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How to Increase Sales by Improving Your Website Design

An unappealing website with an obsolete or odd design nowadays will force visitors to leave the site faster than the time it took them to find the website. An unattractive website is seen as incompetent and amateurish, which is an issue regardless of what kind of viewer you want to target.

Whether you're selling goods or services, writing blog posts or sharing your profile with prospective employers, it's essential to have an engaging website that allows users to click around and linger for a while.

Great design is extremely necessary to improve sales. More than 60 percent of people think that design is essential to their enjoyment of viewing content, and if your site is unappealing 38 percent of people will just move to another website. A well-designed website will attract users — a spammy website can look unattractive, causing future buyers (and money) to go the other way around.

But if by profession you're not a developer, how can you set up a well-designed site and also make you money? Fortunately, there are many easy tips and tricks for creating a good looking website.

Best Practices for Website Design to Boost Sales

There are certain simple dos and don'ts with any website. These are a few fundamental design features that should be included in your site to inspire guests to stay and make a purchase.

Consistent Font and Colors

Consistent Font and Colors

Just randomly mixing different fonts and colors make a website look outdated. For a consistent looking website, you'll want to pick 2-3 fonts to complement each other for use across the website. You may always go for more, but be sure to have a handful of key shades select minor variations of those main colors to be used across the website. Refer to a color tool to help you find the optimal shades for your site if you require assistance.

Researchers say that color constitutes 60 percent of a site's approval or refusal by a customer.In the image above, designer follows a simple color scheme of white, red, and black. It also used two different font types that complement each other.


Ease of Navigation

Ease of Navigation

One of the best ways to boost revenue on your site is by allowing users to identify their services and products quickly and easily. With a straightforward, simple navigation bar and a search field at the top of the page, you can direct website users to the products you want to offer, or they can find just what they're searching for a quick buy. One study found that 86 percent of visitors seek information about your goods immediately; meanwhile, more than 60 percent of users want to contact you. Bear this in mind when creating your website or if users cannot locate what they need, they're going to leave.

Add User Testimonials in Your Website

Add User Testimonials in Your Website

Even though you might not believe it falls within web design to attach credential certificates or testimonials to your website, it is most definitely. Including logos that reflect your qualifications, such as your company's security badges or third party ratings, shows new clients that you are a genuine business. It also tells potential users that you have made an effort to ensure that all payments are safe and that consumers are happy with their transactions. Most customers will not disclose their financial details to websites which lack a certain level of safety.

Testimonials are an amazing instrument to drive sales. Approximately 85 percent of users value testimonials and product reviews as well as personal suggestions, so earning 5-star reviews will boost the click-through rate by 28 percent.

Add Infographics to Your Website

Add Infographics to Your Website

If you share a lot of content, especially statistical-driven data, then you should try to add infographics to show this data. An infographic is likely to be noticed 30 times more in its totality relative to a web page full of text, mainly because users are 80% more likely to react and interact with visual content.

Poor Website Design Practices That Makes Visitors Leave

Several design strategies can render a website appear untrustworthy. A potential client will not enter the credit card details to make a payment if something seems wrong. Be careful to avoid the below design features that may be obsolete and unprofessional.

Far Too Many Elements

If your site is flooded with images, text, videos and pop-up ads, the chances of users leaving your site are quite high. An excess of elements on the page can be overwhelming for any visitor. It's common knowledge that conversion rates on websites drop significantly, with increasing elements on a page. There are several easy options to combine advertising and add eye-catching ads, but these aspects can drive away business opportunities. Keep in mind that less is more.

Incompatible Color Schemes

It can be overwhelming to choose the range of colors for your website and company. It's becoming a vital part of your brand identity. But if you go for too many bright, daunting colors, your site may look unappealing. No one wants to visit a site that causes them a headache, so they sure won't stay long enough on the page to find out what you're offering or purchase something. Many psychologists also claim that bad color selections will destroy a customer's trust in your brand just as much as complicated navigation or long load times.

Confusing Navigation

Similarly, people will not be sitting on a platform where they can't satisfy their needs. If customers come to your page, and the interface becomes frustrating and messy, they may quickly bounce to another site that offers products and services similar to what you offer. Your website has less user retention, and ultimately, it means fewer sales for you.

Videos set to Autoplay

Many websites nowadays embed videos on their pages to complement their articles. If they play the video themselves, that's a great thing. But if the video starts playing by itself, they might exit out of the page or get irritated due to the sudden burst of audio. And just like that, you lost a potential client.

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