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Inspire yourself with these Best Mobile App Wireframe Examples

Wireframing is an important step in any screen design process. It’s a wise choice for most of UX/UI designers tend to do a quick wireframing. It primarily allows to define the information hierarchy of app design and can make it easier to plan the layout according to how you want your user to process the information.

If you are going to wireframe a mobile app, remind it that any development projects before production; is key to success in big projects without messing up the final product. Mobile app wireframes let the designers and developers build their websites better. Here we will introduce you with some of different but excellent wireframe templates covering subjects of profile, music, weather, sports, food, community, etc. We hope it will inspire you in many ways.

1. TickTick 

Type: Task management App, Tool


TickTick is an incredible task management app with an especially fantastic animated tutorial. This tutorial embraces the method for communicating with clients and includes a genuine mobile phone interface together to direct them.

2. Colorclouds

Type: App, Weather


ColorfulClouds that defines a beautiful weather app. It can perfectly forecast the weather updates, air pollution, future rainfall and other weather conditions. It’s Homepage has flat weather illustration which is the most excellent part of the app. Pages of this prototype: Login, Home,Weather, Weather & Pollution, City, Settings and Help, etc.


Type: App, Sports


Onefootball is an app of football for football lovers. It offers statistics, scores, live videos and breaking news of over hundred international football club leagues and competitions. The primary page named "Favorite Team" has a coasting button that could be effectively drawn closer by utilizing a Scroll Box part to set a moving football crew rundown and afterward including a button over the looking over region.


Type: App, Community


WeUI is one of the best community APP wireframe example. The key features of WeUI are the upload and notification, form error, operation succeeds, etc. The shapes and icons can simply get from the Mockplus icon library.

5. Qello-Concerts

Type: App, Music


Qello Concerts is an unique wireframe example for Music App. The main pages of the app including home, top watched concerts, spotlight, browse, new releases, etc. This can be executed quickly by using sliding drawer, pop-up panel and other pre-designed elements.

6. Recipes

Type: App, Food


Recipes is designed for food app to delicate your life. By this food app you can get the recipes easily that you need. Eye catching food images attract the users so easily. The designer uses sliding menu that can be realized with Sliding Drawer element in Mockplus. The auto image fill feature will help you to make excellent prototype quickly.

7. Way of Life

Type: App, Management
Way of Life

Way of Life is an App which helps you recording and managing your every step of life. Those whom are not very good at balancing time , this app often works a lot for them. In this prototype, a time picker is used to set the alarm and some scrolling numbers are used to set times.

8. Swipes

Type: Efficiency tool APP


If you want to record and improve your work efficiency, then Swipes is definitely for you. It is an efficiency tool App.The prototype consists of the Signup/Login page and other important pages. Usually, we experience this situation in a Signup/Login page: enter the password and the Login button will change color and turn to workable.

9. South Devon Accounting

Type: Service, App

South Devon Accounting

The name is suggesting you the mean of the app. South Devon Accounting App offers accounting and business consulting service. With the main menu consisting of characters and icons, the app layout is clear and simple. Icon button element are used to form the app menu. There are various styles to choose in easy way.

10. Encode

Type: educational App, Tool


Every future developers want to have an app to learn coding easily. Encode is such an educational App where individuals can learn coding. This system-oriented app make the design color unique and standard. The layout design is both clear and simple. The first page contains the list and one can make such a list easily. Besides, it's a lengthy page so one can view more details by swiping the screen. This can be achieved in two ways: first is the small red slider on pages, the other is the Scroll Box.

 11. Weather App

Type: APP, weather

Weather App

A famous designer, Matt Sclarandis made design of Weather App. It is a collection of wireframes and design for desktop and iPhone weather application.The initial design was done in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. And the actual functioning application was programmed in java.

12. Mobile Wireframe Kit

Type: Mobile

Mobile Wireframe Kit

Work smarter and make your dream come true by this Mobile Wireframe Kit. Mobile Wireframe helps you to generate different mobile screens and hundreds of components . It’s also delivered with presentations, flowchart templates or great for UX flows. And the kit is well-organized as always. Each individual layer has been carefully named and all screens are arranged in a collection of 16 categories.

13. User Profile Concept

Type: Profile

User Profile Concept

Every design has its own creator. And Tomasz Sochacki was designed this wireframe kit. On the Behance page, we can also find the visual design、the chosen version and the final version of this project.

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