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Mobile Apps Idea
21 Nov 2017

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Mobile Apps Idea

Mobile Apps is booming in the technology market and will it is a smart choice to take advantage from it by venturing out into the mobile app business. You will get a surprise with the unbelievable numbers of customers.

Mobile application development ideas are a curious commodity. In our experience, we saw some startup destined for glory before they’re even executed. Some take time to grown-up and work hard for the whole way through the development process. Catching the ideas to develop your mobile app business is the key to success for your business.

Idea can come anytime and from any places. Idea falls from the sky like apples dropping from the tree. Some startup skips the Idea, some startup thinks about the idea and some startup develop the ideas. We are here to help them who want to develop their ideas.

Royex is a leading mobile application development company in Dubai who are working for startup and the enterprise client for a long time. We create extremely performance mobile apps like iPhone and Android apps for startups and also the enterprise clients. We have also vast know about branding, user acquisition and websites.

There are many innovative ideas for using mobile app feature with your sole business model. For new startup, we have presented some mobile apps.

Taxi Booking Apps:

Taxi Booking Apps dubai

Certainly, you see the requirement of taxi booking app quickly increase recently. You'll be able to develop a number of the contents of the taxi mobile apps together with driver app, customer apps, admin portal and payment method. The fame of taxi booking apps is increasing with growing need of consumer for on-demand car booking. The concept is to make client experience smooth with the mobile app booking. Mobile includes customer app, driver app, admin portal and payment method can be accepted by card, cash, wallet etc.

Babysitters Apps:

Babysitters Apps dubai

Babysitting business is gaining boom recently. Many parents are looking for Babysister to take care of their baby due to their job purpose. Babysitting is not only about taking care of the baby in absence of the parents but also about making the babies time worthwhile even while parents are at the home. If you want to launch your own babysitting business online like uber just contact us. We will help you to setup your business using Babysitters and Childcare like Uber Style by our on-demand mobile application platform.

Beauty Service Apps:

Beauty Service Apps Dubai

Royex can help you to start your own on-demand beauty service app for your Parlor or Salon business. The client who needs beauty services needs to register his/her name, location, and other information details. Based on the customer place/location nearby service provider will get a notification for the service supplies. Once client schedule an arrangement for his or her relevant beauty service – once beautician is chosen. Client reviews the services. With this beauty app, the customer can communicate with the service supplier to give them the information regarding what time service to be started and the other information. Eventually, the client will be notified of their schedule, appointment dates, ETA etc. Once the job is done, the customer can pay his/ her bill either card, cash or pay through mobile wallet. When beauty service ends, the client can drop his thoughts as feedback and rate service provider scale of five stars.

Booze Apps:

Booze Apps

Booze App is an Alcohol delivery app. Life is supposed to pay with friends for real trips rather than sitting in a bar! The concept was energized more by on-demand delivery Alcohol apps which created a buzz in an on-demand market with the very own and fruitful on-demand alcohol delivery startup – Saucey.  Growing startup Saucey has received Over Whelming response from the people of United States. You will receive you Alcohol in just time.  Want to start your own uber beer delivery business? Create booze on-demand app like Saucey and Drizly. Royex can help you to develop on-demand app like Saucey and Drizly.

House Cleaning Apps:

House Cleaning Apps Dubai

Royex Provide Premium on-demand app Like Uber for house cleaning and Uber for Maid. This House Cleaning app comes in both iOS and Android platform with a responsive admin consoles. In this app once the client request for the service nearby multiple service providers will get a notification for their request. Once accepting the service provider request they can easily communicate with the client. When completion of the cleaning service both supplier and client rate each other and share their feedbacks within the house cleaning app. Royex offers a complete white label solution for your cleaning business with your native language and payment gateway integration customization facility in this mobile cleaner app.

Courier Delivery Apps:

Courier Delivery Apps Dubai

Courier Delivery app work process is same as any other on-demand mobile application. Once the client sends a request, it will be forwarded to the multiple service providers in the nearby locale. Once service providers agree to the service request, they both can communicate with the app. Our on-demand courier delivery App comes on both IOS  and Android App with Advanced Web console to manage all transaction also fully customization facility including adding native language and currency features.

Doctors Apps:

Doctors Apps Dubai

Doctors Apps will help you to book doctor’s appointment. You can you pay payment by any card you have. If you are not able to pay your payment with card, doesn’t matter, you can also pay you payment by cash. In this Doctors Apps you will also get health related suggestion. With this app Doctors can instant access to patients’ health records also allow doctors to remotely monitor patients, schedule appointments, and on-line charge and payments. Want to grow your business exponentially? We are here to help you. We really love to help & grow startup’s and traditional business so our pricing is very simple and honest.

Dog walker Apps:

Dog walker Apps Dubai

Dog walker Apps is a great app to earn income, especially if you love to spend time with dogs. With this app client can view the dog walkers review and choose the right walkers who meet client preferences. If you want to develop Dog walker Apps we are here to help you. We really love to help & grow startup’s and traditional business so our pricing is very simple and honest.
Dog walker app Features: Fully Automated, Fare Estimator, Real Time Tracking, Schedule Booking – Book Later, Cash and Card Payment, Promo and Referral. We will add new features and as client needs

Food Delivery Apps: