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Important Characteristics Of Effective Web Design

In this digital era, if you need to start a product business or you are running a consultancy firm the first requirement is having an appropriate website to showcase your service to your targeted customer.

While you develop your website, web design elements should be implemented in such a way that it conveys your brand’s particular message to the customer simultaneously. There are many key factors that contribute to perceived customer engagement & increased revenue, such as consistent web structure, typography, color scheme, imagery & so on. 

Providing a better user experience, a well-designed website can contribute to building trust & brand awareness at the same time. Here we will discuss some important characteristics of effective web design.


7 Characteristics Of Effective Web Design

7 Characteristics Of Effective Web Design

Images Convey More Information

There is a saying that “ A picture is worth a thousand words''. It is true that instead of a single block of text content you can incorporate picture content to convey your messages.

Use images strategically to guide your audiences about your products or services. Also, you should know where to set images properly that will not make your website clumsy to use. Always try to incorporate high-resolution images that will be in a perfect ratio to adjust with the layout of the design. 

In other cases, infographics can be an effective way to use text & images to grab the user’s attention. Maximum website traffic is not intended to read every line of the content rather than images with little hints of the image context can be a perfect medium. The advantages of infographics are

  • Visually appealing
  • Easy to segment information
  • Increase readability as people are more likely to read pieces of content


Maintain A Fast Loading Time

According to statistics if a website loads more than 8 sec then website abandonment gets higher. The page loading speed depends on some factors of the design element. Size of the image & bulk number of content is one of those factors.

To avoid this type of problem try to reduce the size of the image as much as you can. To reduce HTTP requests, you can add the code to a central CSS or javascript file. Test your server to ensure all types of content are equally loading faster within 2 sec.

A Maximum of  4-sec page loading speed is a threshold as an industrial standard. Visitors will not stick more than that & will move to other sites.


Make The Reading Pattern Of The Content F-Shaped Pattern 

The F-shaped pattern reading is the most eye-comfortable way visitors find while they are going through the website’s text content normally.

According to eye-tracking research, it has been discovered that, while scanning web pages & reading content they do it with the pattern of F-shape & it stands for the most common user's eye-scanning pattern

This pattern requires top to bottom & left to right reading style & most western readers follow this reading pattern. So, as an important factor of effective web design, designers should keep in mind the natural reading pattern of the visitor.


Grid-Based Page Layout

Grid-based layouts are intuitive for web page design. It helps to keep web design simple & display content in a more mannered & organized way. The grid-based layout provides columns & sections that help to arrange contents in a clean way that indicates a balanced & aesthetically pleasing web structure design.


Easy Navigation

An effective navigation system increases the usability of a site & retains customers for a long time. It is one of the most important aspects of web design factors. A navigation bar should always be clutter-free, simple, intuitive & consistent because using this option visitors navigate to each page of the website. 

Call to action button, logical page hierarchy & bread scrubs are used for efficient website navigation. A confusing navigation system makes visitors out of track & end up moving in another direction. Some other good aspects of smooth navigation process are:


  • Ability to search website content easily
  • Several ways to explore content
  • Proper internal link building
  • Informative header & footer option


Usable Forms

Forms are an integral part of any website whether it is a contact form to another. It is a way to communicate with the potential users of the website. So, making a form more effective & informative to collect user queries properly is important. Easy use & accessible form can convert your website, visitors, into potential users. Some tips to make your website forms more functional:

  • Try to keep minimum numbers of forms filled
  • Use correct label
  • Ser proper field validation option
  • Use multilingual forms
  • Use in-display form submission message
  • Follow simple but eye-attractive form design


Consistent Visual Hierarchy 

A consistent visual hierarchy or web structure design is the focus of any web design process. It refers to the arrangement of the web elements & adjusting them with the colors scheme, imagery, contrast, whitespace, typography, style & texture. Setting a focus point on the website is the ultimate goal of visual hierarchy. To simplify the visual structure of the website you need to consider

  • Color Scheme: A website’s color scheme has a positive & direct impact on the user’s visualization. Developing a consistent color scheme on the entire website is necessary to evoke the user’s emotional responses. Try to select color less than 5 options & choose complementary colors
  • Type: The second option is typography which plays an important role in the text content section. A simple & attractive text pattern turns the user’s reader mode on & helps to navigate the website thoroughly. Try to use a maximum of 3 different font types.
  • Imagery: It includes photography, video, illustrations & all types of graphical content.

These are some user-friendly & data-driven web design tactics that will help you develop an effective website. Do you need any help related to designing websites with minimal cost? Get in touch with us & know more.

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