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How to Use Quizzes in Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy

How often and how much do you hear about images, design elements, polls, blog posts, and other tools that are used by Ecommerce platform in its marketing strategy. Quizzes are some of those tools that are another type of content which can be used as a part of mix. It offers extreme power as with its help, you can engage your consumers in a very different way. Just think of it yourself – how much chances are there to leave a video or blog midway against a simple quiz that you are taking?

And since, a quiz serves to be yet another type of content; it will follow the same pattern and the norms which a conventional content undergoes.


Short and simple:

You have to bear in mind that your quiz has to be concise and to the point because it serves as a distraction to the quiz taker from his usual life. When life gets a bit boring, you come across this quiz and take it up but you would not want to spend more than 10 minutes on it. A normal quiz should hardly last between 2-3 minutes meaning that it typically should have a max of 10 questions.

Relevant and personal:

You just cannot make your quiz generic in any case because a general quiz that carries a set of random question would probably annoy the quiz taker. Instead of doing this, you can go with a set of question that are same in genre and are focused on a particular set of clientele. This will result in engaging quizzes which in return will serve you in a much better way by bringing relevant results.


Who said you cannot mix up your content with any other sort of multimedia? You are always free to put images or videos (if you like) in your quizzes. The only thing that you will have to keep in mind is the time frame of the videos or the images that you take a quiz of.

Ease of use:

Just think, why someone would go through a complicated procedure of taking a quiz which ultimately is “just for fun”? Your quiz has to be mobile friendly and ultimately breeze.

Now, let’s focus on things that are particularly applied for quizzes:

Topic and Title:

Irrespective of the type of content, a title has to be something which will ultimately grasp the reader into it. But the story with the quiz’s topic is different as it is generally divided into the TIK formula:


The types are different for instance the one claiming to identify the type of personality you carry. A furniture store could come up with “Are you Antique or Contemporary?” whereas an online movie booking site may use fictional characters and celebrities in theirs to make it interesting according to their nature of customers and business.


With the help of these kinds of quizzes, you can get an insight to your customer’s mind and personality. While it may sound a little serious, it at the very same time can be fun as well. For instance, a financial company can ask whether or not you are risk taker or how thrifty you are!


All of those quizzes which are going to test your knowledge about a particular topic always tends to do well. In these kinds of quizzes, you will often come across questions which are not that hard to answer and in case if the taker of the quiz has answered most of the questions correctly, it is highly likely that he is going to tell all of the world about it.

And once you are done with forming your quiz, you may want to spread the knowledge about it. Try circulating it through the normal channels of FB, Twitter or any of the blog or website that you have. Make sure that wherever you drop your quiz, it has a call to action at the end of it.

Just like anything else, it is the steps that matter the most. The best thing about quizzes is that while they may not need you to have technical knowledge; they still create a far better impact than a conventional content.

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