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Mobile apps idea for Startup

Have you ever thought for developing a new app for your startup? Or ever looking for some of new but unique apps idea? We can assure you that this article will definitely help you. From so many articles of mobile apps, we always try to get all crucial mobile apps idea in one window.

There might be you have some different or unique ideas, please don’t forget to share with us as well as of whole world and if you find this article helpful for you and your friends, then please share it.

Before starting to find our apps idea,let us tell you about our Royex Technologies, a leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai. And our idea is of bringing our task in reality.

1.  Scan and Shop apps that make your apps so easy to scan any items to find it online by the image. Simply you can search and find your items from different online sites. Fruitful features make your apps more interesting and also useful.

2.  Have you ever thought for a cooking app? A dish with its proper ingredients will recommended for the user. With this intelligent cooking app you can prepare your most precise dish even if you do not know the name of the ingredients.

3.  Graphical Restaurant Reservation/Booking app will allow the users to check the graphical layout of any restaurant. They can choose their desired seats and table and also to make booking for a specific date.

4.  On-demand car wash app will help your customer to make their car wash from any destination wherever they require for a service. 

5.  Criminal alert app is to be designed with an alert button and GPS for those users whom will stay alert of wanted criminals in their area. Through the alert button the local people can easily inform the police and the GPS feature will show your current location to local police.

6.  A virtual exam study app is an study app where any student can meet and prepare for their examination in proper discipline. The app has learning section which can be promoted via study tools, discussions, help, guides and free study material.

7.  Online navigation app that will be instead of taking the shortest or the most preferred route to a destination, takes the user through a less explored yet interesting route based on their interests and likes.

8.  Do you want an online shop to delivery your surprise to your special one? Then this online flower and gift delivering app is definitely for you. Through this app you can schedule deliveries for the upcoming birthdays of your friends, relatives or special one. The app will provide you the best flowers/gift with home delivery to them on your behalf.

9.  Shopping in supermarket may not be a pleasant experience sometimes. Fast supermarket checkout app that gives you permission to scan your preferred products on mobile app and make your payment options in an integrated e-payment.

10.  A food recommendation and review app that shows you genuine reviews from people and so other people will get interest to buy the product. The app will allow the users to follow other people whom they can trust and also to find their recommendations while selecting a product or service.

11.  Whenever you go to any busy place, you may find some difficulties to get a free parking space for your transport. An app to find available parking will help you with GPS, location, webcams, and parking data in real-time.

12.  Virtual Interior Designer app that will give you chance to take a picture whatever room you want to design and visualize it with gorgeous or simple options like colors, objects, wall stickers, curtains, etc. This app also suggest you the places from where you can find your desirable interior items.

13.  A virtual tattoo preview app helps you to get idea which tattoo will looks good on you. It will probably make use of Digital Augmented Reality to virtually test the designs.

14.  You can control all the security devices and equipment with a security control app. It will allow you to open the door, check camera footage, etc. in your house or office.

15.  Finance and bill management app will give you support to attach user finances based on the bills, sends payment due date alerts, splits bills among roommates and it can send alerts to the users.

16.  A social networking app is an networking app where you can easily connect with your existing friends and also can make a new friend. This app will provide you to make recommendations and search and buy products based on your friends’ suggestions.You can also sell stuff of yours through the app.

17.  Whenever the users are going somewhere a real-time car-sharing app will allow them to enlist their cars. By this other people whom are on their own way can enjoy their ride and split the cost accordingly.

18.  Voice language translation app is an interesting and useful mobile app that will allow you to translate the spoken words of a person in real-time. So that it can be an interpreter app to the different language speaking person.

19.  A task scheduling and motivation app is an reminder mobile app. The app will remind you daily to-do tasks and give you motivation to do the tasks if you are less willing to exercise, wake up, read, etc

20.  An intelligent flirt app will suggest your best match based on your similar activities, likes, sharing, their opinions about you on all social sites.

21.  Days of manual works are over. A receipt management app that will manage and stock of all user receipts and bills in one space. It will send your receipts directly to your mobile app.

22.  A subscription organization app that will provide an integrated payment system for automatic payments of bills and will let you keep track of all your subscriptions and bills and will alert you as the payment date arrives. 

23. A tenant finder and communication app is an app that will allow the landlords to find and communicate with potential tenants directly without any dealer. The tenants can find the app useful to communicate with their existing landlords regarding property issues, maintenance requirements, pay rents, etc.

24.  How about to make a customized restaurant app? User will find this app helpful because they can check the real-time menus, table availability in the particular restaurant and also make bookings and even pay bills from within the app.

25.  Cheap delivery and postal app will provide you the best delivery option in local area based on the type, location, size and weight of the product one needs to be delivered.

26.  Mobile app for food donation system where the restaurants will be able to find suitable charities in their local areas to donate their excess food every day.This app will save a lot of food and will help poor people who can not afford to buy food.

27.  Do you love to travel? Have you faced difficulties to understand the new language or culture?This app( An app for refugees) will give you help to understand the languages and cultures of new locations. So that you can easily connect and communicate after becoming a part of them.

28.  A transport alert app that will help users to catch their buses on time. It will have schedule alert to remind them in time.This app may also include the GPS facility to keep track of the bus running status in real-time.

30. With a common note-taking platform, everyone can take notes, share with otherones, comment on notes, add to existing notes or make new notes about a particular topic, lecture or seminar.

31. A text reader app which suggests mean on the name. By the reader app user can read the text written on a paper so that they can save it in the digital format on your phone or PC. It will only read the text or number written on it.

32. You can find your perfect eating companion through this social eat-together app. And this one is basically based on your location, schedule, and preferences entered by you so that you don’t have to eat alone.

33. A social rating mobile application gives you chance to rate your friends anonymously for their different qualities. For example their smile, anger, beauty, nature and more, you can rate on your app. Your friends will be able to see the rating but won’t know whom rate their qualities.

34. A musician community app will help the new musicians to find other fellow musicians whom are interested in forming a band together and find gigs related to their particular music choices.

35. A very interesting app is dating app. People can find their best dates with special interests like nerds, geeks, comic lovers, etc. If people love the app, then This one will be the perfect place for introverts to find a date.

36. A goal management and sharing app allows you to create your life goals. You can keep track of your goals and share them with dear ones. By the app, you can also find those people who share the same goals so that users can support each other in the completion of such goals.

37. A cloud presentation application permits to the all members of a meeting or team to come together and collaborate online to make a team presentation by contributing ideas and feedback in real-time.

38. An instant messaging app with a plenty of features of all the popular IM apps like Whatsapp, Skype, Viber and FB messaging, i.e. It will offer great messaging service, video calls, audio calls, internet calls, sharing, emojis, sharing of business cards and data, sharing of big files and more.

39. How about to make a new Book review app? This one will let you take a picture of the book and get reviews instantly from Amazon, Goodreads, and other platforms to help you make the choice of whether to buy/read the book or not.

40. It is sometimes tough to know where you can find pure and fresh food items. A seasonal food finding mobile application will notify you about the places. It can further have other features for a healthy diet management.

41. People usually forget their important things wherever they put it. A missing item finder app will help people to find their glasses, keys, wallet, socks and other items where they actually placed them. One way to do this is taking a pic with your phone each time you place such an item so that you can look at the pic if you forget about it later.

42.  A writer’s solitude app that will allow writers to work in peace by blocking all the distractions and other functions on the device except the ones needed for the writing task.

43. A cleaning service app make your life in easiest way. This application gives notice to us whenever we want to find and hire a person/service for the cleaning of a particular room rather than the entire apartment, thus saving money and time.

44. It is said that Health is Wealth. A health application will keep track of your health records, clinic visits, and illness history. It is an inspection and monitoring app that alerts you of your regular health check up appointments along with doctor’s number. 

45. A social goal sharing app where users with similar challenges and short-term goals like quitting smoking, working out regularly, dieting, etc come together to support each other with right motivation and words.

46. Have you ever thought, an app can work like a magic mirror? By a profile explorer app,you can find details about a particular person or an object by simply scanning them.

47. Shopping mobile app is a popular app now-a-days. But a shopping assistant app is obviously newer to us. This app will allow brands to keep their users updated with new, latest releases and help them find the places nearby to purchase a particular product.

48. A music sharing app is an app by which an user can scan and find the music everyone else in their contact lists is listening and share (listen to) the same song if they like it.

49. With a caller image identifier app, you can gather or detect the image data of the person on the other side of the call by sending an ultrasound and will show it to the receiver.

50. Everyone wants to record their memories to make their past in good form. A virtual time capsule app can be used to record memories, videos and other digital data. So that it can be viewed in a predetermined time in the future and also to specific people.