of the crowd.

The number of visitors that your website attracts also depends on how you present the information to them. Thus, using high-resolution images, HD backgrounds and videos can add to the beauty and convey the message of the site in a more enhanced manner. Remember, your design must be compatible on multiple devices.

Such website designs provide better user experience, inspiring the end-user to click and interact with the website using the visuals, hence resulting in end-user further engagement and conversion. This is because just simple text seems dull and less interesting to users that include youngster on a high ratio, who are most attracted to how the website looks and feels. On the other hand, using too many high-quality images may lag the performance of the website as they take memory and time in loading.

Visual Designing Tools:

● The usual suspects (Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.)
● Moodboards, style tiles, element collages
● Visual style guides
● Invisionapp

We usually use Optimizilla that compress images retaining their quality and hence saves loading time.



After getting done with the main parts that constitute a website, it is time to test the website before launching it for public access. A poor website is that which has flaws and cannot function properly. This disappoints the client as well as the target audience. Therefore, certain tests must be made on the website to ensure it doesn’t cause any kind of discontent of the users.

• The website content must be tested for any kind of grammatical errors or misspelled words.
• The designers of Web Design Dubai must make sure that all the links of the website navigate to the destined locations properly and none of them is broken or dead.
• A functionality test of a website must be made by Web Design Agency to make sure that all the desired functions of the website are working as expected.
• The compatibility of a website must be tested on multiple devices and browsers.

There are certain other tests apart from these main ones that can be made on the website to make it flawless! You can try some of the following tools to test your website before launching it.

Website testing tools:

W3C Link Checker
SEO Spider


Finally, after in-depth testing, properly reviewing the website and getting consent from clients and stakeholders, the website can be launched.

However, you are not totally done with the website after launching it. Since the trends and demands change frequently, be ready to expect modifications to the site. It may require constant look up as the users continue to explore and experience your newly developed website. You might also need to fix bugs in your site.

Website Design Dubai

Image: One of our recent design


At the end of this article, you must have learned that the appearance of the website is not only the key to a great website, but it also requires some strategies that help a website design to be visible and attractive to the end-users. Each stage of Web Designing in Dubai constitutes a significant part of the Website Design. Not only the process of developing the site is crucial, but the time after it is launched is necessary, as your site must be enough flexible to bear changes.

Royex Technologies is running from 2013 in Dubai and our talented team is ready to design magnificent website for you. So if you are planning to develop a website or redesign your old website, please contact us. Our Phone: +971566027916

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