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How to Increase Mobile App's Users Engagement

To determine the mobile app success rate it is important to analyze user acquisition like- user engagement & user retention. These are the two central metrics that give actual insight into the success of a particular mobile application.

While developing an app your ultimate goal may be gaining 10k downloads in the app store  & that’s all to pay off your hard work! But the actual scenario is how many of your users are genuinely coming back and reusing your brand.

With the enormous amount of increasing demand for mobile applications, it is necessary to understand the perspective of the user engagement process to retain your customer & also make them use each & every update of your mobile app.

To avoid your mobile application getting replaced by others, you need to ensure some factors. Here you will find a full guide on how to increase your mobile app’s user engagement.


What Is User Engagement & Why It Is Important?

What Is User Engagement & Why It Is Important?

Engagement stands for the ultimate success of a specific mobile app. It defines getting your potential customers to return back to the app & execute an action that directly or indirectly involves your sales & business revenue. If you have a shopping app or gaming app, engagement refers to how often a user spends their time every day.

If you search on your mobile you will find how many times you open your favorite app & how first you uninstall an app after using it for a single time. So, it is not the ultimate goal to download an app rather than take it as a starting point.

Some vital metrics to define your app’s engagement are:

  • Number of active users
  • Daily frequency of users’ visitation
  • The ratio of time spent each day
  • Number of views, likes, comments, reviews & subscriber

Your application success rate is nothing more than user engagement as it helps to retain your customers throughout the process. It seems a critical task as informing your customers about all the updates then delight them with all the existing features & encourage them to interact with the app whether it is purchasing any product, visiting the sites, or reading website contents.


9 Tips To Increase Your App’s User Engagement

9 Tips To Increase Your App’s User Engagement

Easy Onboarding Process

This is the first step you should consider while improving your application to increase user engagement. A personalized & perfect onboarding experience always attracts users to explore the applications immediately. It is kind of the first impression towards the application

If the onboarding process seems difficult to the user there is a high chance your app gets abandoned. There are some tips for a smooth onboarding process:

  • Use minimum required steps to create a user account or sign up
  • Provide multiple registration options such as: log in with Facebook, Google, or Email.
  • Showcase the main functionality of the apps but make sure users don’t get bored.
  • Use some hand gestures to teach about the features of the apps
  • Customize the onboard flow for a new user & existing user.


Personalized Welcome Message

Personalized Welcome Message

A welcome message can be anything- a welcome page or welcome emails. While you are sending welcome emails & showing any welcome page for a specific user, you can use the data used for account creation or sign-up process instead of any generic message. According to research, 27% of the conversion rate increases for sending personalized welcome messages via any medium.

This welcome message creates an opportunity for building a genuine relationship with the potential customer. While creating an email, try to include your brand’s vision & motto, explain how your brand can fulfill the user's particular needs & also tell them to notify you about their concerns.


Push Notifications

Personalized Welcome Message

Use push notifications, but in the right way! Push notification is a type of interaction with the user to notify them about any new features, deals, or offers. 

You need to optimize the content of push notifications based on the location & types of users, their interests & choice basically depending on their behavior. Some examples of personalized push notifications are:

  • Suppose you own a media app like Netflix or Amazon. You can recommend a movie based on their previous watch or send push notifications about the newly released movie on the platform.
  • Another example is very common nowadays & it is frequently cart abandonment. To avoid this use these push notification tips to recall the user about the listing item in their app & encourage them to purchase.
  • While offering any deals & promos through push notifications, segment them focusing on their previous purchase, location, or in-app search items or content 

Make sure push notifications you are sending are deeply linked to any features or deals, otherwise it can lead you to the deadliest reaction of your customer.


Focus On The App’s Fast Performance 

The loading speed of the app is the most significant factor while considering user engagement on the app. If your app takes forever to load then it becomes clumsy & irritating for the user to search for anything. So, while developing any application, load speed should be the top priority.

Some tips to enhance the app’s performance:

  • Optimize the size of the image
  • Don’t junk the page section with links, bullet points.
  • Make your content precise
  • Use local storage


Offer In-App Customer Support

Offer In-App Customer Support

In-app customer service is an excellent way to keep your customers engaged for a long time. Sometimes users find it difficult to notify about any bug or any functional problems through emails or social media messaging options. In-app customer service can make it easier to connect with the concerns for any kind of difficulties. Even if providing an information onboarding process, users can face problems towards the service & as a solution in-app chat or link to articles can be an efficient solution.


Skip Tutorials & Ads

Skip Tutorials & Ads

One of the reasons why users uninstall or abundant any app is don’t find any option to skip any third-party ads or any in-app tutorials. Try to give a span of time while playing any ads or tutorial. In the case of in-app tutorials, you need to notify users about the length of the tutorials or can give them the fast-forward option while playing tutorials. 


Customize Required App Permissions

Asking for any third-party app permission or requiring permission to their current locations, files or gallery is common to perform certain functions of the application. 

But it becomes an issue if the user thinks that the application is accessing their personal information. Develop an app that requires a minimum amount of permission about the user's personal information. Around 43% of smartphone users delete apps as they think it is a kind of data breach & against their security of personal data.


Showcasing A User Progress Bar

Motivating users & making them feel like your app is the right choice & aligning with their expectations is another way to engage them for a long time period. 

If the app is desktop-based, then encourage users to show them a checklist about the welcome screen after signup, finishing a functional tutorial, or their first action after landing on the application. You can also show these metrics through a progress bar with a green label that they have crossed halfway through completing these steps. When the bar turns into a full green light it will give them a positive vibe for completing all the tasks. 


Mobile Loyalty Program

Mobile Loyalty Program

Mobile loyalty programs are the newest way to boost customer engagement, customer retention, and in-app purchases. In this system, brands reward their customers with lucrative time-sensitive discounts, lifetime deals on different types of mobile products or services.

Mobile loyalty programs are more like complimenting your user base to feel they are important & significant for the brand.

So, it is clear that the goal of developing mobile applications is indeed to convert your users into long-term loyal customers indeed. More customer engagement will boost the average lifetime value of the applications and also the product & will leave a high impact on the revenue of the app. The tips we have mentioned above are the most practiced way to increase user engagement & customer retention.

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