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How To Make A Doctor Booking App Like Okadoc
12 Dec 2021

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How To Make A Doctor Booking App Like Okadoc

Healthcare industries are changing with arising technologies. The accessibility of high-speed Internet, powerful gadgets, and data communication technologies handed a lot of new opportunities for healthcare. The doctor appointment booking app is one of those innovations. This helped interaction between doctors and patients to the next level.

A Doctor appointment app is one of those healthcare technologies that made the lives of patients, doctors, and administration easier. All the rearmost technologies like smartphones, tablets, etc, with webcams, allow video interaction with doctors. Distance is not a barrier anymore and no more personal visits to a  doctor.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for mHealth apps increased. This article will explain how exactly the doctor appointment mobile app like Okadoc works, the features required in such an app, and the development cost.


What Is Okadoc?

What Is Okadoc?

Okadoc is a tech company that aims to ameliorate your healthcare experience. Users can use Okadoc's app to find in-network doctors, can book appointments online, receive notifications for upcoming appointments, and more, wherever they are.

With the increased need for telehealth as a consequence of Covid-19, Okadoc came up with a solution in line with its digitization goals, leveraging Okadoc’s innovative booking and telemedicine platform to transfigure healthcare delivery and patient management.

The Okadoc Story:  Booking a flight and reserving a hotel are activities that we can do in minutes from our phone, so why should healthcare be different?

Fodhil Benturquia fell sick in 2017 and had to spend around 15 minutes to get an appointment with the doctor. There came the idea of Okadoc. he introduced the first doctor booking platform in UAE to ease the patient's experience and ensure convenient free appointment management.

The app is the mastermind of Fodhil Benturquia, Founder & CEO, Okadoc, who was previously the CEO of, a founding member of the regional e-commerce site MarkaVIP and former general manager of’s operations in Saudi Arabia.

The integration of healthcare into the digital world has been going on for the last 2 years. There are many benefits that are offered by telemedicine, which are:

  • Providing  access to everyone who wishes to seek medical attention without having to leave their work 
  • Saves commuting time 
  • Providing proper medical attention during uncertain situations 
  • Reduce hospital’s administration hassles 

Users can now schedule COVID-19 tests at a convenient time and location using the Okadoc platform. Vaccination bookings are also available from a wide range of hospitals and clinics, including Emirates Hospital, Medcare, Valiant Clinic, and Hospital and HealthPlus, which helps patients to book a free vaccination of their convenience and choice within seconds at a facility that suits them.


How Does Okadoc App Work?

Okadoc seeks a way to help users to be in touch with healthcare providers. Now, anyone can consult a doctor online and can do consultation anywhere, distance doesn't matter.

Following are the steps to book an appointment using the Okadoc app: 

  • Download the Okadoc application on your phone. 
  • Enter the Doctor's name or hospital name.
  • When you are on the hospital page, you can start opting for your preferred doctor under preferred health concerns.
  • If the doctor has been added to okadoc, you can make an appointment with the doctor for the video consultation.
  • You can also choose the doctor by specialty and health concern from Okadoc’s homepage.


Features Required In A Doctor Consultation App Like Okadoc

Features Required In A Doctor Consultation App Like Okadoc

The app needs to be used by both Users and Doctors, and the system has different interfaces Therefore, the first thing users and doctors need to see after opening the app is the question of who they want to interact with. 

The user panel, the doctor panel, and the admin panel. Each of these components has separate features that we will discuss in this section:


  • Doctor listings
  • Patient profile
  • Notifications 
  • Appointment panel


  • Doctor profile
  • Appointment management 
  • Patient database


  • Users
  • Doctors
  • Users Requests
  • Schedules
  • Documents.
  • Queries
  • Search with filters.


Development Cost Of Doctor Consultation App Like Okadoc

Development Cost Of Doctor Consultation App Like Okadoc

The development cost of Doctor consulting mobile applications like OKADOC differs from AED 45000 to AED 60000 on average. This is an estimated cost. The development cost of mobile apps differs depending on a few factors.

The cost of developing a doctor appointment application may vary depending on the number of platforms it supports (iOS, Android, web), feature complexity, design requirements of the client, the required tech stack, the size of the mobile app development team, and their rate.


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