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How to Make a Telemedicine App Like Doctor on Demand

We can now order anything on request, from personal trainers to taxis to meals and doctors as well. While the first 3 on-demand platforms have been popular for a long time, consulting on-demand with professional professionals such as physicians has not begun too long ago.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has completely altered the healthcare sector scenery. So that's where the telemedicine application criteria for innovative approaches within the healthcare system comes in.

The total time the patient wants to communicate with a doctor using the Doctor on Demand is just 3 minutes. This app is certainly quite successful and has more than a million registered users. Hence, other healthcare companies and hospitals are already contemplating making the same applications for them.

So, how do we begin designing a Telemedicine app in Dubai? You will find this information in a detailed manner in this article. Let's begin.


What benefits does telemedicine app offer?

Everyone wants to live a healthy and fulfilling life. This is one of the most important human values. As of August 2020, the market for health-related drugs recommended for the COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide lockout has become enormous.

Telehealth services across hospital institutions, physicians, and consumers will benefit the health care system. The primary purpose of this program is to improve the quality of emergency care, give online access to physicians and test health problems from a reasonable distance.

Let's sum up the main advantages of a telemedicine app:

Timely and practicable medical treatment

You need not waste undue time attending a hospital or standing in the line for an initial doctor's appointment during this phase of crisis. If you need a referral to different medical practitioners, the procedure can take longer.

You can use a telemedicine app to fix virtual Medical Care appointments. Doctors and patients can make the most of the convenience to communicate. The treatment needed begins swiftly and more effectively. Telehealth apps can also have amazing applicability in emergency treatment.

Highly accessible medical services

A telemedicine app can provide medical care without access to hospitals in remote areas. The programs benefit residents from remote communities where there is a lack of health-care workers. Telehealth apps can quickly help schoolchildren, disabled people and veterans access healthcare facilities.

Efficient patient handling

Telemedicine apps will assist in tracking deadly illnesses, drug updates; follow-up appointments, and more.

Storing medical data

A telemedicine app can help medical professionals view and securely preserve patient records. It can be very complicated to use these records these days to give them to other physicians for proper care medications without these apps.

Increased Revenue

In conjunction with face-to-face visits in the hospital, a personal doctor app allows medical professionals to generate more income for after-hour care and the opportunity to test additional patients.


Features required in a telemedicine app

Features required in a telemedicine app

There are 2 components of a telemedicine app: one for patients, and the other one for doctors. Each requires its own individual set of features and we will discuss it in this section. 

The patient component of the Telemedicine app will include:

Login for User

When a new user logs into your application, he/she would need to make an account with specifics regarding severe conditions and provide health, sex and age information.

Find a Medical Professional

When a patient wants to locate a specific expert he/she uses a Geolocation check to identify the closest specialist available to schedule an appointment.

To allow the program to comply with healthcare laws, the Google Maps software has to be implemented into a 3rd party API that focuses on local hospitals and the patient location before the video consultation begins.

Book appointment

Users will find the list of doctors after browsing, and show their profiles. Users should make an appointment with the doctor they want, depending on availability.

Video Consultation with the doctor

A significant aspect of a telemedicine app is a video call consultation. Such calls connect physicians and patients, and allow live contact.

Nonetheless, to keep the device safe from data theft, you need to use HIPAA compliant telehealth technologies. Thus, use a ready-made third-party API for video calls to keep data safe for the device users.

Payment Gateway

During the electronic appointment patients compensate doctors for the treatment care provided. You need to add a payment gateway via API to accomplish this.

Physician Rating

Once the patient seeks a doctor's medical treatment, they will give recommendations and mention their interaction with the doctor, and even rate them.

The doctor part of the telemedicine app will provide the following functions:

Doctor Panel

This section is part of a Doctors' telehealth application. It is integrated with electronic medical records to include medication prescription details, patients, and a fixed appointment calendar.

Appointment management

Once a patient finds the medical professional, they have to schedule an appointment via the app and, if necessary, send details regarding medical history and health problems. The app would need to automatically manage time slots and show when one or more medical experts are available.

The doctor can accept requests for treatment and prescribe a calendar loaded with the list of appointments.

Send in-app messages

In order to enable doctors and patients to safely transfer messages inside the app, share notes, medications, and x-rays, you need to pay greater care to the software solutions you select.

Both of these details relate to patient personal info and need compliance with telemedicine legislation. Therefore, consider utilizing messaging platforms which comply with GDPR and HIPAA.


Development cost of an app like Doctor on Demand?

Development cost for an app like Doctor on Demand in Dubai will be between AED 30000 to AED 50000. If you have a detailed description and requirement we can give you an exact estimate. The expense of a telemedicine app can be calculated when the expenditure for marketing and delivering the app is determined. The cost of a telemedicine app depends on the approach towards development, necessary features, technologies, functionality, and the development team.

Here are a few influencing factors that predict the expense of creating telemedicine apps:

  • The software development company whom you are recruiting to design & create the app.
  • The product development framework, software and other infrastructure stack included in the production of the app affect the expense of creating a telemedicine application.
  • The cost benefit correlates specifically with the sophistication of the software and the functionality of an app. So you need a reasonable budget if you decide to create a full-fledged app.
  • If you require an MVP, or an application that is completely developed. This will merely combine the basic features with a minimal design that will manage the market.


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