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Instagram Launches Facebook Pay Powered Instagram Shop

Instagram has launched its brand new Instagram Shop, a marketplace for shopping that is powered by Facebook Pay within the US. Instagram Shop is defined as a platform for shopping items from favorite brands and designers, as well as curated selections released by the Instagram-run @shop account.

For starters, in the Shop category, you can search through categories such as beauty and home, and then check out directly inside the app.

In its initial statement, Instagram Shop was to be introduced until the company changed the Action tab in the bottom nav bar for the Shop button, but the company decided to start exploring the latter first.

When you don't have the Store button, you'll have to move straight from Explore to Instagram Store.


While there was already a way to shop before  inside Instagram — and even check out from chosen accounts without exiting the app — the new Instagram Shop aims to amplify even more browsing and exploration of brands and products.

Shop itself grew out of how users of the Instagram platform used to find new things to buy. Naturally, the photo-centric app had drawn in users who shared imaginative material, also featuring well-styled fashion images, beauty items, photography, home decor and much more.

And due to the likes of influencers and their numerous deals with brands, Instagram has often been a place where you would find products being introduced and discussed, encouraging buying.

Meanwhile, Instagram advertisements will surface in your stream with their almost mastered targeting features, eerily indicating the exact product you 're likely to purchase.

The new Instagram shop is the result of all that data and insight, placed in its own destination. But it remains to be seen how well it can be treated as a separate company.

Above all, the potential of Instagram to link people to products was mostly attributed to the vast amount of time that users spend looking through images inside the Instagram app — finally, they would find something they wanted.


The new experience in Instagram Shop is personalized to the end user. For e.g, at the top of the page, there are rows of your favorite brand and creators below big, attention-grabbing photos. At the bottom there is also a personalized section called "Suggested For You."

Meanwhile, Facebook Pay was introduced last year as a means of secure transaction across Facebook , Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Through Instagram, it would encourage U.S. consumers to make payments when they shop, as well as contributions to the businesses that they help owing to the coronavirus epidemic and associated shutdowns, rioter damage or any other cause.

If the company utilizes the own checkout function of Instagram a sales price would be involved. This could generate a new revenue stream for the company on a scale, especially now that consumers have shifted more towards online shopping during this pandemic.


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