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Introduction to Enterprise Mobile Application

Enterprises are usually regarded to be large companies that have many many employees. These organizations usually have massive budgets which allow them to be fairly flexible with their expenditure on technology. Enterprises have multiple departments where they work together to accomplish a common goal. 

In this fast moving world where businesses are conducted on the go, mobile apps have become an integral part of any business. Gone are those days where websites were the primary source of online interaction. These days, most businesses and corporations have shifted towards mobile apps due to convenience they offer. 

In this article, we will discuss enterprise mobile applications. Firstly, we will explain the difference between general mobile apps and enterprise mobile apps, explain the features required in an enterprise mobile app, and finally help you find the best mobile app development company to develop an enterprise mobile app. 

Enterprise Mobile Apps Explained

An enterprise mobile app is quite different from a regular mobile app. In order to understand the concept of enterprise mobile apps, it is important to understand the difference between the two.

General Mobile Apps:

General Mobile Apps:

These apps are developed for productivity assistance or service providing to customers. These apps are designed keeping the Business-to-Customer model. These apps are released to the general public via app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Through these apps, the customer can demand for a service and the company will respond by providing the service. These apps vary in type, purpose,platform,and other factors.

Enterprise Mobile Apps:

Enterprise Mobile Apps:

Enterprise mobile apps are specialized mobile apps that are used to solve and manage the problems of an enterprise. These apps are exclusive only to the members of the enterprise where they login using proper credentials. The entities of the enterprise, such as the employees, shareholders, suppliers, and others related to the enterprise have access to the app. Customers are granted limited access to the app to either request support or leave their feedback. 

As we discussed enterprises (The Emirates Group, MAG Group, Al Ghurair Group, etc.) are large companies consisting of many employees and many departments. Different departments such as Accounting, Marketing, Sales, HR, Inventory, Support, IT, etc need enterprise software to manage their department tasks as well as interdependent tasks.

For example, the accounting department uses the accounting software to perform their accounting tasks. This accounting software is a part of the complete enterprise solution. Now suppose, the HR department wanted to issue new rules to all the departments at once. They would use the messaging app that is connected to all the departments and everyone would get the message at once. This is also one of enterprise solutions that the company uses.

Thus, all the departments are interconnected via this enterprise app and the individual systems are interconnected via API’s to function as one single unified system. Developing this kind of enterprise mobile app takes a lot of effort and work. The time and cost for enterprise mobile app development is obviously different from that of regular mobile apps. 

What are the Main Features of Enterprise Mobile Apps

What are the Main Features of Enterprise Mobile Apps

There are certain features and functionalities that an enterprise mobile app must possess. In this section, we will discuss these features that are vital to enterprise mobile apps.

1. Connectivity: The app must enable connectivity between all the systems of the enterprise. This solution can be done on a local basis or it could be a cloud-based solution.

2. Speed: Enterprise mobile apps are huge in terms of function and size. With so many systems working together, speed is a primary feature of enterprise apps. Delay in operations will decrease productivity and progress and hence these apps need to be fast.

3. Security: Enterprise app contains all the different solutions in one app. Any compromise in security of the app would mean a compromise in the entire system. Therefore, security is of utmost importance when it comes to enterprise apps.

4. Login: Employees of the enterprise must be able to login to the system using their employee ID. By logging in, they will be able to access their necessary system. This way we can ensure only employees or the personnel associated with the enterprise can login to the app.

5. Data Protection: The data in the enterprise app is sensitive. It contains vital company information of all systems in one place. The data cannot be left in its normal form. It needs to be encrypted so only the intended target can view and access the data.

Why Choose Royex to Develop Your Mobile Enterprise App

Why Choose Royex to Develop Your Mobile Enterprise App

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