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Mobile Marketing Statistics to Help You Plan for 2018
13 Jun 2018

Mobile Marketing Statistics to Help You Plan for 2018

We assume that how significant mobile marketing is for our business nowadays. Mobile marketing is an inseparable part of any marketing campaign. Creating the exceptional mobile experience for consumers is turning out to be a great challenge for every brand and marketing agency today. Here, we have put together some of the most insightful mobile marketing statistics for 2018 to help marketers. Let’s explore it and beef up our mobile campaign strategies.

(1) 40% Of Mobile Searches Have Local Intent.

(2) 70% Of Consumers Delete Emails Immediately That Don’t Render Well On A Mobile Device.

(3) Mobile Offers are Redeemed 10x More Frequently Than Print Offers.

(4) As of Q1 of 2017, Samsung was the leading phone maker (with a 22.8% share) followed by Apple and Huawei.

(5) 5-5.1-inch is the most used screen size, 720 x 1280 is the most used screen resolution. 

(6) 48% of millennials view video solely on their mobile device.

(7) Website that load in 5 seconds on mobile see 25% more ad visibility and 70% longer session duration.

(8) 79% of people use their smartphone for reading email -- a higher percentage than those who use it for making calls.


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