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Our Achievements in 2021 and Our Plans for 2022

2021 was a great year for us. We have done lots of great things with many remarkable achievements. In this article, we are going to talk about our achievements of this year and our plan for next year. This article is mainly for our extended team, clients, and those who are planning to take service from us. 

This year our Dubai office shifted to a new office and it is much better and bigger than the previous one. 

We have started our new branch office in Qatar with the plan to expand our presence in the Middle East. 

Our team is composed of experienced and talented professionals. We constantly aim to add new members to the team to make our team more dynamic, diverse, and well-rounded. This year, we have added many new talents to our team.

We became an ISO-certified company. We took two certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. ISO 9001 is the most widely accepted Quality Management System (QMS) And  ISO 27001 standard certifies that Royex Technologies provides secure and professional services.

We have started a digital marketing business called RoyexDigital. At this moment we are providing services only to our existing clients and eventually, we will expand our service to everyone. 

We have a great cloud server team. And we're really doing great. So we started a new cloud business called Royex Cloud. Through this, we are going to provide cloud services to different companies. 

Also, we have started This is a live video calling system and is free to use. We don’t feel the need to compare with Zoom or Microsoft Teams, nor do we have any plans to compete with them. Our plan is to provide this video calling service to our customers at a very affordable one-time cost. 

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the talk of the town. We have done deep research on it. We built our own currency called ryxcoin as a test project.  RYXCoin is not built to be just another coin in the market, this is mainly developed for our understanding of how the system works and how we can use this technology for our customers. So now we can integrate crypto wallets to different projects as payment methods, data verification through blockchain technology, etc.

We have published two books "Million Dollar App" and “Ecommerce Unfold” based on our years of experience in the mobile app and ecommerce website development field.

In 2021, we have started to shift our business from development and service-oriented to product base. And we have started R&D on different product lines and hired a few experts to do market surveys for these products' viability. 

Okommerce is one of our great products launched this year. This is an enterprise ecommerce platform that is designed to serve the needs of large-scale enterprises. 

RECRUTARS is another project we have started this year and is going to be launched in 2022. This is going to be a great platform for AI-based resume management. 

We have delivered around 15 projects this year. And the reaction and satisfaction levels of our customers are really great. 

Moving on, let us now explain our plan for 2022. 

Shifting our company as a product base is the main goal of this year. Among these products, we have already talked about Recrutars which is going to be launched this year.

We are building several new modules for Okommerce. At this moment there are 16 modules in Okommerce. By the end of 2022, it will be around 30 modules.

We have a great event management and ticketing system. Khalifa University and ESMA are already using this platform and they are very happy with it. We will launch it as a stand-alone product in 2022. Also, a few more products are in the pipeline to be launched in 2022.

A great tech team from India is going to join our company in April to do extensive research on AI. This will be a game-changer for our company. As AI is going to dominate the future, we are going to develop different AI modules for our existing products. So we can train the system to work intelligently. 

We have a plan to start our office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are waiting for the right projects and partners to start. But this definitely will be done in 2022. So, the total number of our offices will be six.

In 2021, a portion of our earnings went to the people who are in need. But from this year we will try to do it in a more structured way so we can reach out and help more needy people.

Our new side business that we will start with other partners is Royex Properties. Yes, we are going to invest our time in the Property sector too. By 2022, a few of our own properties will be on market, providing fully furnished apartments as short and long-term rent. 

To improve company culture and team loyalty for the company, we will continue all the programs we have taken in 2021 and also we are going to introduce lots of new programs. 

We plan to start IT staff outsourcing. Our and websites will be used for this purpose. So anyone can hire our qualified developers at a very affordable cost. 

Our partners portal is going to be launched this year. Mainly the partners portal is made for Okommerce. So we can spread our products and services to more people through our partners. And we have plans to do a partner’s meetup in October. 

In 2022, I plan to publish my new book "UPLIFT". This book is centered around his experience in running a tech company for over a decade and using that experience to help tech entrepreneurs make their companies profitable.

We have already started to provide customer service in the Arabic language this year. From next year we are going to provide extensive customer service as per ISO standards.

We have a lot of goals and ambitions, but together as a team, anything is possible. With that said, we wish you a very happy new year from me and my team.