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Mobile Apps Development like Uber or Careem

It was a thing of the past when traveling to a new country brought with it a bag of conundrums. Language was a serious barrier that added on to the apprehensions. The digitalized world today, luckily, has got smartphones to cater our needs. A single push of the button or tap on the screen of the magical mobile apps will pull over a black cab right in front of you, whisking you to places of your wishes.

The millennials of the next generation would not only be tech savvy but would run tech like a marionette. Smart phones are now interweaved into our lives, one can only imagine its role in the future. Their lives would revolve around smartphones. The magnitude of the work would notaffect the dependency on smart phones. From learning, purchasing things to shifting houses, all would require just a touch on the screen of the smartphone. So, for those of you who wish of such a cutting edge mobile apps, we are here to help you launch one.

The ride services have proliferated due to the high demand. Either Uber or Careem, the business is thriving in the transportation world. These services have launched in every country, and huge investments have been made in it. One of the stepping stones in this business is the mobile application and a very significant one. We have crafted one such ride booking service application. And what is worth noticing is that it's more economical to set up the business on the mobile platform rather than fixing up an office. Here, if you wish to create your own apps like Uber or careem, Royex is the best solution. Royex stands out as the best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai. We have successfully developed more than 30 apps for countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.

Some of the features this app sports are:

A user-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface - Mobile Apps Development Dubai

The user-friendly interface of our ride apps is appealing and intuitive. The uncomplicated functionalities streamline the navigation. To avoid cluttering and overcrowding of information, we focus on the mobile screen.

Real-time Ride Tracking

Real-time Ride Tracking - Mobile Apps Development like uber

Rides nearby and the cab you settled for can easily be tracked down. GPS is integrated to ease things up for this purpose.

Map Integration

Map Integration - Mobile Apps Development like Uber or Careem

The app works with the help of a map so that the users can tail down the cabi and send their locations to the driver. Finding directions from the starting to end point makes use of apps.

Amalgamating Payment methods

Amalgamating Payment methods - Mobile Apps like Uber

Payment mode such as credit/Debit card, mobile payment, etc., are integrated into the ride app.

Multiple Services Type

Multiple Services Type mobile apps like uber

Various services can be included in the system like SUV, Sedan, Taxi, Bike. This can fulfill your wish to incorporate different services in your business with the help of our app.

SOS Panic Button

SOS Panic Button - Mobile Apps Development like Uber or Careem

Any customer availing our services can inform their friends and family of their whereabouts by just clicking the one panic button.

Running Drivers and vehicle owners

Running Drivers and vehicle owners - Apps development like uber

This app helps you to deal with the drivers and the vehicle owners. You can note down their information or collect their license during registration. All the related information can be stored in the control panel and can be used in case of an emergency.

Royex has put in features like rating, review, share the ride, notification, transaction history, invoices and has the capability to design apps according to your requirements. It has developed such apps before for the world and can do wonders for your business too.

This service is a gold mine for the Silicon Valley investors, and currently, the number of investments is dramatically rising. Business persons from all country are planning to plunge into the ride service business. Interestingly, you do not require any transport to run this business. All you need to have is an app like Uber and Careem and few employees to run your office. The ride service business has a promising future, and with the right mentality for customer service, one can easily run the business.

If you want to develop your custom app, We, Royex technologies are here for you to give you the best mobile app services. We are not new to developing apps and knows the intricacies involved. We have the same features as Uber or Careem has. The added benefit is that we charge you much less than other apps. We can provide you the app in the shortest time since we are aware of the technicalities. Your dream of the best Mobile App Development Service Dubai is not just a dream but is a reality with our efforts. Please contact with us at or call us on +971-56-6027916