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Our Top 10 UX Design Predictions For 2018

We have seen some formidable and splendid web design since the arrival of the internet, from non-conventional navigation to heroic imagery. The trends always keep on changing, so it is happening with UX design as well.

In 2018, we will witness some rich experiences. Technologies such as machine learning, voice user interfaces, and virtual reality have been enhanced. You can expect simple and clean designs that will make their way for these immersive technologies. So, today in this article, we will go through top 10 UX design predictions for 2018. Scroll it down to take a deep dive and take a look on how the website will look in the coming year.

The Focus Will Be More On A Content

The current focus and trend are on the flat design and minimalism. As we all know that in the end, content matters the most. So, in the upcoming year, the content will decide the design instead of the design shaping the content.

The Focus Will Be More On A Content

The designers will have the goal to make designs by avoiding every distraction that any visitor has to face when looking or reading the content.

We anticipated this thing early, so we have been applying it on our in-house projects and also for our esteemed clients’ projects as well, and they like it. So, we suggest the same thing to all the designers out there.

When you focus on content, you have to focus on three essential things. Those are:

     I. Whites Space

Basically, when you give more white space on your web page,then the content gives the feel of being organized, easy to understand and read. You actually give content a chance to breathe appropriately and ultimately. It enhances the user experience.

     II. Minimalism

You do not need to add things that are not necessary. By doing this, you can portray your message clearly, and it offers more focused and cleaner experience.

     III. Visual Hierarchy

If you put different visuals hierarchy, then the design will allow the user to comprehend the content quickly.
So these are the three things, you need to focus when designing. However, the design will not give you the benefit unless and until your content is engaging and useful.

Apart from designing in the upcoming year, the content strategy will develop even more. So, a blend of good design and content will take your user experience to sky high.

Swift Design

In our opinion on the basis of our observation and experience, we have been witnessing that most of the successful apps and websites offer a little more than relevant information in a consumable format.It creates an intriguing experience that saves user’s time and decreases friction.

Swift Design

The efficiency, speed, and time decide the success on both desktop and mobile. Who does not agree with the fact that the user will become your fan if he finds the desired product or service in a jiffy through your website or app? So, it is only possible through a swift design.

The swift designs save visitors time throughout their visit on the app or website. You cannot afford to kill or waste your visitors time. Design your web or app in this way that they get what they want to get within a minute or two-three steps.

     I. Anticipated Design

You have to anticipate the user requirements. When you anticipate it, you can serve them better through an anticipated design.

     II. User Journey

We are talking about a linear design where a journey is fixed journey from the beginning until the end. In this design, the visitor needs to do only one particular action at every step.

     III. Direction

You can direct a user in many different ways. You can give them suggestions to guide them.

     IV. Specific Content

In order to provide good user experience, it is important to design in a way that your site offers relevant features and information on every step.

     V. Clean Navigation

You can look for most popular and demanding navigation patterns and then create elegant navigation structure through it. Proper information on the navigation is required in it.

These are only five elements; you can think about more points according to your website and app to save a visitor’s time.

Whip-Smart Personalization

We could include this thing with our last point. However, we think that whip-smart personalization deserves its place in our top ten list. Currently, we are going from one-size-fits-everything to tailored experience on different pages.

Whip-Smart Personalization

With the help of personalized data and major development in machine learning and artificial intelligence, we are headed for experiences that will be able to adjust the user experience on the basis of users themselves.
In order to know users genuinely, designers and businesses will constantly search for different and new methods to identify users and provide them with much more personalized experienced. It will take personalization to a different degree.

Multi-Device World

According to the latest trend, we all are focusing on mobile audience. It is needed to be re-evaluated. New devices are coming day by day, and it will force the designing industry to focus on dynamic and endless digital experience.

Multi-Device World

With the escalation in IoT (Internet of Things) devices, we will move our primary focus on mobile to omni channel experiences. Our current approach will change into the multi-channel approach.

Take a pause fora thought and think does it matter to a user that how or where he or she is using your app or website? The user will use the most convenient medium or device for his usage and wish to achieve the goal through it.

So, a good user experience is currently device-agnostic.Users want a good experience in each and every device they are using.  Now the omni channel UX will bring stability in our multi-device market.
Designers need to make an omni channel UX through a continuous flow for the visitor journey on different devices.

For instance, Uber is going with the multi-channel approach. You can request a ride on Uber through Amazon Echo, and then you can end it on the iPhone. This user experience crosses different platforms, different vendors, and various interfaces but the experience remains seamless from a user point of view.
In the next year, it is not necessary that every designer would be able to design the complete ecosystems. However, we will pay more heed towards this thing. As a user, we are going to see much more digital experiences.

Digital But More Humanizing Experience

In the coming year, we will witness the desire to interact with a digital product like we usually do with other humans. So, designers need to prepare themselves to be ready that kind of digital products.

Digital But More Humanizing Experience

It is straightaway linked with the user emotions and how they feel. Interaction with a digital product creates a great affect on users; it can even decide that the user will use this product for a short period of time or a long-term period.

Designers have to focus on humanizing digital experience in 2018 by concentrating on essential human requirements like security, transparency, and trust.

We are predicting this thing, and we are also predicting that this trend will result in much more demand of UX researchers and psychologists that will help designers in creating a more humanizing digital experience.

Voice UI

A Voice UI or VUI is also referred as natural language processing. In simple words, it is also a human interaction with a computer through speech. For instance, Alexa, Siri, and Bixby are basically voiced user interfaces.

Voice UI

In 1950, a system named Audrey system was developed. It was capable of recognizing different digits from a specific or a single voice.

Today, every voice user interface can understand and comprehend complex commands through voice. If you linked them to the machine learning, then these interfaces can forecast your requirements before you even finish the voice command.

The websites will integrate the current voice commands, or they will create a whole new voice user interface. So, once you incorporate the voice interaction, then you must need to make your content conversational, as people interact differently with voice commands.

For instance, a user looking to find the nearest bakery may write “bakery London’ on Google but he or she might write “tell me the nearest bakery location” on Siri.

Authentication Through Biometric

We have to spend a little amount of time on authentications and logins on every other website or app. However, 2018 is the year where the biometric system will make things easier for both users and businesses.

Authentication Through Biometric

Apps and websites would not ask the users to remember and create passwords. They will use different authentication methods through the biometric system instead of it.

As soon as it will become a trend, and people start liking it, then almost every company will revamp their UX and UI design for the authentication procedure.

AR  (Augmented Reality)

AR  (Augmented Reality)

The AR (Augmented Reality) is here to stay, and we will witness it in 2018 and later. Recently, Mark Zucker berg said that all screens would soon transform into true AR experience through lenses. It looks like a realistic thing in 2018 because we have seen Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Apple in this field.
The smartphone will keep on dominating the market. So, we will definitely see a massive development for AR apps on smartphones.

Three things will have a major impact on AR mobile technology. They are better cameras, top quality displays, and faster processors.

VR (Virtual Reality)

We will take one step forward in the world of VR (Virtual Reality). It will entirely change the way we use mobile applications on our smartphones.

VR (Virtual Reality)

However, designers will face several challenges, and they would have to address them before VR actually becomes a regular method of interaction.In 2018, we would see some extraordinary practices for VR designs.

Huge Roles Of UX Designers

Huge Roles Of UX Designers

Without a doubt, user experience has always been a vast category. However, we are going to witness designers will focus more on technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality in 2018. UX designer role will get expanded. It would not be only about ‘doing everything yourself, ’ but it will be more about ‘interacting with people together.’

Now designers would have to pay attention on fast prototyping, automation, and collaboration in various parts of UX design that were manual earlier.

Wrapping It Up

So it was all about our top 10 UX design predictions for the year 2018.They are just prediction on the basis of our experience and observation in the world of UX design.

Some may come, and some may go. Some will stay and become necessary. Let’s see what things the upcoming year will embrace for all the UX designers.

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