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How to generate Lead and What is Customer Psychology in Dubai, UAE?

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One of the biggest challenges for SME'S and SMB is its ability to generate new leads. Even if you manage the impossible and manage to retain every client, growth will always be stagnant without the new fresh prospects coming your way.

While most small-medium businesses already recognize this, the lead generation still remains somewhat elusive. If you’ve tried a few lead generation magnets on your own site and have been less than impressed with the results, trust that you’re not alone. But, instead of standing there, scratching your head and wondering what went wrong, it’s time to start focusing on what’s really behind a powerful lead magnet — psychology

While most small-medium businesses

“So Let's talk on Client and Customer psychology and how that can help you make a Lead Magnet.”

Lead generation is meant to be one of those final steps before conversion. It’s also one of your prominent chances to convince someone that they want what you’re offering enough to eventually pay for it. One of the best ways of accomplishing this is by tapping into the added value of free.The first and the foremost thing that you should look out for in today's market is the requirements and prerequisites of the consumer and through these 2 factor your provided them with the necessity and added value to to conclude their web search. After gaining the knowledge on the consumer's requirements and prerequisites you can start your search on necessities and added values and how to improvise the business and the production process and on the later stage you should work on enhancing your "show business" that is Social Media and Social Network which will justify why the consumer or customer should approach you in the first place.

“How do people search on website and how does there subliminal thoughts regarding searching work?”

First thing that there mind would take consideration will be what are their requirements and according to that they will type their first search word in google.

For example: There is a an Entrepreneur who is planning to startup an Event management company and for that he is looking out for the companies that can develop website and Mobile application; so, the first thing that the Entrepreneur would type in google is "Website and Android/IOS application Development company" which serves as a requirement of the consumer.Then he/she will check for the websites that are related to this search.Now on the search list he/she sees multiple links and in most cases the consumer would exclude and ignore the first 2-3 links as those are paid links or they serve as advertisements and not effective. Then  he/she will scroll down and access 6 websites and will hardly spend 10-15 seconds on each website. This part of the process is known as screening/scanning.The result screening and scanning will depend on layout of the websites, how fast the websites loads, how is the site map defined and whether the content is informative or not. With context to the above example the consumer would see on content like what all products and services are they providing which would include details on what platform does the organization build, test and deploy the Website and Web application.After this they will do the sorting of the websites according to their subliminal thoughts. This analytical thinking of consumer works on Content of website, how interactive and user friendly the website is.


Once they have shortlisted and sorted the websites, the first thing that they will check is the "Portfolio and Clients" panel. Through this they get insights on; What all solutions and services the company is providing, What is the structure of company and What are the clients that the organization is serving. This is where they will start liking the organization. For instance; in the client section if they see prominent industry dominating clients like Emaar, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Under armour, Al Hamra, Duty free Dubai they will get convinced with the organizations and company's market value and global standing. The progressive step that they will take is going through the "Gallery" and "About us" page where they see how the company is keeping its value in the social as well as in the corporate market .

When the client/consumer forwards to the "about us" page that means that he/she is interested in doing business and chances of, consumer contacting the organization are significant.Once he is convinced with organization/company about their business and requirements the consumer would be contacting through call or email and this brings the percentage count to 60 that he is ready to build a business relationship with the organization.

Once the contact is made and initial business phase starts, it's now on the Organization and company on how to gain this customer with a profit.So, lookout for his business plan, what are his requirements, what solutions and services the client is looking for and according to those details and functionalities divulge him with similar projects and then prepare a detailed proposal with the pricing and comprehend him with all the specific information.

All in all, your job is to nurture potential customers along a journey, with the goal of eventually providing enough value that they want to convert and finally, it is important that your potential leads understand the “why” of your lead magnet. Powerful lead generation always recognizes the importance of why and answers it for the customer and consumer.

What steps are you taking to motivate your audience with your lead generation magnets, and where does psychology come into play? “Royex Technologies” team can help you discover your potential 

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