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Main Issues of Ui in the Online Store App, To Solve for Effective Business

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The realm of shopping revolutionized the second digital interventions came in. With so many web and mobile applications, the business companies have found their way into launching the online store apps where the users shop freely and enjoy the experience. Every shopping website whether it is the website made using the Magento e-commerce development program or any other software runs successfully in the market helping the business exceed its expected goals every year.

The trend of online shopping has seen the fascinating dawn and there is no time soon it’s going to go down. The credit for this amazing digital development goes to the advancing technologies and the innovative digital trends that the developers, marketers and other business strategists follow. The online store apps are now considered an essential tool for a successful and an effective business. Thus, whether you have a small business setup or a large one, make sure you invest in developing a store app for your products and services. You’ll see that customers will come running in! But, make sure you follow the right steps and avoid the mistakes that can lead to the downfall of your online store app. The two things to take care of include the amazing customer experience and the exquisite user interface! By doing this you’ll see your business succeed.

To help you do your best, here is the list of the main issues that you need to avoid while dealing with the user interface to ensure more traffic and conversions.

1. Did you consider the visual hierarchy?

The first main issue that many people overlook while dealing with the UI of the online shopping store app is its visual hierarchy. By visual hierarchy, we compel you to look at a bigger picture, a picture that excites you and facilitates your shopping experience. While developing an application, you need to make it attractive and impulsive for the users. If your app pages are dull and boring with a simple yet unattractive font which disappoints the users and makes then uninstall the app, then trust us your app is of no use for your business.

Thus, the first thing you need to handle is the visual appearance of your app. Keep in mind the colors, contrasting schemes, typography, font, quality photos and images, videos and white spaces as all these things are what strengthen the visual hierarchy. Always go for creating a design that draws logic and inspires you to think strategically. Also, keep in mind the viewer’s demand. According to the latest design trends for the online store app, the viewers now believe in more of an animated app page rather than a flat one! This requires you to invest in learning to add animations! Other than this, bold asymmetry, typography that adds a classic view to the page, and interactive apps are becoming popular. Thus, to excel with an online app make sure its visual hierarchy is created perfectly.

2. Complex checkout process

Complex checkout process

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The second issue you need to deal with to improve your app’s UI is the complex checkout process. Many people go through the entire shopping app and select the items they want but get stuck at the checkout procedure. Most of them completely abandon the cart. According to Statista 2016, the major reasons for cart abandonment included unexpected shipping cost and the need to create a new user account to make an order. Well, this pinpoints the problems faced by the users and there is a lot that you can do to reduce the bounce and cart abandonment rates.

Number one: Make your shopping checkout procedure stepwise and simple.

Number two: Add a bit of focus to the ‘add to cart’ button so that the users know where to go next after taking a pick of the products.

Number three: As the retail conversion rates depend highly on the device, make sure that the app is highly responsive to different digital devices.

Number four: Offer multiple and popular payment options.

 3. Poor loading speed

Poor loading speed

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In the present era of digitalization, it is hard to ignore the fact that the viewers are in a hurry. All they want is to get the information instantly so that they can make a decision. Poor loading speed of the application can hinder this process and make the viewers/ users furious. Yes! You heard us right! One of the main issues of UI in the online store apps is the product page loading speed. Users often tend to go back if the page isn’t loading within milliseconds.

Here is what Ari Weil, vice president of Yotta, a cloud-based automation platform has to say about the loading speed of the web pages and the apps, “Today’s online customers want the information they need when they need it, at the click of a mouse or a swipe of a digital device. And retailers have only milliseconds to compel them and complete the transaction. Amazon, for example, has shown that every 100 milliseconds of latency cost them 1 percent in sales. Walmart, on the other hand, reports conversion rates rise of 2 percent for every second of reduced page loading time.”

Wouldn’t you want to enjoy the same benefits as Walmart and extend your business by improving the loading speed of your application? You do, right? We thought so!

4. Failing to switch to voice-user interfaces

The beauty of the e-commerce Magento website development and app programs is that they follow the latest Google algorithms and the changes that it releases to come to the top in the web search results.  The online store app must follow these latest trends as well. One of such trends that are greatly improving the shopping experience is the voice-user interface. The design for this is simple and just requires the integration of the voice-detection and voice-search technology. Those store apps which have shifted to voice-user interfaces are experiencing a sudden uplift in their sales and profits while those who haven’t applied this feature are still unaware of its exciting benefits.

Thu, if you wish to make your business worthwhile, make sure you increase the app’s usability and functionality by integrating the voice-user interface in it.

5. Ignoring the mobile-friendly design

Running an app without the mobile-friendly design indicates its downfall even before the beginning! As the majority of the people now use smartphones and other technology devices, there is not a chance that you will enjoy the boons of the online store app without a mobile-friendly design. According to Sweor, 57% of the internet users do not recommend a business that fails to enhance their poorly designed website/ app on the mobile. This means to get a huge inflow of traffic, you need to make sure that your online store app is built with the features that facilitate its functioning on the smartphones. Do this and you’ll increase the progress of your business  

6. Unorganized content

At number six the issue we have at hand is the organization of the content in the app. The user interface is dependent on a lot of things that graphically enhance the performance of the online store app. The posted content, its style, and the type are one of such things! Thus, make sure you do not make the UI of the app dull and complicated by adding to much content. The Hick's law says that every additional choice increases the time required to make a decision. This delays the conversion rate and the shopping attempts as well.

Thus, make sure that the product categories, the written and visual content, product description and the CTAs on the app all relate to each other and are organized nicely. This helps the user to understand the layout within a glimpse and makes it easy for him to proceed with the shopping.

These six issues of UI form the crux of the matter and solving these will greatly improve the business outcomes. The online store app design is all about visually attracting and facilitating the users.  Get hold of a creative UI and offer an amazing user experience and you’ll see the amazing outcomes yourself!

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