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Inside AWS Honeycode: What Is So Special In This Low Code Platform

"Our goal with honey code was to enable the people in the line of business, the business analysts, project managers, program managers who are right there in the midst, to easily create a custom application that can solve some of the problems for them without the need to write any code” This is one of the published official  comments of the AWS General Manager Augastin. 

AWS recently announced the beta launch of Amazon Honeycode, a new low-code / no-code creation platform that is completely controlled to make it simple for everyone within an organization to create their own applications. Of course all of this is validated by an AWS database and a web-based, drag-and - drop gui creator.

Developers can create free apps for up to 20 users. After that, they pay per user, and their applications take over for storage. According to AWS, Amazon Honeycode enables consumers to avoid hiring developers to create often-costly personalized software – or resort to emailing spreadsheets or documents – for tasks ranging from authorizing purchase orders, handling inventory and performing basic surveys to managing complicated project workflow processes for several teams or departments.


Amazon Honeycode provides a popular spreadsheet framework for users to create applications. Users may choose functions such as time-off reporting or inventory management from pre-constructed templates. Put it another way, they can import data into a blank workbook, use the data model definition interface, and then system testing screens with objects such as lists, buttons, and fields of input. Also, they may attach automations to drive alerts, reminders, approvals or other conditions-based behavior.

The service automates the process of building and linking three common levels of functionality behind the scenes — the database, business logic, and user interface. A Honeycode-built app can modify views and spreadsheets in real time, as structural data changes.


What you need to know about Honeycode

What you need to know about Honeycode

Amazon Honeycode is available exclusively in beta in the cloud region of AWS 'U.S. West (Oregon) even though AWS said it would soon be enhanced to additional regions. According to AWS, users can place apps with up to 20 users for free and pay for users only and storage for larger applications.

The service provides common application templates which include simple to-do lists, customer monitoring, simple surveys, inventory management , content tracking, reporting time off, event management , team task tracking, weekly test schedules, field service operatives and sales orders authorizations. Users can also import data into a blank workbook and use the spreadsheet interface with objects such as lists, buttons, and input fields to analyze the data method and be concerned with designing screens.

"You can personalize these apps at any time, and the changes will be instantly deployed," Barr said. "You can also begin with an empty table or import into the CSV (comma-separated values) from some existing data. You can also take advantage of a built-in, trigger-driven range of actions that can generate email alerts and alter tables.

The built-in features of Amazon Honeycode involve common features associated with spreadsheets and functions unique to Honeycode, including FindRow, which Barr said was a more powerful version of the Excel VLOOKUP feature.

Programs will in any workbook scale up to 100,000 rows. According to AWS, Amazon Honeycode automates the building and linking of the three functionalities found in most enterprise applications — database, business logic and user interface.

Honeycode has two application programming interfaces ( APIs) — GetScreenData and InvokeScreenAutomation — which allow users to interact with Honeycode apps in a programmatic way. Using the APIs, data stored in Honeycode workbooks can be read , write, modified or removed when users interact with Honeycode devices. External applications can also use the APIs to communicate with applications created with Honeycode.

Honeycode-built applications can be shared using a button-click. Users of mobile devices can install the Honeycode Player-iOS and Android versions are available — to use shared apps.


Why should you choose AWS Low Code platform

Why should you choose AWS Low Code platform

Whether it's business users attempting to create an app themselves or optimizing the design process for coders by simplifying manual procedures, low-code development makes it much easier than ever to create flexible apps to get particular tasks done.

Enhanced Rapidness

In the long run, apps built with AWS low-code platforms help organizations become more agile. Visual aesthetic that allows sketching instead of coding can significantly speed development. Integrate less coding with automated testing? That's how you can build apps faster than ever before.

Reduced Costs

With the ability to build more apps in less time, cost is reduced. But, that's not the only driver. Low-code development decreases the need for more development teams, decreasing hiring costs. And, the AWS honeycode platform can make everyone in the organization — not just IT — more productive.

Better Productivity

Honeycode enables more apps to be built in less time. What used to take months can be decreased to days … even minutes. With low-code development, time is no longer a barrier to true creativity.

Better experience for the consumer

AWS Low-code development has more influence than the IT organisation. The downstream effects of increased speed include a better experience for the customers. This low-code development allows organizations to adapt quickly to market changes or customer expectations.

Agile and well managed Platform

How can the company keep up with ever-changing laws, not to mention the sheer scale of them globally? Honeycode development allows rapid change so you can meet the needs and stay ahead of time constraints.

Easily substitutable

AWS Honeycode development makes it much easier to change evolving apps ... to fit new needs. It facilitates immediate change when needed without having to get into complex coding.

Smooth Switching

There needs to be a transformation in today's digital world. Low-code development reduces the difficulty of building big, modern business apps. And, the reduced complexity means sailing smoother.

With these benefits of low code, companies are best prepared to adapt quickly and respond to a rapidly changing business environment.


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