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Inbound Marketing for Ecommerce Business – Woops EMS
02 Aug 2016

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Inbound Marketing for Ecommerce Business – Woops EMS

Although there are some forms of marketing march up and place their room key on the bar, inbound marketing exercises a different approach. Essentially, it takes you out to a dinner, engages you in a thought provoking conversation, and leaves you thinking about the prospects. Think what would be the result? It is meant to become a long-term business relationship that will eventually lead to sales.

This article will reveal to you some interesting things such as definingthe inbound and outbound marketing. You will also see the reasons as to why the outbound marketing is declining at an alarming pace. You'll also discover at least 6 reasons as to why you must consider using inbound marketing techniques for your ecommerce store.

Inbound Marketing

Putting it in simple words, the inbound marketing is a type of marketing that maintain its focus on getting found by customers. In other words, it is exactly the opposite of telemarketing where an annoying telemarketer calls you often at the worst moment. Contrary to what many believe, the inbound marketing is never aimed at stealing your attention by force, rather it aims at attracting it by providing you with interesting and useful information. You can say that the inbound marketing waits for you to discover it and once you do so, it offers something you valuable in exchange for a few moments of your time. You will find some examples of inbound marketing in the following:

Content Blogs

Techniques for optimizing Search Engine Optimization
Videos on platforms such as YouTube
Seminars organized on the web (Webinars)
Factual information or white Papers
Graphics containing information or Infographics

What is Outbound Marketing?

When it comes to outbound marketing, many people mistakenly consider it more of a traditional way to acquire customers involving less technology. In other words, outbound marketing is where companies focus their marketing practices to actively find customers. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find customers and target them specifically. Not to mention, outbound marketing can also be a little expensive compared to other traditional methods. Below, you will find some common examples of outbound marketing:

Ads published in print media
Broadcasted commercials on radio and television
Marketing over telephone or simple, telemarketing
Sending e-mails in bulk to many
Shows meant to promote sales

Outbound Marketing: The Problems

For the last few years, outbound marketing such as online companies have been experiencing a steady decline. On surface, the most logical reason for this is the fundamental shift in consumer tolerance for interruptive advertising. Since interruption is not an admirable thing, even in marketing, some consumers have started to register revolts in their own way. For example, according to a study by HubSpot, approximately 84% of clients aging between 25-34 years have left their favorite websites because of unnecessary and irrelevant advertising.

Ecommerce Related Inbound Marketing

To attract potential customers, inbound marketing still remains an effective way. It involves calling them to your online store and repeat this exercise unless they turn into customers. For this purpose, the first thing you should do is to use utilize a high qualitySEO optimized content that is meant to tempt people to like and share your service. When you investyour resources into inbound marketing, it will fetch your ecommerce business the following 6 benefits:

1. Become a Thought Leader

If you keep publishing intuitive and interesting content on your blog, your name will be quickly registered as a thought provoking person. Following this suit,, an ecommerce site maintains a blog that perfectly complements their online store. Moreover, they sell products related to organic health, while their blog have plenty of articles that promote the benefits of organic food and its benefits on your health, nutrition and wellness. There are many people who go to their ecommerce store only to search relevant content on topics such as busting myths, recipes, warnings, and do it yourself type (DIY) projects. In other words, your e-commerce site can be useful to even those who are not your regular customers yet. Some of these have established themselves as an authority in the wellness industry due to which they are valued by people who value them and seek help, and advice.

2. Save Some Money

If you have ever come across prices of print ad, or a display booth at a major trade show,you may have assumed that the outbound marketing is expensive. Moreover, you might wonder as to how much does good content cost if backed by strong social presence? You should try it practically by publishing a single blog post a week. Take your time and write something useful that your readers may find valuable, then spend a few hours promoting it through your social media. Though your marketing campaign might take more than just more than merely buying a newspaper ad, it will cost you much less compared to conventional marketing.
3. Target Self-Qualified Customers

Have you ever thought of buying that giant billboard across the street to market your online store? If that sounds to you like a good idea to market, it is not. This is so because the internet is too vast with most people having no idea where to look for. You can say the same for most forms of outbound marketing such as email sending etc. The purpose of inbound marketing is that you intend to target those who understand your marketing. These will be interested in examining buying your content, so it is possible that they will be interested in buying your product.   
4. Increase Organic Search

Today, most people know that Google loves fresh content. If your published search optimized content is fresh and properly optimized,it will surely get some attention on the social media, improving your SEO ranking in the process. For any ecommerce store, search engine rankings serve as the lifeline. Every ecommerce business owner would want to feature on the first page because studies show that the second page of Google search only receives 0.85% of the traffic. Additionally, about 61% of consumers utilize search engines to acquire more info before making a purchase.  
5. Boost Social Presence

Prospective customers that are linked to your social media platforms, often show higher loyalty. As per a study, about 41% of B2B businesses got their customers through Facebook, 42% by Twitter, and 57% through a company blog. Make sure you are up and running on all forums of social media.
6. Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

Sometimes, your prospects sometimes may abandon the shopping cart before making a sale. Reasons can be many such as higher price, lengthy process or bad internet connection. This is where your inbound marketing campaign should help you work on better strategies to cultivate more consumer interest over time. Managing and updating the blog is a crucial thingthat engages social media sites, or using social marketing to provide them free resources.

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