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How to Develop an App Like TikTok?

These days, the video-sharing app TikTok has become quite a popular phenomenon across entertainment applications. This app has millions of consumers using the app from all over the world. And they spend hours watching videos and making their own content on TikTok.

TikTok 's surprising yet spectacular popularity has contributed to other questions such as how to create an app like TikTok and the expense of making an app like TikTok.

So, in this article, we will give you an idea on how to create an app like TikTok in Dubai and how much it may cost to develop the app.


What is TikTok?

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a platform for video-sharing that enables users to make and post online videos. This helps people to share videos and content through short films. The videos can be modified after that, as the program offers multiple editing effects, filters, and more.

TikTok is also a great platform to highlight skills and share information with a wide audience. It can transform a video to a live wallpaper. In the settings, users can save these videos. In a short time, the platform got quite famous.

TikTok disclosed all the information on developing 'For You' and Suggestions. Let's figure out the specifics.

How does TikTok create the For You page? The app analyzes different variables such as user experiences, video, app, and account settings. TikTok suggests specific material for each user based on this knowledge.

There are, of course, more ways to customize the TikTok content. Users would need to select the groups they are involved in when accessing the feature. When the user does not pick categories, TikTok would display the videos that are most common.

Users may even inform TikTok they don't like this video either. They need to click a video via a long press and select 'Not Interested.'

Here are some quick stats related to TikTok:

  • TikTok has about 800 million active monthly users from across the globe.
  • TikTok has been downloaded more than 2 billion times on the App Store and on Google Play, according to SensorTower.
  • TikTok is used by teens the most according to recent studies. TikTok users average age ranges between 16 and 24. Men predominate more than women. 
  • Users tend to spend an average of 52 minutes on TikTok a day.
  • Apptrace states that TikTok is available in 155 countries.


Basic features and technologies required in an app like TikTok

Basic features and technologies required in an app like TikTok

Developing an app like TikTok requires considering essential features in advance. For most instances, it is best to start developing an MVP (app with certain simple functions) and only add new and advanced features afterwards.

Developing a TikTok clone can be time-consuming, and costly. But you can create and launch an app with some simple features. The MVP version of the app allows your target audience to get feedback and decide what features to further develop.

In addition, when making an MVP edition, you have better chances of getting investment.

Here are the basic features that is required for an app like TikTok:

Login & Sign up

Users are expected to sign up for content uploading. It is easier to put in many sign-up choices, e.g. email, social network, and contact number.

Edit and customize profile

Offer users the option to modify their profiles, e.g. alter profile photos or username, include a bio, and more. Customized options are also a good idea.

Video upload

How do you make an app like TikTok a success? You need to make it easy for   users to upload videos.  Therefore, it is best to evaluate sharing choices in advance.

Filters and video effects

TikTok provides lots of filters and effects to add to the video. So, you need to add a function like that to your potential app. This helps you to draw more customers and give them exclusive filters.

Editing videos

Users should have video editing features on the app. There might be several simple choices such as flipping, rotating, speeding up the video, etc. Yet an option to switch on 'beauty' features may also be included. It renders skin cleaner for the users.

Likes and comments

Similar to Instagram, TikTok has the feature to like and comment on videos. The user should be able to look at the liked posts as well.

Option to share 

You can offer the sharing options to gain more users. It symbolizes the ability to share their content on other social media such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. TikTok also offers the possibility to connect the user's profile to other social networks.


To keep the users updated, a push notification feature must be enabled. You need to remind users about their videos, likes, or some other information regarding the post. Notifications are typically enabled by Google Cloud Messaging (Android) or the Apple (iOS) push notification program.

Admin Panel

The Admin Panel offers various features such as account control ( e.g. modifying, removing, or blocking users). Furthermore, it can also track a single user's messages, include new user statistics, and more.


Advanced features to add in an application like TikTok

Advanced features to add in an application like TikTok

Only having simple features to launch an app is enough. The more users you acquire though, the more sophisticated and special functionality the application should offer. Below are some advanced features of TikTok which you can incorporate once you start creating an app like TikTok.

Video preview prior to registration

TikTok lets you browse some famous videos before you sign up. As a consequence, new users can see the type of content through. Nonetheless, it is important to register to comment or like.

Content dependent on location

Another technical aspect to remember when creating an app like TikTok. This functionality allows locating the user. The app provides content shared by other users with the same location, according to this info. Users can also add their current location to the video.

Analytics in Real time

This feature offers a chance to see the live audiences and broadcasters in an organized way such as a graph. This also provides info on how the number of likes and comments.

Video live streaming

TikTok does not have the option to live stream content. Yet there is a need for social media apps for a chance to launch a live stream.

AR Filters

Some AR filters can change the color of the hair or eyes, add items over the head (e.g. pet's ears, flowers, etc.). These days this technology is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, incorporating the technology into the application is a smart idea.


Development cost of an app like TikTok?

Development cost for an app like TikTok in Dubai will be between AED 30000 to AED 50000. If you have a detailed description and requirement we can give you an exact estimate. The expense of an app like TikTok can be calculated when the expenditure for marketing and delivering the app is determined. The cost of an app like TikTok depends on the approach towards development, necessary features, technologies, functionality, and the development team.

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