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Managed e-commerce platforms vs. Content Management Systems (CMS) and Woops EMS
18 Aug 2016

Managed e-commerce platforms vs. Content Management Systems (CMS) and Woops EMS

A huge number of e-commerce platforms are emerging these days as the competition of running online e-commerce business is increasing at a rapid pace. It is getting difficult to choose the right platform or tools when it comes to starting your own online e-commerce business. And it gets more complicated when you don't have any technical or background knowledge of the platforms, services or the tools required to start the business.

For setting up your e-commerce website, we usually have two options: 1.) To go for prebuilt e-commerce platforms, commonly known 'hosted solutions and the second one, 2.) to use open source CMS (content management system), like Magento, Opencart, WooCommerce.

For open source, you need to have your own hosting server and you to setup everything yourself. While on hosted solution, you just have to pay the service, and after basic info setup, start uploading your products instantly. These services usually charge on monthly basis ; otherwise, they charge on annual terms.

The choice to go for a particular solution depends on your needs and your technical understanding of the platforms.

Below is a list of benefits of both platforms, which might assist you in choosing between the two, based on your requirements:

Advantages of Hosted e-commerce platforms

Less maintenance required:

There is no coding expertise required, consequently getting rid of the need for an advancement team. Also, the hosting is shared, which lowers the server expenses.

Better technical assistance:

Most online shop service providers have an active tech-support group to help users with any concerns that may emerge.

It's less complicated to work with:

The back-end for most of these platforms is user-friendly and is built for ease of use having in mind the users with limited technical knowledge.

Advantages of using a Content Management System( CMS).

Much better capability:

A number of plugins, add-ons, and themes available for content management systems enable the addition of advanced features that would not be possible when it comes to self-hosted platforms.

Much better customizability:

Content management systems permit the flexibility of adding/modifying features as well as constructing a tailored design exclusive to one's brand name. They likewise enable continuous improvements and enhancements to the user experience on the website, which plays a significant function in today's highly competitive e-commerce area.

Can support large stores and sophisticated sites:

Content Management Systems, being self-hosted, do not have a limitation to the number of products or classifications enabled so that they can handle much bigger stores along with sophisticated websites.

However, Woops Ecommerce Management System (EMS) inspires originality completely. It is a hosted e-commerce option, so it has all features of other hosted e-commerce option like less development or maintenance, better technical assistance, less complicated to operate. At the same time like other CMS, it has features like better capability, better customizability and can support large shops and advanced sites.

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